Video: CathroVision's 2018 World Cup DH Crash Reel

Apr 23, 2019
by Ben Cathro  

The World Cup Season is very nearly here. Take a moment to reflect on some of the worst and best moments from 2018.

Ben Cathro will be back presenting our Inside The Tape series. Let us know down in the comments what you are looking forward to seeing this year.

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 Finn Iles with the mid-air tear off. Steeze.
  • + 35
 damn those saints ripped out a stump !
  • + 55
 Cannot say the same for all those carbon cranks. No idea why people race downhill with them.
  • + 6
 @Archimonde: Because they don't pay for them.I crash hard,thats why theres Shimano Saint and Profile cranks on my bikes.
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 @Archimonde: Well then, considering they're free, they get exactly what they paid for as far as durability and performance go. Seems a hell of a lot of pain in return for what, a half pound of weight savings.
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 Yeeww! STOKED for the race line analysis this year. I think I look forward to it second only to the race
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 Kudos to Ben for CV and his intuitive discourse on the point. Cheers!
  • + 17
 Minnaar Breaks The Trail!!!
  • + 13
 Ok, I feel a little better about myself and skittering, helplessly, down a section. And my choice to stick with flat pedals has been confirmed so when my brain screams BAIL!!! my feet can get the hell outta there.
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 I ride flats on my rigid single speed 29r and clips in my 29 150mm trail/ enduro bike, getting the foot off of grippy flat pedals requires equal effort and takes the same time as clips. The whole flats vs clips is a null argument IMO. I ride a fully rigid SS in flats so that the practice of dropping heels, while keeping the bike light, transferred to clips on the trail bike has been a massive level up in bike control for me
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 Wow. They ARE human!
  • + 25
 I knew I wasnt the only one who screams like a girl right before I crash.
  • + 45
 @vonroder77: I think you're allowed to scream like a girl when you're a 17 year old girl heading off the side of the Vallnord track
  • + 7
 @Preachey: Hope she was ok cause that looked nasty!
  • + 4
 @landscapeben: 7:07 in Cathrovision Andorra Day 2 Part 1 Wink She looked shaken but fine
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 @Preachey: Good stuff tup
  • + 2
 @Preachey: Screaming? I only accept a loud "fuuuuuck" and thats it.
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 Does Sven Martin really just cheer on like that as he’s takin pics?
  • + 6
 Yeah, dudes a character.
  • + 2
 @Deep-Friar: yes. All his vids are pretty funny. Just one more reason I love this sport.
  • + 2
 Yep, the dude is a MASSIVE DH fan. That and he has the hots for Brendog steeze.
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 Ah those carbon cranks. A true plague. Just 4 days ago I and the whole group of like 12 people had best laughter of the trip, just because one of ours ripped off his cranks after literally 20 meters of riding. Will be there any moment when people will stop buying this nonsense?
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 For the mortals like me, carbon cranks are just fine. Never broke any and never seen or known anyone to break them. As long as they’re OEM, I’m good.

That said...not a good day for carbon cranks! haha
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 @jeremiahwas: Dunno what your riding but RF SL G4 are destroyed by 60y old lads who do only XC...
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 A buddy of mine ripped the pedal and threads out of his SLX cranks. Alloy isn't immune to failures.
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 @yarbianthebarbarian: nothing is immune to failures but carbon cranks? Nah , only for the people who don't ride over obstacles. Flow trails? Why not...
I also destroyed Al cranks but those Impacts also destroy other stuff at the same time. Even the pedals after I snapped carbon cranks where okay.
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 i was riding with a buddy when his pedal just fell out of the thread and crank arm. id never buy carbon
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 I love most PB videos but these put a grin on my face, especially this one. Most videos can wait until it’s semi-convenient but I’m consistently clamoring to watch the Cathro edits.
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 Yeap... Cathro Vision is a world class
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 OMG the person at 1:05, sometimes it's just better to cut your losses and bail before going over the bars and chest bumping the ground/rock!
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 You too can pay him on Patreon if you like.
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  • + 1
 @owl-X: fair.

But hey, it's a new world, people are doing stuff, experimenting with different ways of monetising content (for want of a better term). There are benefits and drawbacks, but I get the impression he is pretty happy being his own boss.

It would definitely be cool if someone could at least pick-up his travel and accreditation in return for a segment (eh Pinkbike?).
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 @owl-X: when I am not fully skint I would like to contribute I have to say. I also look forward to being able to buy some of the albums I have been streaming too.
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 Carbon cranks do not belong on DH bikes.
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 Oh cathrovision! Making my life better each video! Cannot wait!!
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 Crash at 1:09 was CLASS
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 Still clipped in after that crash!!! A perfect reason for flat pedals.
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 That's a money hat.
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 Who was the girl who bought the farm? Atherton?
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