Video: Carson Storch Previews his Gnarly Rampage Line

Oct 14, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesLess than 48 hours left till the showdown of the most infamous MTB Freeride event in the world of Mountain Biking. Just about time to hop on a GoPro run with Freerider Carson Storch who previews his very own line down the cliffs of Virgin, Utah.


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 I'm not gonna lie, my heart stopped for a few seconds when his front wheel approached the edge of his massive gap oO
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 Same here, got a very weird tingly feeling in my guts in that same moment!
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 I caught so many feelings after seeing that, my butthole pre-puckered.
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 Carson Storch is looking focussed, dialed and ready to slay his bad ass line and run!! Great preview!
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 Go Carson Go!!!
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 just gonna build a little skipper jump, into a skipper jump and a skipper jump to finish, to celebrate with a skipper jump and a little skipper to round it off and a skipper for the road
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 "little skipper jump" = bigger than anyone of us would hit.
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 @code26: haha so true, we would all be like : "nah yeah nah, I 'm fine..." *proceed to ragdoll to the bottom of the canyon
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 What I learned today: a “little skipper” jump means 40 foot booter
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 Rampage drinking game... A shot everytime "gnarly" is said.
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 Liver Got Robbed!!!
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 Bonus shot for when anyone says Skipper
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 @usmbc-co-uk: Skipper........

Pretty sure I would shit my pants on what they call a "skipper"
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 "Teens also picked "gnarly" as a word that no one should ever use. It's another synonym of "cool" that dominated in the 70s and 80s."
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 I know I'm stating the obvious here, but it really is mindblowing to think of all the huge gap features where you have zero chance to take a few slow & steady practice runs before fully sending. You just have to do it, knowing that too short OR too long can mean many broken bones or worse. And adding to that, in most cases at Rampage you can't even see the landing as you are coming in to the jump!

I've seen some of the practice runs here when riders approach at speed and then stop at the top of the lip, so I know it's not just send-and-hope, but really, it's bonkers. And it really emphasizes that, beyond being an expert rider, there's an unbelievable mentality to it all.
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 The term 'course preview' seems a little underwhelming here. DH or enduro course previews generally speaking you could see yourself making it down in 1 piece for the most wouldnt even roll out of the gate haha.
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 What Carson said, 50/50. That's what I think rampage should be set on..
Half natural terrain and half trick-able features.
Can't wait to watch.
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 That's what the judging criteria have always been set on....
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 @scott-townes: skierman strikes again!!
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 There has been so little exposure from Brage and I am really excited to see what he will be bringing to the table!
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 He's too busy working brand new terrain to ride his bike. That seems to be his standard MO but I hope he didn't bite of too much for his first Rampage. It's happened in the past when the rookies just don't have enough time and natural features to build a line that does their riding justice.
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 hard AF crash today hope the massive Viking is ok to ride in the am
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 @madmon: Looks like he isn't at the moment Frown
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 Nice line. Seems Carson seems to be co-sponsored by a Brewery which I consider awesome.
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 What's the feature at 1:24 ?? Are we launching that?
Love the lines and flow this year. Real freeride. Smooth, fast and just enough chatter to work a single crown to its fullest.
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 Funny having a live event when not safe to ride, if at all windy, be sure to tune in on Friday! Or Saturday or even Sunday!
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 drone footage doing a corkscrew around carson on the first drop ruined the perspective
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 that left hip looks like a perfect candidate for an insanely smooth 270 toboggan or something similar
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 All those Skipper jumps and not one Gilligan.

(I can’t even walk down what these guys are riding. Frigging amazing!)
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 Just wow !
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 Bring back racers !!! Metailler !!!
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 looks like Giro got a new fullface helmet on the way...
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 These guys are all gladiators...blows my fing mind!
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 Brage for the win
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 But then no one will be able to say he was robbed.
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