Video: Cory Wallace Attempts a Double Everest

Oct 28, 2021
by Kona Bikes  

Mountain goat. Ox. Cat. There are many, many animals to compare to Endurance team rider Cory Wallace, but the main theme is that Cory is a beast. His version of a challenge is enough to put most people in the grave. It's hard to put his strength and fitness into words so we wanted to share an insight into the type of challenge that Cory relishes.

Cory took the idea of Everesting and added his own twist... a world-record attempt at both Everesting and double Everesting. That's right double Everesting. That's nearly 60,000 feet of vertical gain in one go. Sound impossible? Crazy? Welcome to Cory's mind, where the impossible becomes just another interesting idea and insane is all in how you frame a challenge. We sent ambassador Peter Wojnar to shadow Cory during his attempt a few months ago. Battling smoke and heat, Cory set out to do what few others have even attempted. Did he make it? Check the video to find out.

Cory traded off between his Hei Hei CR Race and his Honzo CR for this challenge to maximize climbing efficiency and comfort while descending when he started to feel fatigued.


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 Great effort,much better than an article I saw about a lady everesting her E bike.
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 LOL what's next? Everest-ing with a DH bike and lift service?
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 You meant to say, her Ebike everesting her I think.
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 eVeresting Academy coming soon, do not worry Smoothy! Be safe be well, Incognito Robin
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 @scott-townes: Sadly enough I believe PB has reported an article about someone doing exactly that....
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 @Gregmurray50: I think it was an article on miles downhill in one yeah, a lift was involved but definitely not the embarrassment @Smoothy55 is citing (argh)
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 @mi-bike: Thank goodness there isn't a comment section below that article. Poor gal would have been crucified.
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 @chubby5000: check the youtube comments. It's pretty much a circle jerk.
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 @chubby5000: They're just pissed because they don't have enough ambition to accomplish something like she did.
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 ok its not the same effort, but a lot of rider can't do that, even with an E bike...
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 @scott-townes: I did that back in 2015 in Les Arcs. It was a fun day and still my longest ride on Strava :-)
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 This Wallace guy is on fire! DH world champ, flying his own plane, and now double Everest?!?
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flag kentin84 (Oct 29, 2021 at 1:58) (Below Threshold)
 he is not dh world champ
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 Wrong Wallace. I think your talking about Reece Wallace
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 @Maurice-Byl: sneaky. Accidentally downvoted
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 Amazing effort Cory. Sorry that it didn't work out. I respect the courage it took to share a video in which you didn't reach your ultimate goal. So many people only post videos if it show them holding trophy at the end, however I love that you're taking the time to share how much effort goes into reaching your monumental goals, documenting that you are in fact human, and reflecting on this challenge to turn it into motivation for the next one. Good luck on the next one.
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 Hometown hero for sure! Cory is so damn humble, it may be his greatest strength. I always tell my son that growing up in this small, beautiful mountain town that anything is still possible. I have no doubt that Cory will achieve yet another goal of his... Jasper is really proud to call him one of ours, way to go Cory!
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 Won't be long before some madman does an actual everest
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 @moloughlin: Loved Goran, the man was an absolute nut.

Sad when I heard he passed away some years back, died when he fell from what was little more than a scramble of a route that was practically in his back yard. A hold broke and a giant fell. f*cked up, man.
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 insane effort! ...I feel the next evolution is to triple and quadruple Everest assuming you can get down quick enough...ride up, base jump down, ride up, base jump down, repeat
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 Is his brother the former world champ?
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 For most people a double Everest attempt is getting off the couch twice after 7pm. Amazing job Cory!
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 If this guy was as cool as the amateur Youtubers he'd upload a GoPro POV that's 20hrs+ long and shows the whole attempt.
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 So he didn’t make it? Is that the answer?
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 Next attempt: "Cory traded his Hei Hei CR Race for his El Kahuna ( to maximize climbing efficiency when he started to feel fatigued." Nobody will notice.
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 @mi-bike: If a 17 old kid just did 10.000m on a 17kg bike slashing every downhill... It makes it seem even easier now for a peo to achieve 19.000 on light bike when is not of course....
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 @PauRexs: who’s 17 and also did 10k meters?
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 wake me up when they Everest the actual mountain on their bikes
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 Not sure I could Double Everest on an ebike. Lol.
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 What a Awesome Attempt. Huge goal.
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 Yawn. Can I opt out of everesting coverage like I opted out of Ebike articles?
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 What a suffer fest, good on yah mate!
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 Borja Ortiz in north Spain he all ready did a double everesting
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 Pffftt, uses two bikes /s
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 Already looking forward to the triple Everest that someone will attempt soon.
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 Actually I attempted a quadruple a few months ago. I failed in the 1st one though.
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 massive effort! sidenote: those two bikes look quite similar to a yeti sb115 and arc, respectively.
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