Video: Chasing Anton the Trail Dog in 'Pawtners in Crime'

Sep 2, 2020
by Laura Zeitschel  
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This is a film about shredding the hometrails together with the best friend on four paws, true friendship and just having good times!

The whole video was a no-budget project. Hope you like it. Ride on!
Produced by Impact Media
Rider: Laura Zeitschel
Dog: Anton
Location: Deister, Hanover, Germany
Music: New Estate - Giant Rooks


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 Just a word of caution, check with your veterinary surgeon regarding the suitability of this for a Labrador. My old swimming coach got a reprimand from his vet for taking his Lab fell running. The vet said that Labs were bred/developed for short bursts to retrieve game not continuous running for any length of time. He said that if you want a dog to accompany you whilst running get something like a Dalmatian that were bred to run alongside of carriages.
We also fell foul of a symptom that some Labradors exhibit called Exercise Induce Collapse when we decided to go for a run on a nice warm day. The dog does about 3 times the distance that you do because they go where their nose takes them. It came back at one point looking like a marathon runner who had hit the wall. Luckily I knew where I could get some water but by the time I got back a couple of mountain bikers had given him a bit of their energy drink which saved me carrying 40kg lab back to the car.
Enjoy your time with your lab, they are true friends.
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 So true, many breeds aren't made for duration running or for speed to keep up - I see so many dogs out there, tongue hanging out low, struggling to keep up. Especially on hot days - please leave poochie home. Otherwise, trail dogs are the coolest.
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 @neimbc: totally agree. We make many stops and never take him with us, when it’s warm outside. I like the winter months, because those are the best for him! Smile
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 Yeah, it is tough because dogs love to run. However, many dogs can have serious leg joint problems when running flat out for long durations. Dogs don't know how to pace and take it easy.
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 @tacklingdummy: yes, that’s right! I think it’s really important to check the dog before you take him with you on the trail. No, the owner has to take it easy with the dog and make slower than normal! But I think everybody knows that you have to ride your bike different with a dog at your side.
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 Yes to everything you say.

I have indeed had to carry a 40kg Labrador for a km or so, and he was muddy for good measure. It's not something i'd otherwise be able to if i hadn't been driven by pure fear about my dog's wellbeing. 0/10 don't recommend.

Retrievers have a strong will-to-please and they will ignore any of their limits just to stay with you. I haven't taken mine biking save for a very mellow cruise where they choose the pace and i won't take them trailriding, they're not cut out for it.
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 @wowbagger: I don't think that I would dare take my Lab, Salty, on any bike ride as he even walks across me when I am getting the bike out! Sniffing is what he is good at, I think this sums it up:
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 I'll add in that their joints aren't cut out for this either. My Lab/Pit mix tore her ACL on a ride in June but 6k and 3 months later she is doing great!

It could also be said that humans shouldn't ride either since I tore the same ACL as her one month later on an overshot jump...

Yay for 2020!
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 Love to see deister featured on PB. Great riding and music on top! Love it. Plus, Anton looks like the goodest boy!
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 So you don't have to hit massive jumps and do epic stuff to make it on PB. All you need is a dog.
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 By far the most active labrador I've ever seen.
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 Yeeeow! Go Laura!
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 Spread some love on her Insta boys ????????????????????????
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 Dogs rock.
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 Can't beat a good Lab. Thanks for sharing.
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 congrats to this video! Very cool Laura!
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 so cool!

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