Video: Chasing Light with Jane & Her Trail Dog Huck

Nov 28, 2020
by Fanatik Bike Company  
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This time of year sundown hits early here in Washington. Between working at the shop on weekends and finishing up school, time management is the key for Jane and cattle dog Huck to get out and chase some of the best riding weather of the year - assuming slippery roots are in your wheelhouse!

Join these two on their quest for those morning rays aboard the Specialized Epic EVO. 

Jane and dog Huck get out on the Specialized Epic EVO to soak up some rare autumn sun.
Although group rides with all our friends aren't happening this year, we're thankful to have our furry companions to keep us company.

Jane and dog Huck get out on the Specialized Epic EVO to soak up some rare autumn sun.
Cattle dog Huck is the perfect partner for early morning adventures in the woods.

Specialized Epic EVO
These two are always ready for a rip!

Video by @Djambor for Fanatik

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 Dogs are absolutely the best workout partners. They are always telling you to "get off the couch, and let's go run," rain or shine, heatwave, tornado, hurricane, snowstorm, apocalypse, etc. It doesn't matter what the conditions, they are ready to go.
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 Agreed. Unless you've got a lurcher, ours loves to run, but only if it's not raining, windy, snowy or she's asleep on the sofa or infront of the fire. She can run at 30mph though so had no problems keeping up!
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 Beautiful Red Heeler you have Jane. I love the name "Huck to Flat" I also have a gorgeous female Blue Heeler (rescue dog) that just loves to go for bike rides. Dog's are the best! Unconditional love at it's finest!
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 Awesome Cattle dog, mine loves to shred too!
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 See Jane ride, See Huck run.
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 I wish I could trust my dog to follow me like that. She rides great on a leash, but is an escape artist off leash. The downside of having a Husky cross I guess? She's insanely fast and can run basically all day long, but gets distracted and disappears for anywhere from 5 mins to an hour or two at a time. I just leave the door to my house cracked a bit and she comes back when she's done with her tour haha.
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 That's a cute doggo!
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 Cute! Smile I miss my trail dogs, I had a Cattle Dog/G.Shepherd/Chow mix that rode with me until she was 12.
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 At last - some music that deserves the name.....
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 Trail doggos are the best doggos
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 Very nice!
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 Awesome Jane! Nice shredding ????????
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 Fun video!
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 Great video @Djambor
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