Video: Caroline Buchanan on Reinventing Herself

Apr 26, 2022
by Sarah Moore  

Olympic BMX athlete Caroline Buchanan opens a door to women’s mountain bike freeride and reinvents herself as an icon in a new sport.

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 She has a bmx background!
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 Yes. Yes she does.
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 Of course.
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 Incredible BMX racer in her time and has come back from massive injury.
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 ...caused by somebody else, too. That must have been mentally very punishing.
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 I miss seeing the racing between her and Jill Kitner
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 I had no idea her injuries were that gnarly.
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 Don't forget, she was UCI MTB World Champ in 2016 Wink
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 and 2009
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 2009, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017 UCI 4x World Championships. Nobody else has won that many 4x World Championships.

Kind of a weird event these days but I’d love to see it and dual slalom around more, the weird stuff is part of what I like about Crankworx.
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 @drjonnywonderboy: she won 4x in 2002 and 2003, and before that won dual (which was replaced by 4x) in 2000 and 2001. So Caroline still narrowly edges her out in those disciplines.
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 I reinvented myself, but ended up the same. Still no BMX background.
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flag KK11 (Apr 26, 2022 at 7:22) (Below Threshold)
 Lol. As the binaries are trying to do.
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 I forgot that I used to commute to school on my BMX, although I didn't race it or do tricks.
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 Sheer determination - love it - well done Caroline. I photographed you as a junior (sprocket ???) BMX racer in NSW state titles decades ago, and had someone say keep your lens on her she will be a aussie champion one day. Was a super proud aussie to watch you at Olympics and to this day your evolution as a cycling legend. Keep up the great work.
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 I am thinking female GOAT? Did she land that frontie? I hope she's at Formation...
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 not sure about that one but she landed one at Audi Nines. She can definitely make a run for Queen of Crankworx with her skill set.
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 I have massive respect for this rider. so good to see this on PB.
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 As it turns out, we loved the front flip, back flip, bar spin, suicide, nac-nac! if your sponsors ever give you grief, make some noise and we'll get the kickstarter campaign rolling.
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 Anyone know why Caroline did not attend Dark Fest?
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 Possibly because she wants to not die.
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 I used to question if Caroline was more interested in being a model or a bike racer.. Now, I wonder how many people are as dedicated to the sport as she is.. Keep pushing the limits Caroline!
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 That first sentence really does some violence to your last two.
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 @aaronjb: that was my opinion at one time.. After all she has gone through and still working hard to push her limits, she changed my opinion of her.. She's a bad ass.. Way tougher than I am..
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 @lumpy873: That was never a good take, though. Sorry.

Your beef should probably be with an industry that still pushes its female athletes to show skin to sell bikes and gear.
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 @aaronjb: if anything, she's proving it's possible to do both. Was I wrong before, yeah, most likely... She made a fan outta me based on what she does on the bike.
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 What's with the down votes? It's true, many people I know have thought this!
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 In spite of the voice in the back of my head that says, “grab some popcorn, just watch this scrap…”
I think you (@lumpy873) made a good point at the start, and we don’t need to needlessly engender it. While you used the noun ‘model’ it seems your original comment was noting a change in ypur perception of her sports(wo)manship - essentially as a professional in this sport. Perhaps restating: is she in it to advance the code or (just) to profit from a branding opportunity.
I think that’s a fair question - and one that’s asked of most high profile cyclists (queue Influencers vs Racers, social comments vs brand ‘beliefs’ etc).

I also agree that Caroline’s shown serious commitment, versatility and passion for the sport and that shows the problem was in the shallow framing of the question as an ‘either/or’ - which @aaronjb notes. I hope mtb’ing grows to a sport that can accommodate varying degrees of diversity without positive or negative discrimination.

She’s a stellar athlete, with mad skills that I look up to and like any professional athlete, I hope she can build an even stronger brand around her.

Smash it Caroline. I’m still spinning from your AudiNines front flip.
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 And what would be the problem if she wanted to do both? Don’t know if you meant it as a dig at her, but so what whatever she wanted to be? It’s up to her, no?
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 @harrybel: no problem.. I say if she can do it, she should... Why should she limit herself?
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 Keep on shredding mate. Dane would be stoked with your grit.
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 Oh I forgot pb .. Only excited applause!
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