Video: Chris Akrigg Searches for Unrideable Lines in Scotland

Mar 12, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesTrial bike legend Chris Akrigg is a man of an exquisite taste when it comes to bikes and ways of using these beautiful machines. Same could be said for the Tillmann Brothers when it comes to filming bikers & choosing places to film them. Therefore it is not hard to imagine that joining forces & travelling to Scotland resulted in an absolute banger of a segment in The Old World Movie.

As with any of these endeavours, so much more has happened than one gets so embrace in the final product. Every mouth-watering shot presented a unique challenge for both sides of the camera lens & countless failed attempts. It is not rare that documenting the process itself results in a Behind the Scenes video as entertaining as the real deal. Luckily for us, the crew in the Scottish Highlands had this covered.

The Old World is the first dedicated European bike movie that is bridging the gap between mountain bike and BMX riding but also between action sport movies and feature films. 4 years in the making, The Old World touches down at a number of unique European locations - from the remote fjords of Norway & majestic Scottish highlands, to rough alpine singletrack and the magical metropolis of Paris - the team travelled for two years to portrait the rich continental riding landscape and its biking stars.
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 For the love of God stop cutting to a different shot every 1 x 10^-6 seconds! Beautiful scenery, wish I could have seen him complete a line though.
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 Watched this on Redbull on Roku awhile ago...great riding ruined by over done editing.
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 Like a Michael Bay movie where you almost see what is going on.
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 It's a behind the scenes, watch the film if you want to see him complete the lines.
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 very annoying indeed.
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 @dingus: So why is it not titled "Behind the scenes: Chris Akrigg etc.."
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 @ReubenSandwich: Ask the person who wrote the article and titled the video. From the quote under the video "It is not rare that documenting the process itself results in a Behind the Scenes video as entertaining as the real deal. Luckily for us, the crew in the Scottish Highlands had this covered."
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 I guess you´ll have to watch The Old World Movie for that as this was a BTS. ;P
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 @dingus: I thought the video was ok. Plus I now know that the BMW X1 has two electric tailgates - upper and lower. And I also learned that drones are now controlled through VR headsets. I quite fancy a go with one myself.
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 First Chris Akrigg Vid ei didn‘t enjoy. Over-edited, over-bombastic music, over-everything. Less is more sometimes. These Tillman productions seem to showcase their filming more than the riding.
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 So true!
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 @cxfahrer: This is a behind the scenes - on how they shot his riding.
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flag barbarosza (Mar 12, 2021 at 16:29) (Below Threshold)
 @neimbc: I dont want to see a behing the scenes.f*ck that shit. I dont care how they earn their money. In my free time I want instant porn.
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 @barbarosza: So you're moaning because you watched a video that you didn't want to watch?
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 Yes. Obviously the T-bros are overdoing it, trying their best to be the next Anthill.
I get it, but they have crossed the line here advertising themselves too much.
Showcasing their high tech equipment and team work is one thing but combined with the whole,
" I found a line for Chris Akrigg " sent it over the edge. I imagine that Redbull choose the T-bros and set up the whole thing for Chris. Chris said himself that the first day was hard getting these guys to understand his style.
Looks like T-bros are cool guys working hard and I hope they take all the comments here and go back and re-edit that video with proper respect to one of the greatest riders on the planet.
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 @DDoc: You nailed it. Proper technical riding aka every akrigg content unfortunately presented in cliché Redbull ad template style. Sometimes less is more, get your cues from cinematography. Pauses and "slow edits" are not wasted time.
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 Yet another video ruined by an over enthusiastic drone driver keen to stamp their mark on the edit. Too much scene swapping and spinning and swinging around to allow focus on what the video is actually about. I couldn't keep up and in the end stopped viewing after a minute or two.
Couldn't get the vibe of the video. Was it a behind the scenes or was it a focus edit?
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 The Editing is. Really Bad. Shots Jump. Around. Too Much
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 What everybody else is saying here. Over edited. When you watch some older, longer films like Seasons or Roam you really sink into those moments because the shot length is much longer. It's like these newer school edits are designed for people with 5 millisecond attention spans. Some of the Semenuk ninja trick videos are straight up disorienting.
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 'My name is Chris Aykrig' sorry, what? I never realised there was a hidden 'y' in there! Then the first non-Akrigg comes along 'nice to be working with Chris Akrigg' aaaaah, so everyone pronounces his name wrong, not just me. Even those he's working with...
Maybe Chris says his own name wrong?
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 Haha, came here to say the same thing.
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 That he never corrects anyone who says it wrong is the funniest thing. Which is pretty much everyone.
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 I noticed too. Sounds like he pronounces it with a long A, like in the word Acre.
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 Hey guys thanks for all the feedback. Good and mostly Wink bad. Notes are taken.
To put it a bit into context. This is a behind-the-scenes meaning the filmmaking is a big part of it (as the name says) and the riding is then shown in the movie. We got the feedback though but please consider the actual nature of a behind-the-scense as its not a riding clip. Obviously that has nothing to do with the editing feedback you guys are giving.
Cheers guys
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 4:37...thought for a second this was a Disney movie with the phallic mushroom.
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 I see a video, that will have Chris Akrigg. I'm in for treat.
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 I'm way better at finding lines that I can't ride than he is.
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 Sick stuff, i love the behind the scenes glimpse. it shows how many talents are combined to make something like this.
And Chris, with his skills and humble approach, such a fun rider to watch! really good stuff.

Yes, i love Chris' more 'basic" videos, definitely, But this is brilliant as well.
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 Made me laugh when he talked about the "variety of weather conditions in the UK", then said where he grew up it was constantly wet! UK weather comes in two forms - shit and shitter.
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 WTF was this garbage?
I love Chris' riding and have been a fan since Earthed 3. I turned this off, It should be renamed "Chris Akrigg searches for an unwatchable video". IDAF about who or what the no-name production guys are doing, shut up, roll film and let his riding tell the story.

Chris, mate, stick to the self edits. You have more talent in that field than this whole production crew of losers!
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 sick riding! when it comes to filming it seems to be the same story as in the old world movie. I's a classic mistake, boys getting lost within too many possibilities of their toys. Instead of thinking about how to show the amazing riding as an entertaining sequence, it seems they are trying to pull all camera moves they know at once out of their bag.

Less and more subtle moving and running around would help. same goes for the editing. There are some cool shots but the final product is not solid.

It's definitely nice to have all the fancy gear but that doesn't make a good clip or a movie. Maybe a less technical approach and a better plan how to shoot & link all these shots together would help.
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 Been a huge fan since his brakeless trials videos. Ride natural brakeless is still unbelievable to me.
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 "An edit about an edit is my favourite kind of edit." — said exactly no-one ever.
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 moan moan's free content, it's Chris Akrigg STFU. I'd watch him post a letter.
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 Can we just have a simple but epic Chris Akrigg/Alex Rankin edit? I had to stop watch this, it was far less about the riding
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 Must be hard for Chris Akrigg to find un ride-able lines since he can ride stuff that no one else can ?
Would be interesting to know if Chris could have edited it better though?
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 Everything Chris does is ace, I recognise the Ben Nevis trail from Miles Mallisons clips too I think?
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 Every time I watch anything with or by Chris, all I want to do next is go ride.......except I dont have 1/16th of the skill
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 4:40 Total Penis mushroom shot.
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 totally surprised this wasn't mentioned already!
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 Penis envy?
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 doing shrooms?
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 @danfromabove: nope; mushroom envy.
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 literally called a Phallus impudicus
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 @jys808y: Good to know!
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 Maybe all their cameras are broken and auto-pause after half a second. They've done a pretty good job of editing all those tiny snippets of footage together!
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 Breaking news; Chris uses tubes!!!
Oh, and he needs some new socks; time for his sponsors to step up! ;-)
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 Yep, I stopped the vid (as I wasn't interested in Behind the scenes vids) but it would be interesting to see a riding vidéo out of this !
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 Looking forward to this edit!
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 Chris Akrigg searches for unrideable lines....... he found them.
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 Props to the film crew, great cinematic videography, and nice to see some behind the scenes. I don't think a lot of people understand how much effort goes into production or short videos, not to mention the cost of the equipment (especially the Arri gear).

Well done. Looking forward to seeing the final cut.
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 It's been long out - go to his channel
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 @neimbc: Is it possible to watch Akrigg's segment anywhere, i can't see it on his youtube channel?
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 @Cord1: I can't find it now! I watched it about 2 weeks ago on his channel - must be some snafu and they took it down. Sucks - all these guys here bitching about this video too - Maybe they want to put this out first to generate buzz?.
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 Talk about Chris akrigg, why his videos on yt get less viewers than Danny? Or even wibmer? It's weird..
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 How the hell do you make a lame Akrigg video?
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 Bad edit, not much riding...
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 Ha ha, happy to see you at 4:38!
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 You guys should do a how to not look like a complete jerry podcast/video
For example not wearing that detachable bell helmet

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