Video: Clemens Kaudela Builds Massive Jumps & Goes Huge in 'Selfmade'

Nov 7, 2020
by PROPAIN-Bicycles  

Clemens' idea behind this project was as simple as it can be: He wanted to have a training setup at home for his big bike so he can do all his tricks and basically his favorite type of riding: going BIG! He didn’t really know how to do it all himself because it was quite a task and he only had a three week time window between two projects to do it. Doing it alone would have been boring and also impossible. So he asked his friends Daniel & Elias Ruso and also LT (Lukas Trutschmann) to help him out.

This led into a hell of a good time with just enjoying the summer to the fullest, working, digging, riding and hanging out together.

bigquotesAs I heard some moaning, I quickly fired a Schwarzenegger quote over: "Just see it as a workout and you’re getting stronger each step to shred your bike way harder!" Well, his quotes always work haha. In the meantime, I was rotating dirt in my own machine, and I enjoyed it. As some of you might know I do like to build jumps with the excavator, very much! Usually I get the jumps 99% rideable with the machine instantly and a takeoff start to finish takes me about 2-3 hours and you can ride it. But a little bit of hand love just tops it off.Clemens Kaudela

It took them four guys a week to get everything done. The boys were nonstop building the new drops which turned out to be quite tricky because the hill was super steep and sandy dirt. Walking in deep sand was a mission. Packing in the landings with pickup trucks saved so much time and effort and they could spend more time on their bikes.

bigquotesSome of you might know the spot from a previous edit Austrias Sickest . We started rebuilding the old stuff we had so we could ride every now and then. After that we started with the new section. I had a specific idea of what I wanted. Basically that is getting the max out of the vertical height difference possible. Roughly the „hill“ had about 15m vertical. I wanted a 4m drop and a 6,5m drop with a big landing like 7m tall. Right after I also had a jump in mind maximizing the size of it with the speed available. Style of the Jump: BOOTER! Clemens Kaudela

bigquotesI hope you enjoy watching as much as we did creating. It was an absolute blast and I will definitely build more stuff out there so stay tuned. I want to thank my sponsors PROPAIN BIKES , LEATT , REVERSE and MASTERS OF DIRT for specially supporting me on this project. We have a dope setup to ride now! Clemens Kaudela

Clemens Kaudela
Daniel Ruso
Elias Ruso

Jakub Han


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 Mountain biking has come a long way in just a few short years. I remember when Redbull Joyride upped the slope game some 6 years ago. The pros were scared. Today that shit is every day. As the boundaries push outward, just how big can we go?
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 That's funny because I was just thinking this looked like the same spot/set up Lacondeguy built and filmed at 10+ years ago when I think he was still on Kona. Maybe we can both be right? The trick levels on the big bikes have definitely multiplied.
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 I was about to quit the video when I heard the first song 'Howling at the moon'. Damn, this song is everywhere and i literally cannot appreciate a video when it shows up. Nice video and jumps tho, well done guys.
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 Yeah, I can't understand this. 10 for riding, building and video. 0 for boring music choice
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 Anybody remember John Cowan? Way ahead of his time, was doing huge gaps etc. back in the day. This is awesome tho.
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 New World Disorder 3 2002 youtube.
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 Back when Wade Simmons was GOD
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 @jptothetree: I think he still is.
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 @Uncled: I remember seeing the cover of NWD III and being like, "that's not real. there's no possible way"
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 That's not an Arnie quote I've heard before
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 My thoughts exactly!
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 Oida Voda!
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 Has anyone ever done a superman seat grab flip
  • 1 0
 Andreu lacondeguy among others
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 What'd I'd give to have a spot like this.
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 Great video! Clemens is incredibly talented builder and rider
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 Congrats boys! Sick spot and great vibe
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 Holy mother of air time
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 well done! awesome runs!
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 Great base
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 They’ll be back!
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 Well done!
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 Totally awesome!

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