Video: Claudio's Course Preview - XC World Championships Vallnord 2015

Sep 4, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 hahaha this was awesome. If you want to know how gnarly it feels to race XC:
- Go to the top of a moderately technical downhill
- Do jump squats for about 90 seconds while breathing through a straw. If your arms aren't numb, you're doing it wrong.
- Hop on the bike and try to pin it!

Glad to see Claudio getting a little piece of the sufferfest. This video was massively entertaining. Course looks super fun!
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 Or you could just go and ride a XC course!
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 Yeah, but I think he was talking about doing something fun Wink
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 @HankBizzle lol yeah but if you take it easy up the climbs you're missing out on all the fun Smile This way you can be sure full sloppiness is achieved.
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 More like jump squats for 30 minutes.
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 And, most important part: get your seatpost as high as somehow possible on the downhills.
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flag kubaner (Sep 4, 2015 at 12:44) (Below Threshold)
 Not even Claudio can make XC look fun.
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 "- What happened? I thought that was the attack.

- That was a fake one."

Haha awesome.
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 Claudio Clauriori, you're letting us how does it feel ride with Pro in DH and XC preview. Can we watch an inside view of run XC with Nino, Absalon, Fumic, Jolanda Neff, please Claudio ¡¡
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 I would love to see Claudio try and keep up with Jolanda on a XC bike with his seat jacked.
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 I'd like to attack but I'm too tired! .... well that's what I've been telling my wife after our 20th year of marriage.
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 I Think Claudio was enjoying the view he had in front of him to much to "attack"..
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 "I know you are going to smoke me..." What a line to use, Claudio is a Legend!
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 after the race Wink
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 I wouldn't mind being smoked by her Wink
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 "Tell me how I suck"...."You do suck!"
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 "She is attacking!"
"This isn't an attack"
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 "You think this is fun? - Oh, yea! - NOO! " Big Grin lol. Claudio is a great guy.
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 Let's wait for trial course review from Claudio Smile
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 Brilliant Claudio... It has to be said, racing XC is hard, believe me... multi-lap back to back with 15 degree climbs and steeper will test the resolve of any sportsman, add in super techy tight descents, roots and rocks and you have an average XC course... and you'll be riding for 50-60km...
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 I began my MTB life in the XC world. Nothing but respect for those guys and gals...takes a certain kind to even compete at any level, let alone elite.

I'm happy in my DH/FR world these days, thank you! Smile
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 He did pretty well keeping up but I have a feeling she took it easy on him.
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 you got chicked!!!!!
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 Next time with Emily please
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 He's ours!
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 Golden! Claudio can even make XC fun. Keep at it!
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 well, officially XCers have a different definition for fun. I'm in awe of how fit those guys are.
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 Best xc course preview I've ever seen, those normal ones with the pros commenting a lap are lame
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 To be honest I didn't expect too much of this, since I though 'how exciting can an XC trail be'? But this video was freaking awesome, laughed so much about it and really enjoyed watching it. Please do more XC videos aswell in the future Claudio, this was so much fun to watch.
It's safe to say Claudio is funny, doesn't matter in what situation you put him..
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 Best one yet and im only 2 mins in, this is better than the DH course previews!
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 Is that because of Erin? hahahah
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 She seems like a fun gal, that's for sure Big Grin
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 "You think this is fun?"

Claudio is brilliant.
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 The course looks like jolly good fun, and geting kicked in the butt by a constantly smiling fit woman is not a bad way to pass the day!
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 i hate to say it but this course preview is lot fun compared to the DH ones. so many punch lines from claudio, was LOL'd so many times, LOL! hopefully she does one with emily batty.
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 My pulse started racing, just from watching that. Damn XC is gnarly, my pulse wuold be at least 280 too if I had to do that, and talk!
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 Claudio all the things!
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 Claudio for president!
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 next time, EMILY BATTY!!!
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 O wow!! The XC competition now looks much more entertaining !! More of this PLZ, course looks amazing. Great video Claudio
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 it's nice to see claudio in the xc course preview, but you can easily see the difference between a dh and an xc rider, he was catching her in every technical part! btw dh is more fun Big Grin
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 'What is it? ADD?'

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 I'm out of breath watching that--it looks like nothing but pain! Next, freestyle course preview! LOL
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 Why dont xcers use dropper post surley they would be faster on the downs if the seat was out of the it a weight issue?
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 The tide of XC riders using dropper posts is growing, even among the pros. But yes, most traditionalist will point to weight and simplicity. Others have never given a dropped seatpost a real chance. It does take some getting used to not having a seatpost between your legs before one realizes the advantage of being able to point your bike downhill with far more control and maneuverability. And others have their own reasons, I guess.
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 lol @ Claudios exhausting voice - he is NOT stoked about the climbs Big Grin
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 what about Claudio's Trial Course Preview ? Wink
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 Erin......pheeeew Smile
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 Can Erin Huck be the new Emily Batty?
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 I never thought I'd enjoy watching an XC preview. Great work, Claudio!
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 Claudio: You remember that line I showed you earlier?
Erin: Yeah
Claudio: Don't take it till I catch you Big Grin
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 I would like to get chic'd by her!! I know why He was behind her.....don't blame him ;-) x
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 I was hoping he would rock his DH bars from his sponsor haha
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 Is Claudio riding a 27.5+ Spark?
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 wondering the same. These tires looked huge. I saw the XC bikes up close at the Sea Otter and they were running super skinny 1.8 tires.
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 Could be or the wide angle lens on the go pro makes a 2.1 look fat
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 Quite fun, but that braking on descends!...
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 Most of those peeps are running 1.9 - 2.1 tires. Not much to get DH traction with, really.
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 That could be the point.
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 Just listen to it, don't watch.
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 YES!!! thank you Pinkbike!
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 what track all i was focus was a chic we need more of these previews Wink
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 That was amazing!
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 He is simply the Best Smile
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 stick to downhill
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