Video: Christian Rigal Gets Rad on His eMTB

Feb 12, 2024
by Sarah Moore  

Creative stunts and lots of fun corners.

bigquotesSpecialized is proud to present Christian Rigal’s latest video, aboard his go-to mountain bike, the Turbo Levo. His passion for riding, sharing his love for the sport with anyone he encounters, and giving back to the community through trail building is reason enough to get behind what he’s doing, and Specialized is here for it. Enjoy his latest video.Specialized

bigquotesFor this video I wanted to build some rad stuff that would be fun to lap, and show how capable and nimble these bikes really are! Thanks to the shire boys for crushing the builds, and my homie Jeremy McNamara for killing it on the filming and editing! Hope this gets you hyped to go ride.Christian Rigal

Film/Edit: Jeremy Mcnamara- @Jeremymcnamara_
Build: Shire Built, Scotty Scamehorn, Spencer Baldwin, Christian Rigal
Sound: Keith White
Artist: The f*cking Champs
Songs: What's a Little Reign, A Forgotten Chapter in the History of Ideas
Label: Drag City, Inc
Photos: Satchel Cronk

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  • 18 0
 Some good building and riding right there.
  • 4 0
 Good? This was awesome!!! Both of it.
  • 18 3
 Best bike ever! Thanks for the share!
  • 9 0
 E-bikes are too heavy to be fun…see?
  • 7 0
 I love my turbo levo! It is fun af to jump too, the heavier weight down low makes whips feel so good in a weird way. Then I get back on my Demo and it feels like a bmx!
  • 1 0
 Best bike!
  • 7 1
 probably the most impressive and creative riding what so for awhile. Pure happiness.
  • 6 0
 How'd he get up in the tree??
  • 19 0
 it's an ebike, they climb anything
  • 2 0
 @ahhsit: It also Levotates.
  • 3 1
 I expected eBike techy stuff goin uphill an such.
Why even mention he's on an ebike? He's riding bikes just like any regular bike. Just that he is carrying a battery out of no reason for this type of riding Big Grin

Riding is good tho Wink
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 Thanks! I just wanted to make a fun video that shows what these bikes can do on the way down.. I think by now its been made clear that an e bike will get you up the hill at ease! Having a battery on the way down is for when I need to get back up the hill 10 more times to lap until I cant move
  • 3 2
 Love them or hate them, he was absolutely ripping. I know someone who rides an eBike because he can get more laps on it because he is older. He's 55-56 and still shreds way harder than I do (almost 1Cool .
  • 5 2
 I can’t wait for the kids to light it up with a bunch of brake-drag “cutties.”
  • 1 0
 More rear wheel tail slides than you can shake a stick at. Dirt Surfing Goodness.
  • 2 2
 Or is it for dweebs that either don't know how to use the filter then click on an eeb article just to be a troll.
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  • 1 0
 sick looking trail though
  • 1 0
 No no no!
E-bikes , um, I mean motos suck and are not fun yada yada….
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 YES!!!! Mr. Rigal !!!! so rad - Keep up the hard work
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 Speed goatee
  • 4 7
 Why even use an E-bike, vid was all downhill.....
  • 8 1
 I assume the point of any E-Bike video is at this point to show that they can shred downhill. We know they can go uphill- who wants to watch that? What regular mountain bikers are probably hesitant on still is "yea, but am I sacrificing my fun going downhill with all this talk about 'riding more in less time'?" So there you go, Rigal shreds it good.
Showcasing the basic function of E-Bikes going uphill was the goal 5 years ago. Showing that "they're basically the same going down now" is the goal of marketing now.
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 Never ridden a trail that only goes down.. How do you get back up!?
  • 3 1
 Your Mensa application has been denied.
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 @ChristianRigal: Downhill trails only go down. Those are the rules.
  • 3 6
 Oxymoron in the title
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 You must be super core eh, bruh?!
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