Video: CathroVision Seeks Out the New Lines on the Val Di Sole World Cup Track Walk

Aug 1, 2019
by Ben Cathro  
Caution: Graphic Content

bigquotesThe World Cup track in Val Di Sole Italy is so full-on. Definitely waayyyyy up there for line choice so I'm going to have fun this weekend.

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Bikeland Val Di Sole


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 This the best thing on Pink bike. Love Cathrovision!!
  • 3 0
 Great build up to the races these videos!
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 I've only just realised the C logo is a camera icon inside the C. Nice! #TIL
  • 1 0
 even makes a luvly little camera-y whirly sound too.
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 Was Jure yerking it?
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 Good video as always.

@ben-cathro one request though (others, please chime in if you don't agree): I would prefer higher frame-rate to resolution. ie - 1080p60 over 4k. Some of the sweeping shots of the track got a bit tough to watch, 60fps would smooth it out!
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 This 100%. When you pan at 30fps it's all a blur. I kept waiting for you to pause so I could see what you were talking about.
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 Huh, I hadn’t thought of that. No stress, will try and remember to switch to 50fps for track walk in lenzerheide ????
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 If your not subscribed to Cathro vision I don't know what your doing but, your definitely doing it wrong!
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 Does anyone else expect to see an old guy with a urinary tract problem when I read: "CatroVision."
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 while his show is by far the best of all pre-during-post race media... all i read, think is catheter vision
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 super pumped for the show this weekend. course looks bad ass, again! got $50 on Danny for a podium finish.
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 Betting with friends or does someone offer odds?
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 Worried about what's giving you wet dreams, Cathro. Loving these vids, keep em coming PB!
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 Ben's take on the tracks provides an otherwise unknown (to mere mortals like me) perspective. These edits are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Keep it up Ben!
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 Why I am not seeing this in my main feed, I have to look for it ?! anyone else. All the boxes are ticked for the new pb settings
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 Hey don’t forget about Eliot.
Would be cool to see them trackwalk together.
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 This weekend would be awesome!
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 Good work on building it up for the weekend. Excited ????
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 Watched last night. Was not disappointed.
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 Cathro should do the red bull track preview. I miss Claudio
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 Cathrovision ❤️
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 Nice work!
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 Yeah I am coming
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 So good!

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