Video: Christening the Forbidden Dreadnought in Nelson, BC

Feb 3, 2021
by ForbiddenBike  

Throughout maritime history, ceremonial ship launching has been the process of transferring a vessel to the water. A naval tradition dating back thousands of years and a considerable engineering test for a new ship. Inspired by the warships behind its designation, known for their unrivalled speed and firepower, we wanted to apply the same logic to our latest vessel; Dreadnought. With this in mind, we ventured from our island home to the rugged peaks of Nelson BC and the steepest, loamiest slopes of the central Kootenays...

Bring the big guns, bring the Dreadnought, and FEAR NOTHING.

Presented by: Forbidden Bike Co.

Director & Editor: Calvin Huth.
Featuring: Thomas Doyle, resident test rider and Forbidden Synthesis EWS Team Manager.
Produced by: Stephane Pelletier and Owen Pemberton.
Colorist: Calvin Huth.
Post-production Sound: Calvin Huth.
Photography: Liam Wallace.
Special Thanks: Nelson's trail builders, Smith Optics, Ride Concepts and RideNF.

"Private Reserve"
Written by: Shea Morgan
Preformed by: Standard Issue Pleasure Model.

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 I've gotta say, I liked seeing the rider bail during the edit. Shows that these dudes are still mortal but it's the slam and ability to get back up and thrash that makes them truly impressive. If I hit the deck, I rider softer than wet toilet paper for the rest of the day.
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 I find I actually have a bit more confidence if I crash and don't injure myself. I guess I figure the fear goes away since it was fine the first time I crashed.
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 @Simosis: I used to have a superstition with inline skating about getting the first crash out the the way. It's also interesting how wearing some kneepads boosts confidence, knowing that if I fall I'll likely be ok.
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 That was a heavy slam. Looked like he was hauling ass.
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 Please work with Levy and Homer Simpson on the next model: The Forbidden Donut. thx
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 Crazy outtake at the end with the bike almost falling out of the board. Hah!

I love this bike... but I'm a little underwhelmed by what I've see of the graphics so far. The Druid top tube with the runes/sigils on it was just so freaking cool and clean looking. I'd like to see something similar on the Dreadnaught.
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 definitely worth watching until the very end lol
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 That Dreadnought almost sunk your dinghy!
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 Caught them filming some of this early one morning late last season, bike looked great in person. Glad it’s finally released. Props for including the crash @1minute too.
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 looked good in person didn't it
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 Cool bike that finally dropped

Arc'Teryx Atom LT jacket? Confirmed BC video
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 Forbidden Synthesis EWS team? What's that!?
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 That's how you launch a product
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 Love the Queen Elizabeth cameo.
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 Proper music would have been 80's Ministry or Sex Pistols. Maybe Megadeath Peace Sells?

Love the bike, just tried to order a frame, no dice....
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 Contact Fanatik Bike, they're taking pre-orders for April-May arrival. That's the soonest they'll be available in the US.
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 @salespunk I was thinking something really dreadnaughty, like Bolt Thower’s ‘world eater’
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 This was fantastic! I miss Nelson greatly. That wonderful looking ladder drop to nice step-up....that wouldn't happen to be some nice new work done on Sitkum, would it?
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 That bike must be a tank(or a boat in this case) the droid already punch above is number so cant imagine how good this bike must feel.
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 @leon-forfar, There are many locals that don't own a dh bike at all.
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 Totally! You can definitely ride most things there on a trail bike, but you definitely can't let loose in the same way you can on a dh bike. My buddy who lives there had a Bronson, but swapped out to a Nomad for more plowability and less fatigue for big days (and he's a damn good rider). It is pretty cool how many people in Nelsons have a DH bike as the primary though. Something you don't see in a lot of places.
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 Bike is beautiful but massive props to the music too, vocalist has such a unique voice
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 This makes me want to shred so bad! Well done @ForbiddenBike You guys killed it with this bike! Any updates on when they'll be available? Can't wait to get on one
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 Made my day! Can we have bike releases on a daily basis going forward?
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 I just sold my Sentinel to pay for school...I'm having serious bike lust with this thing. I want it.
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 When’s the review on the 1899 $ Aluminum frame
Model ?
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 Guys on their 170 bike: Wait what, how much travel?
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 Look like my new bike fellas!! Hop on and hold on!!
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 This Christ thing has some legs on it.
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 Who took a swim to salvage the bike?
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 Looks like a fun one. And also looks like the exact bike kaz has now.
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 Bad ass edit!
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 Visuals:10 Song: 6.5
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