Video: Chatting with Graham Agassiz

Sep 13, 2018
by Freehub Magazine  

Graham Agassiz is one of the most well-known freeriders in the sport, but as a native of Kamloops, BC, his hobbies (and skills) extend far beyond the bike. We talk with Aggy about competing in Rampage, the Canadian comedy Fubar and lessons learned from the sale of an old El Camino.

About the Series: Hounded is an interview show hosted by Freehub Magazine's Managing Editor Jann Eberharter and the beloved office coonhound Lucy. Between a few beers and a round on the neglin stump, we chat with some of mountain biking's most genuine characters.

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 One of my all time favorite riders. Good to hear a long format interview with him. Such an inspiration.
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 Aggy is definately one of the most not under-rated, but under-awarded ( Smile ) riders out there.

If you ask me, he should have won rampage back to back at least two times now, but his "disadvantage" is that he always risks it rather than plays it safe, which is the most badass attitude ever, but does not really fits the contest format...

His although failed, but incredible attempt to 360 the drop that Sorge flipped is one of my most favourite rampage moments ever. Every time I watch it, Im always cheering for him hoping he can stick it somehow Big Grin

Only the best wishes to the future Aggy, stay strong, you dont need medals to be the man Smile )
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 hes right i like biking over snowboarding all over . except if its a fresh powder day which happens alot in Revy. People go to church , meditate do all sorts . Pow riding is the church for me !
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 Graham is the mahan
  • 4 1
 Such a good dude, seems super passionate about what he does...I think always thought this was a sick video
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 was fortunate enough to rip a run on the board at Sun Peaks a couple of seasons ago with Graham. Super nice dude and rips on the snow!
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 Are the rules to Neglin posted anywhere?
  • 2 0

I'll add: If you break any of the rules, you must shotgun a beer.
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 Wow, I had no idea how laid back Graham was. He seems so serious once the helmet goes on.
  • 2 0
 What's this mystical 1420 number I know nothing of?
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 Is it true that he's related to Andre?
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 Dudes, you guys are terrible at Neglin! Cheers!
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 Meet him a few times in the loops. Super nice guy.
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 Where can I get my hands on FUBAR? Looks hilarious.
  • 1 0
 Graham,. You should’ve let the dog have a swinglol great interview
  • 1 0
 I always keep a few tins of smoked O’s in the cupboard, yum.
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 Aggy, looking good budddddy!
  • 1 0
 The interviewer's hair is almost as cool as Aggy's!! Jannnnn Monnnnnn!
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 Give er the fuckin fubar!
  • 2 1
 yeahh buenoo
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