Video: Claudio Caluori's Bla Bla Run on Laax's Green Valley Trail

Jun 6, 2020
by Velosolutions Global  
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bigquotesClaudio is still finding the joy of being at home, will he travel again? Will we see him at the World Cups? I think so.Velosolutions


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 best trail in the world?? ...oops sorry i am writing this from Vancoooooouver Wink
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 Come and ride Europe and see for yourself.
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 @pinkknip: sorry to say but the there is more marketing than reality.
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 he said HOME,and what he MEANT by it,is each s HOME trails are,(for themselves), THE BEST iN THE WORLD!

he had expressed it in a very clear english.

HOME - wherever you feel safe and secure and you re go to trails are...

My home is where my family is
It’s warm, sweet and kind
It constantly shelters me
It’s always on my mind

At home there’s food to eat
And drinks to cure my thirst

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 Irony, fun, love to home trails not recognized....
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 hey Claudio, how many languages do you speak, besides gnarlish?
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 Thanks Claudio for the entertainment and sharing the stoke!
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 Rode that trail last summer. Your video doesn’t do it justice. The last part after you made the U-turn is extremely good..!!
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 Claudio: *sends technical section, without being clipped in for the beginning “Now I know why this is so sketchy”
Me: “add that to my excuse list!”

It is sad to think that for Claudio it isn’t made up...
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 wait did i miss something, Claudio on a Specialized ??
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 Same I'm confused
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 Good to see Claudio finally parked the eTurd.
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 In his defense, he had to keep up with Nino Schurter in those episodes.
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 @cvoc: That's a pretty strong defense.
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 so I am not the only one who rides with closed suspension......
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 I liked it
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 I love this guy!
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