Video: Celebrating the Luxury of Nature

May 16, 2020
by Tommy Wilkinson  

Being fortunate enough to have the safety net of furlough while most film shoots have been postponed, I've been going through archival footage and seeing what I can come up with. I give myself 3 hours in total to do these cuts from end to end, so the footage might be B roll, test shots, stuff that wasn't perfect etc...but has to fit the idea somehow.

I started with Dreams - a reflection on the early stages of lockdown and this time, using recycled footage shot in Scotland between 2017-2019 I've came up with this; Elements (of luxury).

It's an attempt to highlight that luxury, to me at least, isn't material wealth or the latest super bike. It's being able to access the natural world through two wheels and take a role in preserving it, restoring it back to wilderness where possible through charity volunteering and making an effort to understand its nuance, systems and interdependencies.

That is a luxury I certainly don't take for granted and being able to ride in the amazing places that Scotland offers, or even just explore on foot at times, with friends, is always a worthwhile endeavour whatever the weather.

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 Good video, amazing scenery, not the usual shred it, send it social media clip we often see these days, slow paced to allow to feel those places like if we were there too. The poem from Bukowski it's a reminder to retain our independence, be a free spirit, break from conformity and live life on our terms. Hope all this situation gets better for everyone soon, looking forward to ride on the Highlands in September.
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flag JimmyWeir (May 17, 2020 at 7:25) (Below Threshold)
 Chill bro
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 Thanks man. I could tell you how I got to this edit but I’m not generally a lucid kind of a guy so it’s a bit of a ramble! Either way, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind words. For reference the locations were:
Outer Hebrides
Tweed Valley
Ben Lomond

And one that I’m keeping secret as have a feature to release from there later in the year Smile

Might bump into in the highlands one day!
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Missed out Glencoe (Danny Hart clip) and Nevis Range (Cathro clip)
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 @TommyWilkinson: Also Glencoe and Jimmy Saville's house...

Loved this - particularly the Hebrides - always great to see. Cianalas (homesick) watching it.
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 @Niseach1: Jimmy Savilles isn’t in, ha! The house shot is Barra ha!

Thanks man, I appreciate it more and more as I get older. Hope all good.
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 That was just what I was needing tonight. Have really nice trails to ride near to home, and thankful for it during this lock down, but I am missing the big mountains and the views to the sea.
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 Stunning. I loved the imperfections of the film. The combination of the music, the poetry and the stunning scenery was top notch for me. These are the kind of films I wish I could make! Love your style.
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 What a beautiful film. Thank you very much Man. Cheers from France!!!
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 Blimey that was a bit good Smile
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 The clip at the end where the guy is riding down the ridge covered in snow! :-O.

was that you?
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 Well spotted! No, I just filmed all the clips. That type of riding is definitely beyond me these days! Keep an eye for a film later in the year with lots more shots like that Smile
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 Change for the better
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flag ashlemon (May 17, 2020 at 8:12) (Below Threshold)
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 Beautiful clip!

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