Video: Claudio Caluori Gets Sketchy in the Snow on his Latest BlaBla Run

Dec 4, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesClaudio Caluori makes it count in his latest BlaBlaRun as he hits the NeverEndTrail in Laax one more time before winter sets in properly in Switzerland.Velosolutions

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 Cheers Claudio,
I've got muscle fatigue at both ends after watching that; My face from smiling so much and err..., 'elsewhere' from fifteen minutes of continuous puckering.....

Thanks that your love of biking and your childish enthusiasm for riding is the second most infectious thing in 2020.
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 How can anyone hate e-bikes when they let you do stuff like that?
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 Once you pick a tribe, you must attack the other tribe at every opportunity, lest your virtue be questioned.
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flag Skarhead89 (Dec 4, 2020 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 Uhh, I can do this with normal bike...
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 Everyone on PB will get an e-bike when they get older to extend their riding addiction.
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 @Skarhead89: Well, aren't you great?
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 @tacklingdummy: or when they have real jobs and don't have time to ride for 6 hours a day
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 @tacklingdummy: why waiting?
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 @velozueri: I have been looking because developed a knee issue last few years, but the only one that looks somewhat interesting is the Levo SL because it is light (37lbs) and for the rider that doesn't need or want assistance all the time. But I want more options to choose from. More companies should follow suit.
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 "We're not straight, well, I am, but the handlebars are not"
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 IS THAT GOOD OR WHAT!! Yes! It is so good. This sure brightened my day, Happy Friday everyone!
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 I love Claudios videos.

They're not fancy, slowmo, or "shreddy" (even though he's a better rider than me by miles).

But dang, he communicates the fun of riding perfectly. He's not obsessed with anything else other than having fun and enjoying the ride. I can't help but think he'd be an absolute blast to ride with, which makes me want to get out and ride more myself.

Keep it up Sir!
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 Uee.. That made me smiling big time. Because of Claudios Babbeling and because I was there several times this summer and will be doing so in 2021 *alreadyDreamingofSpringtime*

Thx Claudio.. Geile Siech. Und dangge für de Naraus Trail, du cooli Socke Smile
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 Normally we're used to Claudio imitating Rob Warner, at 3:37 he's doing his best Rob Van Winkle LMAO
Epic Ride Claudio, we all miss your course previews and are jealous of that icy wonderland playground
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 thanks Claudio, another great genuine clip on a winter send
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 That was awesome, but how does being loud scare the beers off the trail? Good thing I'm quiet
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 Such a fun trail! Rode it for the first time this summer. It's easy to go too fast on it Big Grin
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 LOVE riding frozen trails... the extra speed/grip is amazing!
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 Brilliant Claudio, we have similar conditions here in the mountains of Bulgaria... your a braver man than me :-)
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 hard to see the trail with a view like that.
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 I wished to be „locked down“ with my bike there...
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 Great Claudio, you are the best????????????????????????
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 That looked so sketchy. I'd want studded tires for that snowy icy track.
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 The music say's allot about a man Big Grin
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 Going quicker than i would
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 Would have been better if you sang Ice of the Tiger.

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