Video: Commencal's Young Shredders Show Off Their Crazy Riding Skills on the New Absolut 24

Sep 24, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

We love to see our kids spending their weekends on a bike rather than on the computer or in a shopping centre.

The Absolut has given generations of riders the opportunity to perfect their riding style. We wanted to offer this chance to people from an earlier age. So now the Absolut has a little brother, the Absolut 24!

On the pumptracks that are built all around us whether in a bumpy field or at the skate park, the Absolut 24 is the ideal bike to enjoy practising and perfecting your skills onboard, until it gets dark.

Like our range of Meta HT Kids and Clash Kids, this Absolut Kids version has child-specific components and is aimed at kids measuring between 135cm and 155cm. It features adapted 140mm cranks, 650mm bars for easy handling, grips with a smaller diameter for little hands, as well as the excellent Manitou Circus Expert 24 '’ fork.

Enough to prepare for the future and become the next Paul Couderc!

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New Zealand
South Africa
Reunion Island


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 Great song for kinds. My little guy needs to know he won't get a Hoe if he ain't got the Dough. Life lesson son... /sarc>
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 Teach 'em young otherwise he's going to be living in your basement until age 35.
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 @MattyBoyR6: I feel like the more my kids starts to send the big stuff...the more I'm worried about him living in the basement lol.
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 Seriously. What the hell, Commencal?
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 @MattyBoyR6: hahaha
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 Fake news. Real Dad cams are shot in portrait.

(Seriously -- very sick riding. The future of the sport is in good hands)
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 But what if I just start in portrait and then turn it sideways? Then its still cool right?
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 @Svinyard: that's actually optimal
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 Whoa...a JUnit Circus Expert Fork lol? Dude Manitou is killing it. This is the first I've ever heard of them doing a custom kids Circus fork (JUnit line). So sick. I thought it was just going to be their Machete JUnit with just a bunch of psi in it. This is a sweet steed for a great price. So many 1k$ DJs come with absolute JUNK forks for adults (Specialized P slope). Glad this is dialed out of the box. Well done Commencal
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 Mad props to Commencal for using a song from Big L. RIP.
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 commencal knows pushbikes, the other thing they know is hip hop.
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 Can't wait for my kiddo to lead me down some crazy line and be like 'come on Dad, just relax and let the bike roll'
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 My younger daughter is an insane ripper. I took her everywhere and we had the best times imaginable.
She could have been a pro at whatever sport she set her mind to but she choose to finish her education and get a good job. She will be 25 this year and i hardly see her anymore. Sometimes i wish she did "go pro" because she probably would still be here at home and we would be planning our next ride.
Don't let the younger years slip by Dads. You will never regret the time you spent playing with your kids outside because before you know it, they are gone.
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 Anyone reckon these will stand up to 200lbs of adult?
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 About to find out. They make adult sized.
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 I always wonder why so many edits have black music as a soundtrack, yet you very rarely see a black face in the video.
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 My guess is that videographers include music that they 1) personally enjoy, 2) feel matches the vide of the riding, and 3) can afford the rights to
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 Wow, racist much?
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 @apneaaddict: well it's true that there aren't many black people in biking videos, and that's why they need better representation in mtb.
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 Hell yeah Big L!

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