Video: Claudio Caluori Tries to Keep Up with Some of the Fastest XC Riders on his eMTB at the Swiss Epic

Aug 26, 2020
by Velosolutions Global  

Alright then! Who would have thought a former downhill racer would ever enjoy marathon stage racing? Well, it took a little electric doping for it. Experience last week's Swiss Epic from the view of Claudio's GoPro.

Shoutout to our #pumpforpeace Velosolutions team of Cherie Redecker and Tumelo Makae for taking the win in the mixed team category, you can support #pumpforpeace and win a unique Specialized Stumpjumper in the process. There are only two in existence and one could be yours.

All funds raised will either be donated to support feeding schemes in and around our existing #pumpforpeace tracks to support communities that have been severely impacted by the current international health crisis or, towards launching the next #pumpforpeace project in either Nepal, Guatemala, South Africa, Ethiopia or Morocco.


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 Brilliant! a great video and commentary - I was grinning all the way with you - lovely stuff Cloudio.
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 We finally found a good use for e-bikes! I feel like all of these long races should have an ex-pro on an e-bike in the pack to commentate. It probably wouldn't work for an actual XC race (they would get in the way), but for an EWS and for stage racing it is a pretty cool thing to watch the racers get after it!
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 Imagine Brett Tippie rolling up next to you cranking out one pun after another, while your legs are dying on a climb. We absolutely need that.
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 @A1990ToyotaHilux: Please, after doing some road cycling I think my fitness self-esteem has already fallen far enough.
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He did it on the BCBR, good time Wink
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 All right
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 ah right
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 Alright, hat was some quite good POV content! Thanks @velosolutionsglobal to let us participate. About the mud, maybe you should have keep on the mask.
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 lol yeah he might speak less too
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 You should have run a poll if the talking or the whirring of the e-bike was most annoying up the climbs Big Grin I suspect your talking suddenly doesn't sound to bad by comparison Big Grin
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 looks like an amazing course
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 Great scenery!
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 @scblurlt Looks like a ton of fun doesn't it?
Too bad they don't have the same depth of coverage the Cape Epic has.
Which, BTW also uses e-bikes to cover the race.
Out of all of the coverage of the Swiss Epic I've found Claudio's has been by far the best.
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 If the Pinkbike homepage was 100% Claudio content I wouldn't be mad.

Also, Nino for crankworx whip off 2021.
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 I don’t ever want to work hard enough to be a competitive xc racer. Give me the ebike!
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 I am looking at this to find the answer to my question, what can carbon wheels for XC sustain? What do XC racers ride over?

I am thinking about you ADVANCED SL X.A.30 coming in at 1325g.
I am afraid they are not ment for trail riding by a 85kg/187lbs (Enduro/DH) rider.
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 Not worth the hassle, go Advanced SL30
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 @Foxy87: I did. With CK hubs and CX-Racing spokes. :-)
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 Sorry Claudio that was not mud, came from those cows you were talking to?
What language to cows speak?
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 in Switzerland the cows are multilingual, all those bike riders coming past them all the time saying hello
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 Those motors are pretty fit.
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 OMG, love the video, but this would drive me nuts if I was in a race with Claudio's constant talking.
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 Alright, alright alright.... Pedal assist riders are happier.
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 This is just so damn good hahahahah
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 Such a top dude. Love to buy Claudio a pint and have a crack
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 Nice one Claudio ! You've put a smile on my face! big up!
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 Claudio rules! But does anybody else think that sometimes he sounds like Grover from Sesame Street?
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 All right, all right, all right...that's what i love about them high school girls
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 all right
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 He must have a better motor than the general public. I have had two Specialized (Brose) motors fail in 4 months.
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 So good, any kind of comedy relief during a stage race is fantastic!
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 ALRIGHT!! thats the first XC Ive really enjoyed watching!
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 He's delightful.
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 All ride?
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 Mopeds are the new normal.
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 "AlRiGhTy ThEn!?.."

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