Video: Continental & Pivot Factory Racing Kick Off Bid for 2023 World Cup Glory

Jun 6, 2023
by Continental Tires  

bigquotesContinental were a new sponsor to our team last year that worked out better than we could have dreamed! We've teamed up on a fun vid in the off season the features the original and now old face of DH commentary ROB WARNER!Bernard Kerr, Pivot Factory Racing Team Manager

Words: Pivot Factory Racing & Continental

Continental’s Gravity Range was officially launched in April 2022, following three year’s development by Continental’s R&D team and testing by athletes—including those at Pivot Factory Racing team. A wide-ranging tire portfolio engineered from the ground up to meet every rider's demands, the Gravity Range was designed to instil maximum confidence. This close relationship between athlete and engineering was proven with Pivot Factory Racing enjoying an exceptional 2022 season. Highlights came thick and fast for our riders in races taking in all possible course conditions, with multiple podiums and a rainbow jersey to celebrate at the close of World Cup racing in September.

A mud-soaked UCI Downhill World Cup in Snowshoe was home to a second-place podium finish for Bernard Kerr on Continental’s Argotal tire - designed for loose, wet terrain - a result which supported him on his way to securing a fifth-place overall. Jenna Hastings took home the Women’s Junior World Champion rainbow jersey following a matchless performance on a combination of the Argotal and Kryptotal Fr tires at Les Gets, even as conditions switched from dry to drenched ahead of race day.

Meanwhile, the team delivered an Enduro masterclass across 2022, securing the overall Team Championship plus significant individual results. Morgane Charre completed her most successful season ever, finishing on the podium in more than half of her EWS appearances and taking second overall; plus Ed Masters and Matt Walker consistently finished in the top 10, with Ed securing third place in Val di Fassa and Matt matching this feat at Sugarloaf, leading to an overall fifth and tenth position respectively.

For 2023, Pivot and Continental are already working together to learn from the successes and challenges of last year to make our mark on Enduro’s first season as a UCI World Cup race. Morgane secured her first win of the season at Finale Outdoor Region running a pair of Kryptotal Fr tires, alongside a second-place finish in Maydena and fifth in Derby; while Matt and Ed took ninth and tenth in Derby, adding to Ed’s ninth place in Derby. The UCI Downhill World Cup kicks off in Lenzerheide this weekend, where Jenna will face her first race in the Elite Women’s division and Bernard will look to capitalise on his career-best 2022 result with a renewed push for the top step of the podium.

bigquotes2022 was an absolute dream year for Continental and Pivot. The team put down some unbelievable race runs and demonstrated exactly what we’ve been working so hard to deliver with our tires. Looking ahead to 2023 and it’s clear there’s even more good news to come. There’s great new talent coming on board in the form of Jakob Jewett, plus last year’s results are an incredible baseline for the rest of the team to solidify and build upon. We’re super stoked to continue to work alongside Pivot’s racers and can’t wait to see them pushing their limits on the Gravity Range and our prototype tires in the season aheadKelsey Rollet, Continental Bicycle Tires Marketing Manager

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 I know new tyres always feel great but having finally just managed to get a hand on a set of kryptotals I can say they are something special, particularly on dry loose stuff and rocks. Haven't had the opportunity to test them on wet roots yet but looking forward to it!
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 Good to hear. I'm thinking of grabbing a set for myself once my Specialized Butcher/Eliminator combo wears out. Only negative thing I've heard about them is that they're pretty tough to install.. did you find this to be the case, or was it not as bad as people say?
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 @danielfloyd: wondering this too. Decided not to buy Conti's after seeing literally every review say that they're good, but annoying to install
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 They are just a tight fit is all, but they are super secure and never burp. I ran an Argotal / Kryptotal in a torrential downpour at Silver Mountain bike park in the mud and NEVER broke traction. Actually took 7 PRs on that ride. The harder you push them, the better they perform.
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 @danielfloyd @pacojo : Definitely a tight fit, plenty of swearing and tyre levers flying everywhere. I only had Enduro casings and I pity the person trying to lever DH ones on
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 @pacojo: I just put a pair on my bike. I didn't need a compressor to get them set up tubeless, but the rear was a little tricky and I wished I had one. They have a pattern in the sidewall that makes them really grip the rim's shelf combined with being kinda tight with made it hard to get seated. The front went on super smooth and only took about 10 minutes with a floor pump. I would say they are on the tighter side for my 27.5 Spank rims but not ridiculous.
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PNW rider here.

Can confirm the SuperSoft rubber is great for the wet roots and rocks. Plus, it actually is wearing pretty nicely.

And, can confirm that the trail casing I used was super easy to install (even with a tannus insert). But the DH casing without an insert was sort of a bear. I warmed the tire, lubed the bead with soapy water, kept the tire in the center channel of the rim... and still needed to use two tire levers, and a foot to get the tire on (I used the foot to keep one side in place for the last 1/3 of the casing, then "walked" the bead up and over in like 1" increments gently, to keep from messing with the tape).

I was worried about using a DH casing... but honestly, I love it. The casing is super damped, and honestly feels like I added 10mm of travel to the front of the bike. Although if they ever come out with the supersoft rubber in a lighter casing I'll try it, and see which I like better.
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 @danielfloyd: I've installed 4 sets of these now on varying rims. I can't speak for the DH casing but for the enduro and trail they are no more difficult than Maxxis. I haven't had the need to use a tire lever when installing and they seat up with one or two good pops on a floor pump. Not sure what these people who say they are hard to install are talking about. Definitely worth whatever struggle they may have experienced, great tire in Idaho loose over hard type trails as well as rocks. The sidewalls are confidence-inspiring in how they feel when going through large rock gardens.
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 @Odude: It took me almost an hour and one mental break down but I got them on.
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 I used a lever to get the first bead on my Reserve alloy rims, but in only took a minute. After adding the sealant, I was able to get the second bead on by hand pretty easily. No issue with those rims.
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 @pacojo @danielfloyd I didn't have any issues at all with my Kryptotal Re Enduro casing 29"
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 @danielfloyd: No problem at all to install on EX511 30mm. Couple lever jabs and popped right on.
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 I put two sets of dh casing Kryptotals on two different rims (Dt Swiss 541 and DRC 30 and 27mm) both times with Tannus inserts and it wasn't that bad to be fair... Getting them off when they were worn out was way more difficult
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 I had the same thought and have done the DH casings a few times on a few different rims. EX511's were easy but a few other rims were a bit harder ha. Most were with inserts and one without on an EX 511. Non inserts are easy. I agree though worth it.
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 @danielfloyd: I've been running dh casings front and rear the past year in Argotal, Kryptotal, and Xynotal. Running them on DT 511's and don't find them to be more difficult than any other tire. I always ran inserts before these tires and not running inserts actually makes them quite a bit easier than what I was used to. Amazing tires IMO
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 I put Kryptotals on my DH bike and I love them. It's a bit unfair though as we average riders tend to change tires only when our old tires are pretty worn out. So my new Kryptotals replaced very elderly Magic Marys, which isn't a fair comparison. Still, they are great tires.
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 Great video. This team's vibes are so good.

The buzz around Conti tires is so crazy right now. In our local scene, it's like scoring drugs or something, "I heard that X Shop found some kryptotals on this sketchy website and has some in stock right now.' Everyone wants to be on these tires. I never thought that that Maxxis would have legit competition.
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 It's funny because they were some of the only available 27.5 DH tires a year ago. Glad I took a chance on them.
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 Kryptotal FRs have been so good on my enduro bike. Similar grip as an assegai, rolls faster, and the super soft compound is lasting longer than expected. Sick ties and good luck racing
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 The martini Pivot will forever be one of the best looking bikes to me !
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 Anyone been watching the most recent LSDs? Is the new lug bike mullet or still full 29?
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 only saw BK's instagram post but I'm pretty sure it's a mullet. Who knows what the production version will be but I think it's safe to say they're experimenting with mixed wheels
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 everyone's trying to get on these. Great tires. Conti really stepped it up with this lineup. They were pretty forgettable before that
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 Anyone know who sings that song?
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 Wax Mustang - Sunrise
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 @iambalze: thanks man :-)

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