Video: Cathrovision - Track Walk Analysis Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2018

Aug 9, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

The Mont-Sainte-Anne track is something else! Can't wait to see bikes on it.

Keep tuned to Pinkbike for Inside The Tape with Ben Cathro coming soon!

Credit: Ben Cathro.


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 #cathroforcoursepreview Come on Red Bull. You know it makes sense
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 Who better, I’m sure he can find the time
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 Bring back Claudio,,, if his head is right.
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 Ben is so good because of the quiet, thoughtful way he goes about making his videos. Thanks Ben!
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 I quite like Cathro's view of the Track, and I like Wyn's interaction with the racers. I hope it stays that way and they continue to do what they each do best - it seems like the pit-walks and rider interviews have increased a lot, making me worry that the riders will get frustrated and access will be lost...
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 It's in riders' and teams' best interest to do interviews. Good publicity for their sponsors.
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 Came here thinking I might like to ride that track, left in tears and with the full understanding I want nothing to do with that beast. Feel kinda sorry for the bikes that are getting ready to get thrashed...espeically Brooks and Braytons bikes.
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 i want him to read me a bedtime story
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 Scottish accents are great. Reminds me of Trainspotting
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 nay danger
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 I love Ben’s perspective and attention to detail. Nicely Done! Time for a fresh hat though...
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 What dunderhead used regular hardware to mount the Plaque for Stevie, two years and already rust stains, lets get those replaced with stainless steel ASAP please MSA staff!
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 Gee racing with broken bones in his wrist. And Gwin out for months because of a thumb injury. New respect for Gee.
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flag yzedf (Aug 9, 2018 at 21:18) (Below Threshold)
 One of them has a potentially long racing career in front of them. The other is selling douchebags...
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 @yzedf: Speaking of douchebags
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 Shoutout to the poutine!
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 "some ladies...they got balls too"
Kaitlyn jenner approves
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 GoPro would make that look way different than CathroVision. I'd get bucked all over the place on that track and have no fun at all. Wow! Great walk and even better insights.
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 excellent insight once again, thanks dude!
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 Get this man on Time Team!
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 oh wow this is so soothing~
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 Reminds me of listening to James May do his car reviews. Suuuuuper relaxing.
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 @Poulsbojohnny: Yes but Cathrow aint no Captain Slow Smile
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 Think we might see quite a few DNFs this weekend!
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 Seems a nice guy and his videos are interesting and competent but my god do I have to look up close to his face that much?
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 Nope, there is an option where you don't watch his videos, then you don't have to complain either! Everybody wins!
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 Let's all pitch in to get Ben a new hat. That thing is blown out.
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 calling out Canyon, nice. haha
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 Wadsworth's constant applies here as well, you can skip first 30% of the video to get to the content.
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 Ah, no mention of Dakota Norton!
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 Cry me a river fanboi
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 @mollow: Dakota's on fire atm, agree with @peterguns this is his kind of track
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 @MrsFunSocks: the guy can barely stand up on his own at the moment... He's definitely a warrior racing this with all the injuries he has but saying he has a chance would be a stretch.
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