Video: Carson Storch Prepares his Line for Rampage

Oct 21, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesFrom best tricks to massive slips, Carson Storch is a name to behold at Red Bull Rampage. The young gun is set for redemption in 2019 as he makes a triumphant return to the new venue in Virgin, Utah. With unfinished lines on everyones mind this year, it's time to see who can shape, polish and secure the win for the 14th edition of the world's wildest freeride MTB event. Red Bull


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 Carson Storch: "All the pinkbike dudes saying that it's a bike park shut up"

Pinkbike dudes that say it's a bike park: Cry
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 It's about progression. Rampage started off riding natural features. Now it's all massive built up features with carved in lines. More like what you see in a Bike Park.
I like progression , change can be good. Gaps and drops are getting bigger and the sculpted lips and landings make the moves as " safe" as possible.
Rampage is still the ultimate beast of a Free Ride completion .
I still get super hyped .
Bring it on!
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flag suspended-flesh (Oct 21, 2019 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)

I'd be more concerned with your election today. You have a vote in that.

PB dudes don't have a vote in Rampage course feature style.
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 Pretty gnarly bike park to be honest. The event evolve with years and riders. Sick event !
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 "A little ravine gap over here"

[said with no hint of sarcasm]

I feel like me and Carson may have different value systems
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 I feel nervous just watching this. The scale seems much more real. Good luck to the riders.
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 If anyone can carry the rampage storch, it’s Carson.

Can’t wait for this year!
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 Arson Torch for Fire Marshall
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 Wow, that was awesome insight and perspective. Thanks Carson! Best of luck this week.
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 Carson is a walking doppelgänger for my best buddy growing up. We used to paintball, skateboard, then got into riding together. In 2013 he developed schizophrenia and gradually pulled away until finally going missing in 2014. Awkward story to share but I get the sense Carson is a heck of a great dude. Good luck this year brother, crush it!
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 send it buddy, send it well. gluck.
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 Is Carson Storch related to Larry Storch from the TV show F-Troop? Its a very rare name...
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 He's part Hakawi, I believe.

Little-known F-Troop fact:

7. The Hakawi tribe was originally called the Fugawi.

The name of the local tribe is a silly pun, The Hakawi, based on the punchline to a joke, "Where the heck are we?" Originally, the writers used a moniker a little more blue, and tried to push "Fugawi" past the censors. The censors got the joke. Today, the History Channel runs a series entitled "We're the Fugawis." How the times change.

Insatiable thirst for more little-know F-Troop tidbitz:
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 @endlessblockades: “we’re the fugawis...” LOL
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 Good luck son of Car! Hope your dedication to this event pays off and you get the ride you're looking for!
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 Every normal human being ... " What drugs are these guys on ?"
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 Strange to see this right next to the Basagoita documentary
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 None of these guys need to risk life and limb for me (the viewer). And when tragedy happens, so unbelievably sad.
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 @CantClimb: don’t worry they aren’t doing it for you

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