Video: Cam Zink's New Scree Slope Edit

Jan 21, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Cam Zink's been editing up a storm as he recovered from shoulder surgery. Last week, he sent us a video where he and his friends attempt a first descent on 'Slide Mountain' and this week, he's doing the mountain bike equivalent of powder skiing on scree. Is the off season recovery going to make a YouTube star out of Cam?

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 Mickey Mouse himself could have designed a better bike rack
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 Seriously did he make those out of coat hangers and hot glue?
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 Yakima makes one that works great.
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 Haha, it's in the details. This thing held up incredibly well in and out of Rampage each day, smashing. A filmer rolled my side by side and bent the rack... Bent it back and used it again at Rampage this year.
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 Guess you could say Cam Zink has a Zink Cam
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 Yup Cam is still the president of mountain biking.
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flag TheGnome (Jan 22, 2019 at 14:10) (Below Threshold)
 thats Semenuk man, just because he is not competing does not mean that he can't kick everybody's butts.
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 @TheGnome: nope 100% Cam anything else is fake news!
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 Now everyone in the world is gonna hate me
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 Many riders with a minute amount of skill in comparison to zink are, so why not?
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 You left the rando hanging?!?!? That's sick he was up there too. I look at that hill every single time I drive to Mammoth.
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 Haha, I've always wanted to ride down rider's left on that. Then again, driving from Reno/Carson to Mammoth there's something that looks amazing to ride every couple miles.
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 @patrickbatemanworldtour89: There is a bigger, completely bald mountain southeast of the lake that I tried to get to by truck, but the road ended at the gate of a pumice mining operation. There is some wayto drive around these hills - there are lots of forest service roads on maps....usually I'm too busy trying to get in a few practice runs at Mammoth to devote much time to exploring.
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 @endlessblockades: I can't help but agree with your priorities there. I've heard of some real gems on the way though, and I'm not just talking about the original Schat's.
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 youtuber; most desired profession in Idiocracy
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 No gloves is pretty bold on that run.
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 Definitely not a first descent. Eastern Sierra locals have been doing this for many years. Rad video though!
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 Sick as! Worth the hr hike for sure.
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 But seriously.... an hour hike up that carrying my bike? Yep I’d die on the descent.
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 Loved watching you guys trying to get the bikes up there, one just flys of the shuttle lol
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 Those brakes were toasty afterwards. Rad stuff.
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 Putting back the "free" in "Freeride".
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 I ask well in what condition is the bike to have fallen from yxz?
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 Sorry, Howie!! Haha!
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 Howie Dangerfield gets no respect!
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 Didn’t Trail Peek do this last summer?
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 2WD shuttle vehicle. Who's bright idea was that? LOL i guess if it was free from wd40 why not?
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 The yxz 1000r is not 2wd it has two different 4wd drive modes, you can put in 2wd drive mode though lol
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 That's right, because it runs so damn smooth!
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 Oh, i just saw them spinning back tires. I stand corrected.

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