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Video: Christina Chappetta Interviews Pinkbike Academy Winner Evan Wall

Dec 26, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

Christina catches up with Pinkbike Academy winner, Evan Wall, to find out what life looks like and what his plans for the future are.


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 Besides being impressive on a bike, Evan seems like a genuine all-round quality person. Nice to see good things happen to good people. Wish him all the continued success that he certainly deserves.
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 I thought the same thing the whole way through the competition. Good luck Evan!
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 Bromance Reveal.
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 Evan Wall is one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. He will rip your legs off dawn till dusk and give you more high fives and fist bumps than you thought was humanly possible. Thanks for keeping the stoke in mountain biking Evan!!!
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 It reminds me of Kelly Mcgarry. Same look, same vibe, good memories.
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 Christina really is a class act. This was well shot , presented and interviewed.
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 I came here to say the same thing. As an interviewer she has a more consistent attitude and demeanor than others I've seen previously, and lets her subject open up much more. It shows great progress. Evan is a class act too. Looking forward to seeing him rip in 2021.
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 “What you see is what you get.” A perfect description and a genuine compliment.
Congrats again Evan. Looking forward to you ripping past me on a trail someday.
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 Wow, he seems very mature and down to earth for being that young. Well deserved win. Good luck and no injuries for upcoming season Evan.
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 A good lad that one. We never really were introduced; but, never the less, the first time I met Evan was on a group ride (this group ride involved a veritable shit-ton bikers) at Moose Mountain summit a couple-three years ago. On the descent, everyone had to spread out into the rocky bramble due to sheer numbers. Sharp rocks snapping at tires, and -- that's when Evan got a puncture. I can't recall if he had a CO2 or not, but he did end up using the pump I offered. Sealant and strips of t-shirt later, Evan and his main man Alex, and some other young rowdies, had buggered off down the trail.

It's pretty cool to see you follow your dreams, Evan. Having the balls to quit your job is a case in point. I'll be rooting ferya this season, buddy.
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 A deserving winner, congrats Evan all the best in 2021
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 Can't wait to see your edits with Orbea!
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 Definitely going to be watching Evan this next year, hopefully. He definitely deserves it and really did come off as authentic and genuine compared to some of the other contestants. I can see why he doesn't get any online haters haha. Wishing him he best!!
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 Really satisfying as a viewer to see Evan take the win. My daughter and I watched together every week and enjoyed all the competitors, but at the end of the day I think I'm most stoked to see what Evan can do with this opportunity. Well done to the whole crew that put this together and especially to the judges.
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 Just the "Tom-bo" quip alone proves they picked the right person. Big Grin
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 Down to earth Revy overwhelming. Congrats, and all the best! Look forward to watching you shred for Orbea!
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 Why are they still using that elimination format? It’s run it’s course (no pun). Why not just use the point system like a real race series? Each contestant accumulates points for every challenge and the most wins. It would be more interesting to watch if they all competed to the end. As opposed to creating drama by eliminations.
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 I mean, the guy quit his job for this, pretty fair to me Besides he deserved to win
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 Christina Chappetta's bright and chirpy attitude will get us through our seasonal depression.
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 Low key wearing a Smith helmet
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 Great job Christina...Good luck Evan!
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 Need to get him some fox racing pants
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 Also noticed he had a Smith helmet?
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 Canadian (nicer) version of Spicoli. "Danger is my business".
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 We luv u Evan!!!’ ????????????
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 Wait. My nickname in high school was Spicoli. Knew I liked Evan!!!
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 Wishing Evan and all Pinkbikers a successful and happy 2021!
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 Does anybody know what glasses Christina is wearing?
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 Smith Wildcat, I'm pretty sure.
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 so glad he won and not that cocky guy ben
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 Hope you catch some sweet loam waves on your continuing adventure!!
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 Good luck Evan, happy shredding ????
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 Nice work Studly!!!
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 saw that one coming
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 Ivy wont be pleased
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 Woah! Spoiler alert headline
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 We gave y’all a week but we’re still a media site...
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flag TheSherpa12 (Dec 26, 2020 at 20:30) (Below Threshold)
 Seriously, still working through a few episodes i haven’t had a chance to watch yet. I guess I’ll stop wasting time on that now...

Could’ve just not included the winner’s name in the title.
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 @TheSherpa12: looks like you'll have to find something else to whine about because noone gives a shit.

I love how these people think that these sites are supposed to revolve around their schedule lmao like seriously?
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