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Video: Canada"u - Kicking Horse Part One

May 4, 2014
by Da"u Corporate  
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The real roadtrip begins right now. First stop : Kicking Horse
Thanks to Kicking Horse Bike Park and its staff
Matt Mosteller - VP of sales & marketing for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies
Andy Brown - Media & Marketing Coordinator
Ryan Harvey - Bike Park Supervisor
VIDEOGRAPHER OVedit Valentin Birant

Da u Corporate Website
Episode 1 - The Beginning
Episode - 2 North Vancouver

Stay tuned for more episodes.

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 sooo much potential for KH bike park. huge acreage and vert. gnar on lock and cool structures. just need to transport some dirt and sculp the jump trails . that would put them squarely in the whistler conversation. wish the suits could understand/realize that potential. the locals do
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 this this this ^^^
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 I love KKH, but I just don't think it's physically possible for them to ever be in the same league as Whistler. But that's part of the attraction of KKH.
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 I agree with stever, I think the mountain biking at Kicking Horse is incredible, but they could never be like Whistler just because of their location. Too far from any major city to bring in big crowds, part of what makes Whistler what it is, is its proximity to Vancouver. But thats whats nice about KH, you rarely run into other riders up there, and no lift lines.
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 no and no. stand out on the highway for a couple hrs. tons of trucks loaded w dh bikes from AB going past KH to SS and whis. more people in Calgary have passes to ss or whis than KH. why? jump trails. they also have trails for all levels. challenger at Ss is great for all levels.SS gets it. Calgary to KH is only an hr longer drive than van to whis. KH has managed to extract skier visits from traditional bow valley ski markets and bikers are just as committed, if not more, to good terrain(many many drive by for jump trails). I like all trails but I want them to reach their potential. take away whis' jump trails and its KH more or less
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 He's right, I stopped going there because when I ride bike park I'm really going for the jump tracks. There is great gnar to be had in the shuttle zones. So they loose my business the Silver Star because of quality jumps.
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 I agree with Sean, but the reason why KKH will never be like Whistler, or SS for that matter, is because of the geology of the hill. KKH is significantly steeper and rockier than both of those hills, and as a result, building jump trails is significantly more difficult. KKH is where you go for pure, unadulterated gnar and vert. The low traffic on hill is the bonus. And then of course, relaxing in Golden, enjoying brews on the patio as the Kickinghorse flows past, is the icing on the cake.
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 We are putting much hope into Swamp Donkey which is going into year 4 of construction as soon as this damn snow melts. Fingers crossed for a late June opening of this black jump trail...
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 Exactly my point. Building a jump trail higher on the mountain is next to impossible, given the amount of rock and the steep grades (ie. Showoff), so the only option left is to build one up out of the swamp.

Not criticizing, I commend the efforts, only highlighting the difficulty of the task and why KHMR, thank God, will never be like Whistler.
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 other than taking the road or a short steep section below that top quad there is possibilities with transported dirt. little by little. the place is great but I can't help but think how good it could be. no disrespect to the trail crew. they're doing an awesome job. a lot of terrain and in particular "boney terrain"
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 you "think" you rode everything in a day.... I do miss the spiral though, it was fun.

many fun days I've spent on this mountain.
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 i second that that thing was dope
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 I need to move countries...
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 Yes you do. Ive ridden those and they are definatly as good as they look
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 ^Hey its drew!! Hey drew
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 So nice to see videos of parks in my own country and dudes on the same bikes I ride... gives me some hope that someday this old man will make it there....
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 I complain about how hard it is living so far away from the mountains in Edmonton. Living in Winterpeg would absolutely kill me. I might have to sell my bike and buy golf clubs :0
  • 1 0
 Funk that!!! I'd park my rig in front my tv and daydream forever if i had to choose between riding and golf... lol.
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 best run on the hill:
northern lights -dirt devil-time travel-blaster-poineer-buffalo jump-hop a long

if you havnt do it you will not regret it !
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 This is a great video! Would LOVE to go to Kicking Horse.
  • 2 2
 One of the worst resorts i've ridden. Lots of untapped potential. Do yourself a favor, skip this and ride on the other side of the valley on Mt 7.
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 You can't have ridden many resorts.
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 one of my favourites after fernie. KH kicks ass, litteraly, haha!
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 Nice riding and good music= Perfect!
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 6 runs here makes a full day
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 Dope DOOM remix.
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 think of whistler tech x5 .....

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