Video: Chloe Taylor's Journey from BMX Racing to the EWS

Feb 7, 2021
by HuntBikeWheels  

Words: Hunt Bike Wheels

Many talented mountain bikers have started their journey in BMX, the primary skills it gives you is undeniably going to set you up to be a very capable bike handler. From a young age, Chloe Taylor was on two wheels, and as she was introduced to the world of BMX racing she quickly racked up the results.


When the funding for the British Cycling program was dropped, Chloe made the decision to change her paths and make the switch to mountain biking. She threw herself in at the deep end; going from sprinting down the 8m start ramp and sending huge jumps, to entering her first Enduro World Series race as a U21.


Racing an EWS round is not a feat to be taken lightly, spending six hours in the saddle riding up mountains to race back down them. Racing through tight trees and sketchy rock gardens. A discipline to test your physical endurance, power, skill, and mental resilience… Quite the difference to a max 30-second sprint against seven other people on a BMX track! Needless to say, Chloe took it all in her stride.

After two successful years of racing the EWS, Chloe is now putting in the hard work over the offseason to have an even better year of racing in 2021. We decided to make this short film so Chloe could tell the story of her young riding career, as well as show off her riding skills at the local pumptrack and woods.


Chloe's 161 from the 2020 season

Rider - Chloe Taylor
Video by Martha Gill
Photo's by Kieran Kenney


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 Every BMXer's hard path to MTB:
"So this is a...rear brake, and that's a...shifter? Let me just give 'er a try..."
Beats the pants off every local first run, second run gets noticed by a sponsor.
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 Like Seth's buddy from his Dirt Diaries video. First day going from BMX to MTB and he was sending A-line like it was nothing.
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 @sikeitsryan: Day two discovers front brake, qualifies for Rampage.
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 Actually, racers are very familiar with rear brakes.

What really baffles street riders are those things MTBers wear on their heads which 1) Don't come off during 360s and 2) mean that whacking your head off the concrete hurts less.
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 She has some killer bike handling skills! One thing about BMX is that the bikes are unforgiving and force you to be on top of your bike handling. So Chloe has put in the time to learn those, and now getting fitness and endurance up are relatively straightforward (but still tons of work) with the right plan and support. I foresee a great future for her career.
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 So they only cut the womens side of bmx funding?? So when it comes down to it UK Sport have no interest in supporting womens sport
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 Coming from BMX racing I have little doubt she will be kicking ass in no time. Those people have incredible skills and many of those who made DH history have a past in BMX race (or MX). Good luck to her !
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 I'm glad BMX tracks didn't look like that when I was racing. That's some serious air time on 20" wheels.
All the best for EWS Chloe!
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 She looks like she has some serious skills. Chloe if you are reading this, you need to get in that campervan and go spend a load of time up at the Golfie in Innerleithen. Thats where they hold the UK round of the EWS and it is superb! Good luck!
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 I think she's already up there.
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 Sorted she is now living in Innerleithen
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 BMXers always seem to have such a crisp precise MTB style, with control to spare. Good luck with the season Chloe!
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 "Trees in the way" words to live by.
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 Role models for the kids these young women. Good luck
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 Nice work behind the lens from Martha!
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 ???????? Awesome. Good luck Chloe.
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 Best of luck on a long successful career.
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 Charnock Pump Track ????
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 Yeah Chloe!

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