Video: Content is King, Pt. 1 - Pinkbike Academy Season 3 EP 7

Nov 29, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  


10 Riders. 1 Pro Contract.

Episode 7: Content is King, Pt. 1

It’s time to test the athletes’ creativity both on and off the bike. For their next challenge, guest judge and action sports photographer Mason Mashon will be working with our athletes to capture some epic photos for their sponsors. With limited time available, the athletes will need to tap into their creative talent to impress the judges and create some memorable highlights of their time at Pinkbike Academy.





The rest of the season will drop weekly on Tuesdays at 10am PST.

Pinkbike Academy Season 3 is available for FREE on Outside Watch or the Pinkbike YouTube channel.



Huge thanks to the brands who made this show possible!
Orbea, Shimano, Fox Racing, Maxxis, Outside, Garmin, Big White, Stans, Insta360, MRP, Funn, Ride Concepts, SDG, North Shore Racks, ODI, Rimpact, and Squirt.

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 In my mind, I can't possibly see how anyone other than Tarmo could win. Not only did he crush every actual biking challenge, but from a branding perspective, his photo is one of the only images where I can clearly see almost every brand clearly displayed on him and his bike. Plus Mason notes he has an easy style to capture on camera. As soon as he realized he didn't need to ride fast to look fast he adapted and made it happen. Is this not what every brand wants in a rider? Someone well respected and honouring to his peers, learns from feedback, and shreds? I've got to note that Mia's image was unreal though.
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 His reasoning for choosing that photo was top-tier too. Not just thinking about getting a good-looking shot, but also where that image might end up and what else a sponsor might want to show on top of or alongside it.
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 If Tarmo doesn't win they need to reformat and rebrand what this competition is supposed to be. Do they want a fast AF racer that can also do the media stuff, or are they looking for a brand ambassador. I hope its the former and Tarmo walks away with it
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 @PeakHopper: The winner is defined by what the brand wants. PB is just presenting the means to find that. I actually like that in this season they've laid it out clearly, as opposed to in the past where we've thought they were looking for the best racer.
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 @rrolly: Ya, you're definitely right with that. They've been careful to note that in every episode. I think that's what makes me particularly warry that Tarmo might not win. Only Orbea knows what they need in their newest rider. Whether that be a female, racer, or freeride.. So from a selfish perspective, I think Tarmo deserves the crown, but time will tell.
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 I'm like 99% sure it's Timmy whos going to win. Tarmo's Instagram bio has a specialized team tagged. In Timmy's posts, you can see that he's riding an Orbea.
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 @Sardine-Vladu: Tarmo has been racing Specialized bikes for years and i think he has sponsorship for end of this year

Btw, i have seen Tarmo racing IRL and he´s fast as...
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 For a company that relies on content, you’d think the website should stay up.
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flag Matt115lamb (Nov 29, 2022 at 16:07) (Below Threshold)
 Been fine over here mate
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 @Matt115lamb: been down since I first checked early this morning (PST)
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 It’s been down all day for me until just now.
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 Sorry guys, had to bring the site down for an update to the autoplay library to make sure autoplay doesn't fail to autoplay ever
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 I love PinkBike Academy, but it is harder to connect to the contestants this season due to the shorter episodes. Still good, but Season 1 and 2 had the right formula.
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 Me gosh. Its boring. Get this season done. Learn and maybe incorporate some of the "old" style into the new season. Sorry this season is a cheap shot. I mean. Whats the point of 22min episodes. No depth. No story or drama because every episode is losely haning around.
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flag OldFatBassTerd (Nov 29, 2022 at 23:17) (Below Threshold)
 More like 10min actual riding/racing. I haven't bothered after the 3rd episode, total trash show, fire all involved and make a better show otherwise don't even bother.
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 Imagine being this upset about a low budget internet reality show about amateur mountain bikers
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 @OldFatBassTerd: I love the episodes. Just would love them to be longer.
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 @bikebanjo: Imagine being this upset about an opinion on an mtb forum.
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 @sonuvagun: Imagine all the people, living for today
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 @bikebanjo: Im fairly chill because Ive learned to speak about my fealings without punching someone in the face or getting rude and angry. So
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 @gnarnaimo: ahh-ahhhhhhhh
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 @Here: Perhaps they should spice it with punches and reality show "vibes"... Wink
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 We don't ask for much:

Stop autoplay
Stop headset cable routing
Keep the website up or we will have a panic attack.
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 seriously fucking stop autoplay. i have it turned off in settings too, keeps on fucking playing. if i wanted to watch youtube, i'll go to first.
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 @5afety3rd: blocking autoplay works great in firefox
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 Uptime is king Wink
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 Max's pic isn't that great - that bush in the way?! Tarmo's was a bit boring but well thought out. He's got winner written all over him. I hope Ares manages to brighten up and make an impact in the video challenge - she comes across as such a pleasant genuine person.
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 That bush needs to be photoshopped out. Definitely takes away from a great pic. Content Aware is your friend. . . Wink
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 Yup that was a total photographer error right there, no way in hell I would have shot that one with the bush in the way, can’t see hardly any of the bike or brands. Emphasis was too much on the berm blow and not the total shot package, cool pic none the less though,
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 @KevinH69: The rider picked the shot, not the photographer.
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 FOUND IT. Chrome extension that blocks auto play. I knew it was out there.
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 Now that's a team player (no pun intended)!
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 Firefox - Settings->Privacy & Security->Permissions->Autoplay Settings->Block Audio and Video
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 The website may go down, but the autoplay ads won’t!
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 I'm noticing a correlation with PBA dropping a new auto playing episode and the internet dropping pb. Second time it's happened same day. It's a sign, Robin, stop fkng auto play
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 What’s missing from this season is Jason. Season 2 wasn’t perfect but they got a lot more right than I’ve seen this season. The episodes are so short and there’s a ton of faffing about. Somehow we don’t get to know the riders well or see much riding.
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 You're kidding, right? The hosts are crushing it!

Your complaint about not getting to know the riders or seeing much riding is up to the producer/director.
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 @blinglespeed Disagree. I appreciate that I don't have to turn subtitles on for the hosts this time... It's not a dig at Jason, it's just that some people are better behind the camera than in front of it.
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 yah - Its back.... that was awkward lol
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 So it wasn't just me?
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 Cooomeeee onnnn guys.... Tharmo and Brittany got the best shots, miles away from the rest of the riders. Only in their shots you can see all the sponsors, plus they both look great on the bike, good color contrast with their kits etc.

Judges (Christina) totally underestimating Brittany photo (because she didn't do enough run ins????)....

Max's photo is nice, but you must be kidding me, half of the bike is behind the little bush, you literally cannot see the bike brand or any of the sponsors on the bike as a matter of fact... It's a cool shot but photographer position sux.

Plus once again, a 22min episode with no more than 10min of real action......
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 Before you comment on photographer's position, maybe take a look at Mason Mashon's IG. Absolutely incredible.
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 well said
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 @rrolly: but he's right! My first thought about Max's photo was the same. This shrub hides all the front wheel, ruins the photo. Period.
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 Nailed that one!
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 Do we know which candidate failed to renew your SSL cert?
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 That was way worse than an SSL cert
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 Between the site going down and the Danny MacAskill video to compete with, not a good day for Pinkbike Academy.
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 I have it on good accord that the auto play of this video is what took down Pink Bike for the day
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 Please stop autoplay!!!
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 Your browser should have a setting to do this. It's a quick google search away.
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 @Chippps: Unfortunately, it's no more present in Chrome and that's my go-to browser...
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 fuck off with auto play you greedy turds
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 @pinkbikeoriginals is it possible to turn off the autoplay on the home page please? Thanks in advance for your understanding...
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 Just as I'm getting into the episode, it ends. Bring some of that (tune in next week for the rest of the comment)
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 I'm currently recovering from surgery, so I've been checking the website several times the last couple of days, zero issues! Surprised to hear people says the website was down???
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 It's been up and down for 2 days but it's fixed now per a response from Mr Kazimer on the O-Ring article. Levy has been working on it so it's 50/50 as to whether it'll stay up.
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 Oh and heal up soon! Sorry I left that out earlier!!
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 I think you may have been under the cloud of anaesthesia for longer than you realised haha..Heal up soon
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 @gonesurfin: Haha....guess the internet gods made sure I could get uninterrupted access to Pinkbike, while recovering on the couch.
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 Kids like riding videos. Adults with money like gear, products and tech info. Market how you want and to who you want.
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 I must be a kid then. I'll take the bad ass riding edits over a boring tech review 10 out of 10 times.
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 @SoftSoilSampler Yeah but those kids have parents who are adults with money and with a massive soft spot for their children. Marketing to kids works.
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 I'm going to skip this episode.
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 Dude,,, really? If I wanted to watch people talking I’d go to friggin Starbucks and get a coffee and sit in a corner booth, wtf was this,,, I feel robbed again.
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 what the f*ck happened to mountain biking? I miss dirt magazine.
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 its really sad seeing all these people commenting about a television show as if it were a real competition. This is all made for tv garbage that really sucks.
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 What happened to Mia's pic? Barely see the bike.
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 Maybe it’s an advert for microphones?
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 When Mia puts on the glasses at the end she looks like Geddy Lee from Rush.
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 Ransomeware 1 grim doughnut with headset inner routing system
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 If a certain someone wins I’ll delete my account and unsub YouTube never come back to this site again
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 Anyone else just see a dude polishing his gnome?
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