Video: Cathrovision Track Walk - Les Gets World Cup DH 2019

Jul 10, 2019
by Ben Cathro  

"I've always wanted to ride/see this famous track and it does not disappoint. Very excited to see bikes on track tomorrow."

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 Remember back when we didn't have CathroVision to take us through all the lines, just a shaky GoPro run from Claudio? This adds so much to the spectator experience!
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flag Captain-Spaulding (Jul 10, 2019 at 12:56) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah, but Claudio's hungover, muppet like screaming will always be missed. Over analyzing each blade of grass and rock isn't near as fun. Informative…yes. Entertaining…no. Plus, F Cathro's hat.
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 @Captain-Spaulding: Huh, I like both. I miss Claudio's runs down the mountain. They were super entertaining, and compared to the track previews we get from the RedBull atheletes now, he went at a speed where you could actually see the features of the track and get a feel for how rough it is.

Cathro's analysis on the other hand makes watching the live stream more interesting because you're a little more informed about the different line choices that make/break a run.

More media=more fun. There's only so many DH World Cups a year, and the more I can enjoy them while they're here the better.
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flag NinetySixBikes (Jul 10, 2019 at 16:03) (Below Threshold)
 @Captain-Spaulding: I for one prefer the trackwalks with Elliot Jackson, think he would also make a great co-commentator with Rob. Cathro goes very in depth, but he just reminds me of the one friend we all have that over analyzes everything from his bike to the track, but is always the last one down the hill. (Allthough Cathro would smoke me any day)

There was a time, not so long ago, when almost everybody on this forum couldn't get enough of Claudio.
She's a fickle mistress this business...
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 @NinetySixBikes: Couldn't agree more. It's as if everyone has forgotten the key reason why we ride / watch this stuff—FUN.

And again, I do appreciate Cathro's analysis, it's incredibly interesting. It's just not as fun. And again, F his hat. Wink
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 @Captain-Spaulding: I found them refreshing in the beginning, but now I find myself skipping them more often lately. High vs low line, over the rock, skipping the rock, through the decompression, around the decompression... Guess it's just a wee bit of ADD kicking in and I lose interest really quick Smile

And same here, no bad vibes towards Cathro, he seems like a genuine nice dude. But unfortunatly we both went out on a very slippery slope here and outed a small hint of criticism on Ben's track previews. Getting downvoted into oblivion will be our faith, but I'll take it like a man... Wink
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 How good is Cathrovision. Takes World Cup coverage to another level. Builds the hype and lets us at home get as close to the event as possible.
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 at least they're adding scrap metal to make it more exciting.
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 That's the crazy Frenchies do... Oh man came on! I hope track builder never repeat this kind of mistakes, lucky the Bulldog found it..
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 From its origins (in the 11th century), the village of Les Gets has had wood in its veins… The name “Les Gets” came from the local dialect words “gitte” or “giette” meaning the corridors used to send logs rapidly down the hillside.
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 I always thought it was because my dad's mate Lesley had a big Glasgow night out in 1973 where he inexplicably woke up in the French alps. As his wife told them at the time, that is what Les gets.
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 So you're telling me the whole place is named after skid trails? Sweet
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 this track is gonna be mega physical ! haha who is fit and who can flat turn the best! its gonna be an interesting fantasy team this race.
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 Too bad Sam Hill isn't around - he'd fit the bill. Given that he's not... think I might update my fantasy league to include the GOAT! Definitely still one of the fittest, strongest riders - and certainly has the experience to know how to handle the course.
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 @ratedgg13: holy crap!!!! Sam Hill would be awesome to see ride this track!
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 @rockchomper: foot out, flat out!
If Sam was on the course, he'd be my solid bet no question.
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 "50p, riders are going to be going there, off the edge."

Mr. Cathro laying it all on the line!
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 i'ts gonna get wild with a little rain...
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 Anyone got the link to the vibration study article?
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 Really interesting work. Does explain some of my mates issues when riding.

But the real question is who is the 2cm British Champ rider Smile
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 good to see non- bowler hat wearing brits in the world media
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 Ben just keeps getting better and better!
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