Video: Chris Akrigg Does CX, Again

Dec 10, 2014
by Matt Wragg  


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 My ears!!!!!
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 My knees!!!
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 My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps.
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 bigtim - is your bike too singing that to you? my humps, my lovely carbon lumps, I'm go'go'gona make you work, she's got me spending, spending all your money on me...
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 Nobody knows what Waki means but he's provocative. Gets the people going.
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 yes I am a Provocateur
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 Sounds like he made a deal with the devil.
Devil: "Ok Chris, i give you the sickest bike skills ever but you have to play my newest song in your next vid."
Chris:"Ok." ...rides away
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 Waki references fergi. I am not sure I'll get over that.
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 Way too much emphasis on music...did you see the guy riding a bike? I'd watch Chris ride like that to "Mary had a little Lamb".
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 I'm with ya Mayha49- I love that song too man- Have you heard the Odeza remix?
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 Noooo, Stevie Ray Vaughan surely?
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 @MP29, more like the deal was, "Okay Chris, I give you the sickest bike skills ever but you have to ride a bike that is totally ludicrous for the job at hand."
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 This guys arms/legs/joints probably wish he said that though (if it wasn't purely for a video). Yes, you can do almost any feature on any bike if your good, but comfortably will range drastically.
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flag drummuy04 (Dec 10, 2014 at 9:37) (Below Threshold)
 Trials on a road bike isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I have done it a few times and its fairly comfortable.
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flag p3riderforlife (Dec 10, 2014 at 9:46) (Below Threshold)
 this is one of the most hurt edits of all time... music sucked and he did even less cool shit in this video then the last.
what he is doing down a trail is not hard!!! learn some bike skills. the only thing remotely talented part was when he was doing trials... but its trials .... danny mac and even ryan leech could do any of his "amazing " rock hops.. its not CX and its not anything else... id like my 4:45 mins back please.
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 ^^ I take it the 'p' in your user name stands for penis?
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 Maybe this one from Matt Dannison would cope well with it
Anyway, this riding is just insanely impressive.
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 Look how easy he did it!
When you know how and able to do - it is not hard.
But to become able to do it EASY is SOOO HARD!
Especially on cyclocross bike.

I'm amazed again by Chriss Akrigg.

...Who and for what invented a suspension at all ? Smile ))))
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 Bike customizer... I think you might be on the edge of insulting him by saying it was easy for him. I've been talking with another of the greatest bike trial riders ever, and he said stuff like this pisses him off, that it is never ever easy for him, the point is to make it look easy... or maybe it was in an interview with him, don't remember. I myself know nothing, just telling you to not make an eventual faux paix if you ever meet one of those guys face to face.
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 I didn't said that. What are you taling about...
Actually it was an answer to mr. p3riderforlife.

And I said "But to become able to do it EASY is SOOO HARD!"
Did you read it ?

Seems like you didn't understand me.
It only LOOKS easy.

...And seems you indeed a provocateur Smile
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 I get what you are saying, and I see it all the time. People see a high level rider and attribute their hard earned skills to natural ability. Almost no skill learned on a bike comes without cost. Chris Akrigg wasn't born riding bikes. He worked harder and longer and more focused than most everyone else, and THAT is why he rides better than you. He's earned it.
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 Some of it is innate. He works hard but he's also got massive balls and is a natural athlete. Every sport he tries he's good at quickly. Most people wouldn't be able to pull, or even conceive half the shit he pulls even given twice as many years to practice. Believe that.
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 Well, we definitely aren't watching that video for the music.
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 I liked the song. very 90's brit punk.
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 .............clip or platform pedals?
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 No, you are a Polish faggot.
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 Ryan Leech's take on it is more or less, that he is not a natural rider and he is not a professional at riding trials. He is a professional at practicing. How much of your riding consists of riding and how much of practicing a particular skill deliberately? A food for thought?
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 Practice builds on natural ability. Waki, back when rs made a pros only rear shock and everyone trew a fit wasn't it you who said he top riders just ride and the guys who mess with the dials never make it into the top 20?
I know the pros all train hard, but even with their regimens I am still genetically inferior to the Athertons. Some people are natural athelets, and it is this group that can be the best.
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>How much of your riding consists of riding and how much of practicing a particular skill deliberately?
Mine 80% consits of training that damn american bunny hop to make it real high!
But I still not glad of the results, damn! Smile ))
That last element, when I'm alreaady on top, the bars are on the balls level, hands down and I need to pull the bike up is not going as I wish it to. Just small hop.
May be I afraid to pull up the legs...because they tend to off the pedals sometime and pedlas can hit them.
But I continue to try.
I remember previously I did not do even first elemetns. So I see the progress.
If I only would practiced it every day...mmmmm...

The prctice builds on a WISH, TECHNIQUE and ABILITY.
But I beleive the WISH is essential. Then you will achieve the ability using right technique.

Musicians and sportsmen talks success consists only of 2% of talent. All other is hard working.
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 Point your toes down and push your feet back while pulling your legs up.
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 pssst I think you guys are taking it a bit to personally Big Grin However bike customizer I can tell you one thing after working gajillions of over hours at my work and many other people working gajillions of over hours and not getting any far after years of doing it: the biggest bullshit parents, teachers and TV idiots sold me is that to get somewhere you need to work hard. Well any idiot can work hard, that's why he is an idiot. The key is to work smart, to figure out consecutive goals how to achieve a success. How do you think those self made millionaires, dh world champions get to where they are? By working even harder than you? No. 20% of efforts bring 80% of results. Once you know how to practice, you can start working hard, but it is absolutely stupid to spend weeks riding one corner, expecting to improve your ability to tackle every corner in the world. Once we put too much on ourselves, we have no room for reflection and too much attachment to a beaten path while we pass shortcuts all the time. Some of them will fk you up, finding right ones is a skill on it's own.
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 But still waki, penguins will never fly. It isn't personal, just science. My natural gifts run to other areas. So do yours. Your gifts tend to fuel your passions, meaning athletes end up in sports because they have talent and it gets them on the road to training. Also, my kid at 5 has been riding as long as Jackson Goldstone had at 5. She is pretty good too, but, not withstanding my encouragement, is not as bold or skilled as he was and is. She was lighter and more coordinated than most early on, and it has been to her advantage. We have real aspirations of her racing, but she is not a prodigy. Some kids are prodigies though. Working hard and smart counts, but as someone who has spent time understanding genetics and human development I can say with some authority, not everyone can be danny mac or hart. Genetics and epi-genetics. It says more about whether you will end up on a bike or in prison than you ever guessed. And in case anyone was wondering, there is no nature vs nurture argument. Not among actual scientists. They figured out the answer on that one a long time ago.
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 I saw in my notifications "But still waki, penguins will never fly" and I was immediately intrigued.
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 So which is it, nature or nurture?
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 taletotell - that was good. Perhaps then, all you need is an external trigger? You know, I've been personally told by a few world class elitist architectural pricks that you have architecture in your blood or you don't. One said: it's all clear after first year of studies, don't waste your time and change career if you haven't felt it in your gut that you know how to do it and you know what it's all about. Then I met a great teacher, who made me understand how it works. He showed us that art is a skill, not some vomit-fag, gasoline painting on great white, mumbo jumbo as it is stigmatized in popular media. That it can be learned and how to practice. I will never design a New Opera in Sydney but I got the key, the code. I won a few competitions now (one as project leader) and I can tell you lots of unrelated steps that got me where I am. Predistposition - yes, luck - yes, environment - hell yes, coincidence - yes, persistence - Fk yes! when did I end up in shit instead of rolling over? - doing what mom, teacher guy on TV told me - start a career and work hard, get a car, a house, a woman, kids and holidays twice a year. Everyone works hard! At least where I live, if you don't work hard you don't work at all. And in my job there is no limit to how hard you can work, your body and state of synapses in your brain are the only limit.

SO maybe Being geared up an ready to go in the right place in the right time? Never put so much on your head that you can't lift it to look around. The only excuse if it's a few kids sitting on it.
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 This is as ridiculous as I imagined. Enough said... its all nature for the best athletes. Michael Jordan and Lebron James didn't just practice hard to get to where they were. They are 6'6'' or 6'9'' freaks that have the natural coordination of people who are much smaller than them and that's why WHEN THEY WORK HARD, they become the best.

In the job market however, its all about nurture. Have you noticed how some families produce kids who are extremely intelligent but end up as bums who end up in mental hospitals whereas others produce kids who are extremely successful but couldn't read until grade 4?
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 I'm pretty sure F1 is a healthy dose of both. A poor man with great genetics will never even know what a steering wheel feels like. How about golf? Try getting into that without coming from a rich family. Sailing, flying, equestrian. On the other hand, football is pure nature given its widespread popularity and start-up cost of nothing. You don't even need shoes or a ball to play footy. That is why it's the greatest sport on earth. I'm not a fan myself, but you have to appreciate the mass appeal.
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 So epi-genetics is all about triggers. Check it out. Nature and nurture combine, nature determining your triggers, nurture tripping them or not. If Shak was raised in a Zambian village he would be a farmer or warlord or something. Also throw in your conscious coping abilities and that might determine effect size of trigger flipping events. If I am already a pro rider, I might handle a negative trigger better.
I am not saying there is a biking gene and clearly you choose where you put your talents, just not what your talents are. I can work hard at ballet forever, but I'll never be #1. I am pretty creative and I love logic, but my passions don't reach to the level of engineering.
I am more likely to work smart at my passions, making me effective if I pursue them in a profitable way.
I am with you on the not taking other people's paths to success. I think happiness ties to following your gifts, triggering the right stuff to feed and direct it.
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 most fun off topic discussion ever
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 I was talking about the best athletes, not the mediocre athletes that are the best at white people sports.
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 I understand your point, but I believe there is a point at which practice becomes more important than genetics. The point of no return in terms of skill, if you like. Look what happened to Rossi. Destroyed everyone on two wheels for twenty years, had a go in a competitive F1 car and was two seconds off the pace. Shaw, Kobe, hawing bolt or whoever else could never be competitive in a sport which relies on learned skill.
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 Well that's ignorant.
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 Let me rephrase.... what does somebody being better than everybody else have to do with practice being more important than genetics?
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 Some sports are athleticism based, some are skill based. I think cycling is in the middle.
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 It's not about only hard working, it's about a talent only is not enough.
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>However bike customizer I can tell you one thing after working gajillions of over hours at my work and many other people working >gajillions of over hours and not getting any far after years of doing it.

I know this very well. But I also know that after that all always comes a breaktrough and all the things become completed/composed like a puzzle into the picture I wanted it to (or almost).
And it will never come if I do nothing, sitting and thinking:" Oh, that so hard! It is impossible! Am I an idiot to work hard ? NO!"

I set the target, found the method, make the plan to achieve. Then I go for it.
In simple words it is a system approach.

Consider bunny hop - How much times I stopped and rewinded the videos of the hoppers......"Oh man, they do diffenitely similar special moves to hop from here to there!"
Then I've found and studied as much practice info/video as I could find. I understand what is inside a "bunny hop".
I imagined what I will do on the bike up to the small details/movments. Tried to imagine it so well and clear that my body sterted to move while sitting on chair.
Then on real bike I'm already ready to practice. And it gives the results.
I've appeared to be able to get on top of the bike right after I got the good instructional video and imagined well what it should be like for me.(what I saw on instructional video)
Until this I just tried to jump, kinda XC jump, or english hop.
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 Of course I know about " Point your toes down and push your feet back while pulling your legs up."
I do but need more practice to make it real high.
It can be done in many slightly different ways. So I need to find mine and make it automatic movement when I'm not thinking just do with 99% guaranteed result.
This is why I practice.

But if I didn't have an EAGER WISH to make an american bunny hop at all( and really high) I would not even know what is it Smile
Indeed, I didn't try even didn't know about it until I saw someone doing it.

So how can one know his capabilities BEFORE TRY ? No way.
(Not agree ? Then call/count me please all your genes and what each is responsible for.)

But why one need to try something ?
Because of the WISH.

There are so much capable people even not awared about their capabilities, never in their life.
Others thinking they untalented BECAUSE SOME f*ckING "GURU" TOLD SOMETIME TO THEM - "YOU ARE NOT ABLE, GIVE UP! YOU HAVE NO TALENTS!" or "you have it in your blood or you don't."
Bullshit and snobism, I say!
This just brake/frustrate some people!
It kills a WISH! (but not mine, haha!)
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 Guys, are you awared that genetics are indeed programable ?

>most fun off topic discussion ever

Ahahaha! Oh yeah! Smile

Let's finish it ?
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 Design they perfect rider inutero? I think that is what the Atherton family is.

As for learning techniques, so many people seem to figure it out without ever thinking about it, like their body just knows what to do with certain tools. I think it is kind of like how some people struggle to figure out new technology, while others know it intuitively. Certain minds just work certain ways and it works to guide their passions.
Watched some ten year olds in bmx who likely never looked up how to bunny hop, just doing it better than I can. They just figured it out
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 taletotell - I get the picture, but I suck at biking so I have to draw example of something I am actually good and respected at. I have that kind of intuition you speak of, for all sorts of programs, CAD, BIM, graphics, 3D, whatever... I can anticipate how stuff would work basing on a few experiences. I learned Autodesk Revit which is a damn huge beast, better than any course in town could teach me. BUT, I need guidance from people who's been there to "crack the code". There is simply no point in training to being fastest around the valley, if people threw ropes across, you just need to learn how to walk on them... or how to ride them on your pants. And a teacher is needed for that. But most of all, I need to spend time experimenting, a lot of time. More than my boss or project leader would accept if they only knew. It's a gamble and I fall often and it hurts, either in unpaid over hours. I am the "I can't do this, this just doesn't work" rat in the office. I love challenges, to find the bug, to make everyone's job easier after I can teach a new tp to others. And I play with it, a lot. I am to draw a bathroom and I draw a toilet seat, learning modeling this way, understanding many ways how program works, while I could just download it from the internet. Whenever someone in the office finds me drawing some thing, theoretically unrelated to the project, they seem upset that I wage time. Then they come to me, whenever they fail to fix some problem, they never understand, they always think you just have to go on courses. I used to play drawing 3d planes, I have play with 3d in my blood. No play - no gain, only pain. "Working hard" is a hoax. Play hard, play smart, a bit of laziness is always better than a bit of trying too hard. I get it at my work, never on internet...
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 When it is playing that makes you good at it it is your thing. Akrigg works his butt off, but I am sure he enjoys working his butt off when it involves being on pedals. Of course there is the side that is in the gym, the side that is meeting with sponsors, the side that is driving around. There is hard work involved too.

Waki, I have seen you play. You make awesome art, and you make hilarious satire that is well thought out and structured. I draw just well enough to recognize when people are really good at it.
I believe you when you say you enjoy and figured out intuitively the tools of your trade.
How long before you patent your frame design so you can post it on PB?
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 To any one who uses the old " I can't ride that got the wrong bike I need my DH/XC/Trials/Dj bike for that " please f*ck off and watch this guy...

Easily in my top 5 fave riders of all time.
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 agreed with u m8
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 i love these types of videos. absolutely demonstrates it's the rider, not the bike. it puts a lot of what is said on these forums, reviews, my bike is better than your bike, in complete perspective

it's a poor craftsman that blames his/her tools
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 Makes my decision to lose the rear suspension seem... conservative. Coulda gone bigger! None at all!
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 well said. You gotta love Chris Akrigg! I also ride some fixed gear and some enduro. He's my idol, such a great style. Basically, you could say he invented his own categories of riding - all-mountain trial and CX-trial.
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 Manufacturers hate him!

You won't believe what this biker did!

13 new tricks on a CX bike, number 4 will absolutely shock you!

1:20 had me in tears, 3:20 changed my life!
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 @Bigburd: you are right for riding for fun, but when racing there is an ideal bike that makes you fastest.
And also having a suitable bike for the terrain will give you more fun during the ride (imagine riding a hardcore downhill track on a rigid bike with skinny tyres, possible for sure, but you'll be very slow and won't have as much fun as when you can hit it full speed on a DH rig).

But yes, I totally agree with you that your bike should never be an excuse for anything, as long as it's not dangerous (like riding Rampage on a road bike)
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 The bike is limiting him, though. Anything he does here, he can do bigger, faster, and more fluid on a mountain bike. He's forcing the bike to do something it was not designed for, and is ill equipped to handle. Don't get it twisted. It's a road bike with knobby tires.
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 @bigburd; I agree with you man, it is totally not the bike but the skill of the rider but this is no ordinary road bike though... It is modified beyond belief to be able to do the stunts so people think he is doing it on a road bike. It is pretty much a hard tail mountain bike with a road bar. Sure the bar is not ideal for this kind of stuff but everything else is purpose built with mountain bike parts and I believe it is actually a cycle-cross frame witch has a higher BB and wider forks to be able to fit wider tires so bike is very much built for the terrain that he is riding, but he is a sick rider with mad skillz for sure!!!
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 Proof that you can spend £1000+ on suspension and still have a product inferior to Chris Akrigg's knees
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 The human body is the greatest machine around, there just is no real competition.
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 You have hit the nail on the head there my friend. It matters not what's underneath, only who's on top. That's what determines how far you can go and how much you can do
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 Best machine at riding bikes at least. Not so good at swimming, jumping, or running fast.
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 It's all about the Fox S(h)ox! gotta get myself a pair...
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 Get some proper knees instead; at least they don't need servicing every 1500m.
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 @codfather1234 I read that as 1500mi the first time. 1500m is much funnier (and probably more accurate).
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 Okay this video proves it officially: He aint human
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 Would go and watch an CX race if he was in it, just to see everyone else stare!
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 I'll have to take your word for it...tha music hurt my brains!!!!
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Right! I'm not even impressed. Any Jedi can ride like that.
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 He rides a road bike on a mountain bike trail faster than i ride a mountain bike on a MTB trail
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 He rides a road bike on a mountain bike trail faster than I ride a road bike on a road. Smile
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 Imagine this guy with suspension...
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 Just find him on youtube riding Teocali and you'll be blowed away.
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flag Petair75 (Dec 10, 2014 at 20:24) (Below Threshold)
 This is no ordinary road bike though... It is modified beyond belief to be able to do the stunts. It is pretty much a hard tail mountain bike with rigid fork and a road bar, but he is a sick rider for sure!!!
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 Mongoose sure is luck to have him under their belt.
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 "buy mediocre inexpensive bikes, it doesn't matter since it's all in the rider" haha! great marketing! Just add the disclaimer to please get an LBS or your competent mechanic friend to build it?
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 I think much more than luck. Mongoose/Pacific Cycle/Dorel sure has the cash.

First let me say it is seriously it is nice to see a big money, big volume department store brand paying someone with skills' bills, all joking aside. This guy deserves some serious sponsorship love for his hard work and skill. Hope he gets what he's worth.

Now back to "luck"
...maybe someone higher up at Dorel has great marketing sense and lotsa leeway with $$$$$$$$...

notice: Dorel (cannondale/GT bikes/mongoose) sponsored riders:
Gee Atherton
Rachel Atherton
Dan Atherton
T Mccaul
Hans Rey
Kyle Strait
Jerome Clementz
Greg watts
and more...

I know they are separate companies but being part of a big money conglomerate sure can help get and retain talent, and like i said i bet someone higher up at dorel is encouraging the others to put money behind serious talent for marketing. Just guessin.
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 i now feel seriously inadequate......
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 Wait until you watch the video!!
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 I once tried going up a kerb on my road bike, the result was me standing in the road with aching nuts. Lesson learnt - don't try going over any kind of bump with skinny wheels. Chris however seems to think he can make me look a fool by jumping up walls.
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 Standard awesomeness by Akrigg
  • + 11
 Amazing, but that music...
  • + 2
 looks like some quite good HxC to me
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 the music is great. it's passionate such as chris' riding!
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 This just proves it, 700c, which I believe is closest to 27.5 is the best wheel size. He could never do that on 26" or 29" wheeled CX bike. /end sarc

This is what happens when you get too good at things, in this case CA on a mtn bike, most terrain is too easy. He needed to switch it up to make it challenging. His videos are alway fun to watch. So much skill and such a great eye to see lines that most of us would not be able to see or think doable.
  • + 4
 I know you were being sarcastic, but 700c is identical to 29". Just different terminology for the road vs. mountain crowd.
  • + 11
 700 rim diameter is the same as 29 but if you factor in the teeny weeny cx or road tire then total diameter of a road wheel is about the same as a 27.5 inch wheel...
  • + 2
 700c is the same diameter rim size as a 29in but when you measure the actual diameter it comes out around 26in which is the same as XC mountainbike wheels when people rode XC on 26in...
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 He do also crazy things on his Mongoose Teocali full suspension 26" bike.

So when someone tries to telling me "Common, your full suspensio bike is not for such jumping tricks! It is DIRT STYLE, You will never do it on your full susp mongoose!"
I just answer: f*ck OFF!
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 If there is any revolution I would ever wish to see in wheel size department, it is to move on into 21st century and stop calling wheel sizes by the outer diameter of the tyre. For Fox Sake - How dumb is that?! 402, 559, 584, 622 be my guest but 700c, 650b, 29"? Hans Dampf on 622 rim is not 29" - what is this, penis size approximations?
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 It comes out at 26" when you have a 20mm wide tyre. I'm sure he rides wider tyres than that, coming closer to 27.5 from top to bottom of the tyre.
  • + 1
I totally agree. I've suggested this before! Either in mm or inches.
26in => 559mm or 22in
27.5 => 584mm or 23in
29 =>622mm or 24.5in
We should start using these measurements from now on. Seeing as you are the more well-known pinkbike user (out of both of us) it might start trending or perhaps mention it in a future WAKI leaks.
  • - 1
 So if the matter is in to be precise, then:
559mm is 22.008"
584mm is 22.992"
622mm is 24.448"

assuming the 0.001" round-off and the 1"=25.4mm


are not the same as 559, 584, 622.

Let's use ONLY mm: 559, 584, 622.
But it is already in use, it is ERD.
So who needs precision use ERD, who needs to get quick refering - use inched dimensions of tired wheels.
If now to add inched dimensions of ERD in use it seems will add more missunderstanding, because all use inches refering to tired wheels and ERD - untired.
" Oh, 22" is unusualy small wheels! "
and so on

Where the revolution here ?

How about to use the REAL EXTERNAL DIAMETER - R.E.D. of the PARTICULAR rim ? Smile
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Rounded the ERD in inches to the nearest 0.5in so my mistake was saying 622mm=24.5 rather than 24.4in.
I fail to see the point in "quick referencing of tired wheels". If we are talking about wheel size then we are talking rim diameter and thus we should use ERD just like other wheeled vehicles. At the moment the confusion comes from wrongly saying a 559/22 wheel is 26in when in fact it varies from 26in for a semi slick 1.9x22 to over 27in with a 2.8x22. The same goes for other wheelsizes. Real External Diameter of "x" tired wheel is interesting but would require a lot of data. It will remain in the realm of bike geeks like myself and not too interesting to the average Joe.
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 You guys are talking about ISO/ETRTO, not ERD... ERD stands for Effective Rim Diameter - a measurement for nipple bead given by manufacturers to establish correct spoke length. Each rim has a different one.
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 Oh, sorry, yes - ETRTO.
ERD - "The effective rim diameter, the length measured as the diameter across the rim, minus the length of two of the nipple heads that connect the rim to the spokes."
My mistake. But it not changing the matter.

"...but would require a lot of data"
But adding in use "other" inched numbers ETRTO 22, 22.9, 24.4 along with milimeters 559, 584, 622 is "a lot of data" already and will not make things better because it will mess with other inched 22, 24 etc used for TIRED wheels Smile

WAKI, Actually it is you talking about this. Isn't you started it ? Smile
If i'm wrong, please, explain then what did you talked about.

Because me personally do not see the problem in using inched numbers for tired wheels and millimeters for ETRTO.

Just measured SpeedDisk 26". The 559mm appears somwhere "inside" the rim, because the outer diameter is about 568mm
The inside diameter is about 534mm.
But the official ETRTO stands for 19-559 and ERD is 540
I guess the ETRTO 559 stands for the length between the 2 points on diameter where the 2nd wall is attached.
It is equal for all rims in 26" class.
The bead walls can be differrent, the inner diameter can be differrent, so ERD too.

Seems we need to know the history to understand why these numbers was taken in use and what to do in future.

But frankly speaking, this discussion will not change anything, just because WE ARE NOT manufacturers. Smile
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 Oh, yeah, ETRTO is [tire section width - bead seat diameter].
BSD is the diameter of the tire beads and rim bead seats.
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I need to add:
>...not too interesting to the average Joe.
For avarage Joe there is already 26" 27.5" 29"
  • + 1
 The reason we started talking about this is because 26/27.5/29 is misleading and incorrect. So it would make more sense to give the real diameter of the rim. By the way 559mm is the diameter of where the tire seats (BSD) not the overall diameter of the rim. Some rims have taller walls than other but the seating diameter has to be the same or else the tire won't fit (just like WAKI mentioned)! Thus all 559mm rims are 559mm at the seating diameter.
We've recently started using inside rim width rather than overall rim width which also far more accurate. You can have two 25mm inside width rims with different outside widths due to sidewall thickness. However, both will give the same tire profile.
22, 23 and 24.4 is not more data it is just a replacement of the old, so if tire manufacturers start labeling their tires 22x2.35 or 559x60 (for say a Schwalbe magic mary 26x2.35) then there won't be any confusion. It would be much better than using the actual diameter of the tire plus rim : 680x60 for the that same tire whilst the Muddy Mary 26x2.5 would be 690x65!
I personally shall start using BSDxtire width when talking about tires and BSD when talking about wheels and rims. Anyone what to join in?
  • + 1
 >22, 23 and 24.4 is not more data it is just a replacement of the old
>so if tire manufacturers start labeling their tires 22x2.35 ***OR 559x60 ***
***It is already everywhere long ago.***
I have WTB VelocyRaptor, Kenda Small Black 8 and several other tires where the (tire width - ETRTO) is written.
Just holding now the 29" Fuclrum Red Power wheel with 2.1" Kenda Small Block 8 and it reads: (54-622) then 29x2.1 (700x54c)
What to ask more ? Smile
And as for me, I always seek ETRTO when I need to know the reality. Inched - only for quick referal purposes: 26" wheels or 29" wheels, etc.

So I just do not understand what is the revolution to use the ETRTO whe it is already in use long time.

22, 23, 24.4 - are more confusing, at least for now, because you'll never know what is it about: tired or untired.
So it needs additional note: 22ut, 23ut, 24.4ut
How would you differentiate 22x2.35 with 26x2.35 in the matter of tire or without?
"Oh, there ir no such wheels 22"! " Why ? Smile

Seems like the essense is the millimeters now shows the precise dimensions and inches are for referal purposes(or average Joe).
So I wouldn't want to add yet more rounded-off inched numbers in this all.
If we want to be precise let's be precise and use only millimeters. Or leave it all like it is.
But let's do not make the things worse.

>I personally shall start using BSDxtire width when talking about tires and BSD when talking about wheels and rims. Anyone what to join in?
I'm in.
Seems like ther is no problem and no need in any "revolution".
It is all given long ago in ETRTO-width.
  • + 1
 How about fork and frame manufacturers ?
29-er frame(fork) or 622er ?
Niner or...oh my god....Smile )))
  • + 1
First I'll start with your last question. I think you could either call it a 622 fork or a 24.4 fork. or heck a 24 if you want to round down to whole inches. Yeah it sounds weird but that is only because we are used to saying 29iner
Now onto the rest. I am aware that many tires already have 559x60 written on them in small print. I'm suggesting that it should become more prominent. I don't think it is at all confusing seeing as we are always talking about untired measurements. Like I said before a 559x65 Schwalbe Muddy Mary isn't 26in in diameter it is over 27in yet it is still labeled 26x2.5 (it isn't even 2.5 but that is another story). I want accuracy. Maxxis new tires are now 2.4 and actually 2.4 whereas before their 2.5 was 2.3 and their 2.35 was 2.1.
>How would you differentiate 22x2.35 with 26x2.35 in the matter of tire or without?
Just write tire or rim after it!
>"Oh, there ir no such wheels 22"! " Why ?
All 559mm are 22" but you meant "22in" and actually it does exist. In BMX:
I have no problem using just mm I only mentioned inches to make it easier for people more familiar with the imperial system of measurements.
  • + 1
 - Six hundred and twenty two_er fork. (dont forget about the travel in mm)
- Twenty four point four_er fork.
- Twenty nine fork.
- Niner fork
- Sixer fork
Choose yours.

Obviously the best is ETRTO(BSD)-Width in mm. And it's already long in use.
Just the problem in some manufacturers, like you mentioned, writing non-actual numbers for god only know reasons.

If I made the tires - all would be in millimeters with 0.01mm tolerance! Smile Only ETRTO-width on the tire!
Want more ? look in the manual were everything else is given - just as much measure as possible!

But I'm not.

If they indeed add yet inched numbers for ETRTO-width along with everything what already is being written I will laugh a lot. Smile ))
And what I beleive they never take off millimeters numbers, because they are much more precise and real.
Inches are always wanted to be rounded-off. Smile Otherwise, you mess with too much fractions.

I'm off on it. It all just about nothing.
  • + 4
 turns out all you need for good suspension is a pair of Knees - wicked riding as ever from Chris, who, makes it look far too easy but, as we know - it bloody aint - !!!!
  • + 1
 riding my cx bike over roots like that occasionally, and on very potholed bridleways makes me appreciate my suspension oh so much more.
  • + 1
 Amazing video and riding! It is always a pleasure to watch Chris ride.

But what was the deal with that terrible suicidal music? I had to mute it after one minute because it was so terrible! Please never do this to us again! We want positivism and inspiration from your riding, not suicidal crap.
  • + 2
 I was wondering "why"? It doesn't look like fun. It does make a good point that the bike doesn't matter much if you got the skillz, though.
  • + 2
 For real, though. It's super impressive, but it's a square peg in a round hole. My back hurts watching it. The moves he's doing require leverage that his body is in the wrong position for. That he can overcome it makes it more impressive, but still the question is why? What Chris can do on a CX bike is sick, but pales in comparison to what he can do on a mountain bike. Frankly, I'd much rather watch the latter.
  • + 2
 All this talk about the right tires ,the right geometry ,the best fork. Shut the up and ride your bike! Have fun! Thats the right stuff.
  • + 2
 How does mongoose get to sponsor this guy? Last time I checked their site they don't even sell half of what he rides. They must make custom bikes just so he can be awesome.
  • + 4
 just not in our country
  • + 1
 He rides the twocali frame we have here I think, as opposed to the horstlink one in GB.
  • + 1
 How? Because money.
Because they sell more bikes than just about anyone else. Because Schwinn, Mongoose and Instep.
Thats how.
  • + 1
 Money can be had from other sources, though I guess the eclectic mix og available bikes from mongoose, combined with the showy quality of his riding makes it a good fit.
  • + 2
 Plenty of other sources of gear and money but it should be no surprise that mongoose can afford to pay talent. I was more surprised at that they were smart enough to offer him something worth his time.
  • + 2
 SRAM needs to sponsor this guy with their new CX1 grouppo...not that other racer guy. Dude has immense power from a dead stop.
  • + 2
 Seeing videos like this make me feel soooo lame. Amazing rider. Trails look like fun.
  • + 3
 Chris is an awesome rider but CX this is like watching Tour De France
  • + 2
 As soon as Chris gets on any form or bike, disciplines just FUCK right off!!!! love ittt and go go go go Chris!
  • + 4
 god damn that song
  • + 3
 Got a lot better when I hit "mute".
  • + 3
 absolute legend, his fitness level must be through the roof
  • + 1
 I have always thought Chris would a be a pretty cool pro to get a beer with. Then drug his beer and steal his blood to do genetic testing to become superhuman...
  • + 1
 Bloody hell!! I love watching Chris's movies although i find them both inspirational AND demorilising,-i rekon hed outride me on my local trails on a recumbent !!
  • + 3
 That bike is like, "KILL ME NOW, PLEASE."
  • + 2
 Once again. Chris comes along to show you how to ride your discipline like a boss. Unnatural talent.
  • + 2
 Chris Akrigg... A one man marketing strategy!
  • + 1
 It was filmed in Ireland, wasn't it? I think I reconized a part of a trail in Carlingford but I'm not sure.
  • + 2
 Anything Chris does I'm Watching, always amazing.
  • + 1
 Is the "singer" pissed off that his throat cancer surgery wasn't successful?
  • + 1
 I hate that song ..its on his trial nior dvd aswell the waynio section I think I dno how waynio snuck on there either lol
  • + 1
 Du cyclo-cross engagé, façon mal au cul, et mal au mollet en fin de journée à ce rythme... belle démonstration!
  • + 1
 Wal-mart sells just went up....
  • + 1
 BuySell: Slightly used CX wheelset. May need truing.
  • + 1
 hook me up with a mongoose cx bike!
  • + 1
 here i am thinking i need i need a full suspension lol
  • + 1
 CX again? Nobody got time for that.
  • + 1
 It is always a treat to watch Chris A's video.... keep it coming.
  • + 1
 Does any one know what trail system this is shot on?
  • + 1
 That hop at 2:12 needs to be on endless loop. Flawless.
  • + 1
 If only he was sponsored by someone other than Mongoose.
  • + 10
 I like that he is sponsored by mongoose, they make a bunch of different bikes he can shred on (imagine if he was sponsored by a trials bike manufacturer, you wouldn't get the same variety in the videos) and it goes to show that you don't need a top of the line $10,000 bike to show up just about every rider in the world.
  • + 2
 Yeah I just checked the price of the bike he was riding, $1500. I want to say they upgraded some components (brakes) but it's still an aluminum frame and fork. Goes to show you how much comes from the rider.
  • + 2
 all rounder..
  • + 1
 some of this is filmed right near me! yorkshire!
  • + 0
 Fox socks, yet not a single bit of travel. Who cares, eh? It's some killer riding!
  • + 12
 sorry you misspelled that, Its Fox Sox.
  • + 1
 nah, faux sucks.
  • + 0
 fix sick
  • + 2
 The sick sixth Sheikh's sixth sheep's sick.
  • + 1
 Inhuman. Dude is amazing!
  • + 1
 But why! Cos he can I suppose.
  • + 1
 great riding skills, really bad taste in music, dammm.
  • + 1
 do you reckon he gets many flat tyres?
  • + 1
  • + 1
 That's FLOW!
  • + 0
 simply brilliant.. V.O.D. for sure.
  • + 1
 Is this #enduro?
  • + 1
 What a boss. Sick edit
  • + 0
 I like those zero suspension films. please more of real biking!
  • + 1
 This guy is clunkin
  • + 1
 This guy is brave
  • + 1
 Like bmx tour de France.
  • + 0
 Amazing biking skills, brilliant riding, but dude....... get a mtb....
  • + 1
 For sure, it would be more confortable for our eyes Wink
  • + 1
 jeweler !!! Smile
  • + 0
 Which pair of five-tens is he wearing???? No idea, and I'm still sold!
  • + 1
 Epic legend right there.
  • + 0
 SIck vid. Why was the Band so angry?
  • + 1
 the music
  • + 1
 It's like getting stabbed in your ears for almost 5 minutes... :/
  • + 0
 Another proof that bigger wheels roll better over stuff. Nobody can deny.
  • + 1
 sooo… go get 29er if you want your sexuality to begin questioned Big Grin
  • - 1
 Fox in the opening credits.....thats awkward
  • + 0
  • + 0
 Simply the BEST!
  • - 2
 So lame. Thank god the music didnt suck.
  • + 2
 We got a bad ass over here.
  • + 7
 Good luck schofel, long long ago someone tried to get positive props using sarcasm, may he rest in peace under the line. You are young and full of hope may the gods of pinkbike be with you
  • - 1
 Yeahhh about that ... I wasnt being sarcastic. CX is dumb. The guy can obviously ride but for christs sake, take one of those huge wheels 1800's bikes and do trials. Same thing.
  • + 1
 then you are doomed
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