Video: Carson Storch Redefines Train Hopping in this Raw 100

Oct 1, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesCarson Storch is a mountain bike athlete to behold. A name that'll resonate throughout the history of freeride and slopestyle for years to come, and a hot contender for taking the crown at Red Bull Rampage 2019.

Carson first came into the public consciousness as a freeride mountain biker in 2013 when he landed the cover of Bike Magazine – a feat that many athletes who wait their whole career for. Transitioning from slopestyle, to freeride and film, Carson is a truly dynamic athlete who has experienced the highs and lows of competition but always comes out fighting on top.

So, without any fancy camera work, slow-mo effects and stylish music, here's Carson Storch's raw and pure ride as he races the train in his new rail blazing edit.
Red Bull Bike


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 Must have taken a lot of effort to move Power Hour all the way from Highland to Mt Washington...
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 riding was great..."story" or whatever you call that was terrible
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 The plot doesn't have to be good for the film to be enjoyable. I once watched this video of a pizza delivery guy's day when he was delivering to a sorority, and well...
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 @DarrellW: cant upvote this enough
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 about 30 seconds of that was mt washington.
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 There's so many RAW videos now you have to be unique and try something different....Unfortunately they didn't pull it off with this.....
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flag priest55 (Oct 1, 2019 at 11:48) (Below Threshold)
 'RAW' = can't be arsed to find a soundtrack
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 I'm a go head & disagree.... something totally different and rad!
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 It was not that bad....
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 It was bad because they lied about the whole thing. There's no trail like that on Mt Washington, he didn't race a train, and it wasn't a "rail-blazing edit" as described by the bio.
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 Holy crap. Since he's gone this far the owner might as well build a proper singletrack DH trail down the cog. Not from the Alpine zone though. you do not fuck with the alpine zone!
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 Except to build a railway through it. Right?
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 Actually, there are parts of Mt Washington that by the books are perfectly legal to ride. Physically able to ride, that's a different story. However it has been done, bikes on the cog and legal descent, but do your research.
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 The railway existed long before the rules concerning its location. They own the land that they operate on and at one time owned the entire summit. The company sold the land back to the state so the state could make it a state park. They could build a single track top to bottom if they wanted and no one could say a darn thing as long as it stays within their right of way. I would love to see more of the actual Mt Wash footage but I still enjoyed the video for what it is. Nice work!
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 I hate to be that guy because I respect what Red Bull Bike and Carson Storch are doing for the sport in general. But, it was kind of a let down to see Highland MTB Park being disguised as Mount Washington. It's no secret, that riders in the east are starved of Elevation and big mountain riding. A full pull down Mount Washington would be a dream come true. Click-baiting Mount Washington left a sour taste.
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 VT actually has some bike parks with decent vertical- Sugarbush is 1600', Killy is 2000'. And it's #$#%#ing steep at those places. Snowshoe in WV isn't too bad either
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 then dont do it? it doesnt HAVE to be said... its fairly obvious to anyone watching the video that hes in a bike park and then on Mt Washington...
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 @IsaacWislon82: Actually - Lincoln peak @ Sugarbush - the one you DH has a vert of 2,400.
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 @neimbc: They don't run bikes on Heaven's gate Frown unfortunately But yes you can ski 2400' there (or 2600 at mt ellen)
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 Well that was cool! I assumed it would be some other Mt. Washington out West. Psyched it was a bunch of Highland footage and then the cog railway! Badass!
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 I saw Mt. Washington and was thinking of the one on Vancouver Island. I was super confused as to where on that hill there was a train for a second
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 Rad stuff homie, killing it!!
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 Whoa! Please please please make this a thing us commoners can hit. I'd pay $20 a run all day long.
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 there were only 3 features, and the rest of the cog your not missing much Wink Except the scenery...
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 They should show the riding & not cut to a new frame every .05 seconds
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 The under the video reads like the marketing guy had too much caffeine. The first paragraph reads like an action movie trailer.
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 Oh whatever haters. The riding was sick.
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 Excellent soundtrack choice
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 Wow! The second Bone Saw drop freaks me out. I've never felt good about it. Then Storch just pops over it. Mindblow...
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 Wow. So many buttered landings. Killing it.
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 Damn Carson! so much style!!!! Sick edit!
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 This video (regardless how much I admire Carston) is a wannabe.
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 Well that was sick
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 NH for life!
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 I like how the train is different in every scene.
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 So who was doing the riding since Storch took the train down?
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 Killin it! Love this.
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 Storch on fire
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 That was freakin sick!!!

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