Video: Claudio Caluori Follows Nino Schurter Down Narrow Alpine Singletrack

May 29, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
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Claudio must be a glutton for punishment as he's back and trying to keep up with Nino Schurter once again. This time they head to the Brambrüesch trail above Chur for a long singletrack descent into the bikepark.

Claudio Caluori said: “Barely able to keep up with him, as it turns out he has a lot less trouble dealing with tight and exposed single trails than I do..... Luckily I was able to save some energy on our way up the 1100 vertical meters of climb with my brand new Kenevo, because I really needed that energy to somehow stay on the trail as he was ripping down his XCO World Cup bike down the hill.

This is part 2 of a nice little Sunday afternoon with Nino Schurter at his home town Chur. Can't wait to show you how he hits the jumps in the bikepark soon!”

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 *insert cheeky Spark RC marketing claim here*
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 Send him over a DH bike. The people demand it.
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 @SCOTT-Sports Give us the Gambler 920 as frame-only option already! Hear the people!
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flag headshot (May 29, 2020 at 3:49) (Below Threshold)
 Well it has a dropper post on it, so hardly his standard XCO bike. Lets see it repeated without the dropper :-)
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You can buy a lot of xc bikes these days with a dropper. Buy why he should do a hiking trail on, what is basically, his bike for Cape Epic, with a fixed seat-post?; are you angry that you can't even go down a trail twice as simple, with not much than half his speed and with 60-70 mm more suspension and a geometry designed with DH in mind?...or what?
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flag headshot (May 29, 2020 at 5:03) (Below Threshold)
 @eugenux: No kidding. Yes, I'm so angry I could cry. Actually no, I haven't even watched the whole video but I'd be far more interested in seeing him destroy Claudio with his seat up his bum, because he probably could as an expert fixed post rider. Or what?
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 N1no for Rampage!!!
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 @SCOTT-Sports - 2021 Spark: slacker and slightly longer in the front, bit longer and steeper in the rear - kill the market!
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 "Insert you should support riders who promote themselves in a professional manner outside of racing"
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 @headshot: Yeah he can. But taking risks while doing a training/leisure ride don't make sense. But make your mind that XC is moving fast towards dropper post, and he is actually doing what in race condition anyone will do, if the track suits the dropper, use the dropper, if it doesn't, go fixed.
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 Make a non sanctioned DH world Champs for XC bikes...
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Slightly slacker , that is Smile
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 If Nino were to ever go Enduro I think it would be a sad day for everyone else
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 I think so too.
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 @Thirty3: don't think so, ability to go fast in unknown terrain is underrated and what separates good racers from good athletes. These are his home trails, riding on autopilot.

Still a nino fan.
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 I want to see him transition to enduro as well. He is a beast,
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 @cebolla: Aww, not that good. I'm surprised. (5/9, midpage)
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 @cebolla: looks like he had a 6' penalty for some reason. In that case, he would've been around the higher ranks.
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 @ww929: do you really think that 40th is high in the rank? Consider that in 2013 EWS ahtletes weren´t as professionals as today.
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 @cebolla: Pretty awful? He put in a 28:04, should have been top of the second page except for a time penalty. Look at the names on the first page, that's a list of world cup winners and champions, getting anywhere near them when your event is XC is pretty awesome.
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 @Fix-the-Spade: if you say so...
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 I love these videos. Keep them coming! It's not about self-defining as XC, DH … it's about riding your bike, fast.
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 Nino with xc vs. Claudio with DH
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 Pedaling a DH bike 1100m uphill it's kinda masochist. Respect for Claudio!
Is the Dh bike the new Trail bike? Smile
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 @flowisforpussies: that was ebike with dual crown fork
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 @Moner95: Thanks. I just watched the video...In this case I downvote my own comment
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 @flowisforpussies: It was a Kenevo ;-) .still, even with an e-bike it must be tough keeping up with Schurter
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 @flowisforpussies: Ha! I upvote just to cancel your own downvote. Cheers!
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 We want more
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 "Are you in a hurry?" hahahaha!
I love stream-of-consciousness Claudio.
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 Nino definitely knew the trail better than Claudio, but still, the man's an absolute beast!
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 Either shows how good Nino is at riding a bike or how bad Claudio's bike is at riding down the hill...
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 In Claudio's bike defense, alpine singletracks are not exactly dual crown/almost dh bike's realm.
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 well, he still looked pretty fast in my opinion, especially for the fact that he was probably riding the trail for the first time...
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 Knowing the trail makes a big difference. Trying to pin it and not knowing the trail is really sketchy.
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 maybe he never fully recovered from his tbi...
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 Claudio, as ever a fantastic trail POV. Your style and turn of phrase make us mere mortals think we can ride like you. But your modesty prevents you from mentioning the small but important fact that you race the WC DH! As fro Nino, you uphold the great traditions of that special jersey. As as Kiwi All Black would say, (something like) I look after the jersey and try and hopefully hand it on with an enhanced reputation. Boy-oh-boy you have done that! Cracking trail Be safe
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 Wonder what % of XC riders will watch this and notice that they are part of the 90% of XC riders that ride too big of a bike for them to handle properly?

Wait - it's PB so probably only like 4 XC riders will see this.

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flag thenotoriousmic (May 29, 2020 at 6:50) (Below Threshold)
 Still four too many.
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 @thenotoriousmic: too big of a bike crowd again...
- Doctor, I am having those fears again... dreams, visions... I am... I may be... overbiked!

- Oh no! It’s a psycho epidemic! Mr Jenkins, i suggest down forking your Optic, electric shocks to the head and anal flush with dry Martini!
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 What does that even mean?
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 Really nice trail. Now, this one is an actual trail were one needs to have skill to do it fast. In the previous video, the trail was wide and much less bumpy. But this one, this one is really nice.
The speed in the first video was nice; the speed in this one was scarry!, man Nino knows how to ride!!, let's take into consideration that the Kenevo is one damn 180mm capable bike and that Claudio would smoke most of us.
Very-very impressive from Nino. Keep them coming.
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 These modern XC riders are amazing. Insane fitness and incredible technical skills, the full package. I guess it helps living/growing up in an Alpine region and having access to all these trails.
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 That looks like a really good trail. Give me something like that over the groomed paths that we see showcased on pinkbike any day.
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 That was a bit of a flashback to racing Trans Provence Smile Going as fast as possible while trying not to go over the edge!
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 For those who don't know yet, Nino is no slouch at DH... he'd put most of us at shame for sure: and
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 Most? Lol
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 Since we are living in 2020 I would expect some good quality video, this is filmed with what? Calculator? Cmon claudio wear GoPro next time,or some good cam, but certainly come with more vids like this, specially with bike celebrities. Big Grin
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 I want to ride that trail so badly. On my 120mm bike (because I don't have anything bigger). At about 1/4th of this speed probably.... I love these rough narrow trails, so much more fun than smooth jump trails!
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 I got arm-pump just watching that !
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 That was a sketchy trail to try to pin it while not knowing the trail. So much exposure. Overshoot a corner and bye, bye.
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 Claudio riding the portal trail. Now.
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 Where is the starting point of this trail?
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 Makes me feel better that even Nino can't get SRAM breaks to be quiet.
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 Too much of a mix of disciplines(bike types) to comprehend. It was a blast though. Keep the videos coming Claudio!
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 This is the best series ever! Claudio, please make more!
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 I'm as shocked by Nino's speed than seeing Claudio on a Specialized..
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 That is a beautiful/sketchy trail Smile
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 Insane trail, insane skills
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 Where are the fails.. It's Friday we want our fails!
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 @Claudio, is that a Kenevo?
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 Nino's background is downhill, if you did not already know that.
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 That gap Nino opened up was just Claudio obeying social distancing rules.
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 Wondering on how Nino would do in a EWS...
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 @cebolla: I mean, he was 3 minutes out of 1st with a 6 minute penalty... that isn't THAT bad. Esp for someone that specializes in XC and is a BEAST uphill
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 Awesome videos! Will there be the third trail?
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 Nino shredded that! makes me want a downcountry rig
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 Since when is Claudio riding Specialized Bikes instead of Scott's?
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 Nino should do DH!
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 +5 for Bikepark Nino
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 A glutton for punishment? Lmao....he was on an ebike ffs.
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 terrifying trail
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 That was terrifying
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 Either Nino is amazing, or the guy following him is terrible, probably a combination of both.
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 Alpine = Above the trees
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 is nino vegan too ?
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 Are you?
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