Video: Complete Savagery at The Final Round - Up to Speed with Ben Cathro

Sep 2, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro talks about the favourites for the final of the World Cup, this weekend in Val Di Sole.

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 Did you hear the joke going around about qualifying at the last World Cup round?

Never mind, it’s pointless..
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 Making so many calculations but missing the fact there’s no point for qualies at the last race? I think my favorite race commentator needs some rest! Cheers buddy!
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 Working 27-hour days is getting to him. Although he made up for it with the first 13ft interview in MTB history (if you put interviewer and interviewee end to end, which I'm sure they did just after).
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 @BenPea: super monster noodle neck trenchcoat
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 Is Payet racing in used toilet paper?
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 Recycling is the name of the game buddy !
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 Very good itw of Flo payet, maybe the youngster don’t know well but the guy is definitely a legend.
Thanks for the nearly 20 years on the circuit.
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 This is literally the best coverage. Its like Ben KNOWs the questions we want answered and gets the answers! This coverage is a MUST for any DH fan.
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 Good to see Reece back. I'd imagine Loris is happy to have a team mate back at the races too, he's been a lonely boy at the world cups recently.
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 Vali is on his team
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 @pmhobson: loris and Reece are on Trek factory racing team. Vali is on rockshox trek race team.
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 @vesania: Ahh. Thanks for the correction! Now let's do [ABC] Commencal [XYZ]
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She is on trek…but different team
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 Whatever Ben is on in the last few videos, I want some.
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 Haha someone told him to have a couple of pot noodles to fire him up after the midnight champs recap vid
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 Any idea about Angel ? His crash at worlds didn't look healthy Frown
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 Apparently he's ok. Not sure if he's racing. Hasn't said he isn't (via IG).
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 @BenPea: Chris Kilmurray said on the downtime podcast that he had a concussion so his season is over.
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 Finn does not have to win qualies because there are no points for qualies at the last race
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 Holy Shit, Finns description of the crash sounds like he almost broke his neck. That is HORRIFYING
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 I’m sure that’s what he thought at first. Sounds like what he had is what would typically be called a ‘burner’. It’s pretty common in American football and other contact sports like wrestling. Not typically too serious as it’s just a temporary pinching of the nerves.
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 @sino428: Ahh yes, that sport with the most head and neck injures by far...
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 Finn Iles good job you have the thiccest neck in MTB dude. Sounds scary as.
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