Video: Cory Wallace Goes for FKT on Nepal's Annapurna Circuit

Nov 21, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

For the third year in a row, three-time 24 Hour Solo World Champion Cory Wallace is challenging himself by going for the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on Nepal's Annapurna Circuit.

The entire route is 220km of high altitude riding with over 6000 meters of ascending. Completing the Annapurna Circuit is a challenging athletic feat on its own and most people take two to three weeks to complete the route. Cory completed the Annapurna Circuit in 23 hrs 57 minutes on his first attempt, in 22 hours and 30 minutes last year and is aiming to improve on his own Fastest Known Time November 24-25.

In the past two years, Wallace has used the ride to raise money for the Nepal Cyclists Training Centre in Kathmandu. This year his goal is to raise enough to keep the center open for another 2 years, bring over Cory's Coach Luke Way from Balance Point Racing in Canada to continue to coach and test the riders, and to conduct High Altitude training camps in Nepal as the riders aim to be the fastest mountain bikers in Asia.

Wallace has been backed by the NCRR (Nepal Cyclists Ride to Rescue, and the MTB World-Wide Organization.

You can learn more here and read about Wallace's record-breaking ride in 2017 here.

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 How the f**k does this not have any comments yet? This is amazingly bad ass. And raising money so Nepal can have a racing team is fantastic. That's giving back. Respect.
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 misspelled KOM in the title :-)
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 pedalling at 5000 meters is no joke and doing the whole circuit in 24 hours is just astounding. I have been once at that altitude trying to just do a small downhill section, but had to back off and was slipping in n out of consciousness in the support jeep.
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 Riding in Nepal is amazing but I couldn't do this at sea level let alone with the thin air up there! If anyone is considering it, Lost Earth Adventures or Himalayan Single Track have great guides.
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 Follow Cory on strava. His daily rides are absolutely insane.
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 Cory has supported grass roots MTB riding for years. He is an unassuming beast on a bike who rides for the personal and cultural experience. Check out his blog sometime. From supporting local MTB racing in Alberta to what is described in the video here Cory demonstrates something that is just different. All too often we see people supporting a cause so they can personally experience a novel adventure. Clearly that is not Cory's motivation and he is keeping it real. I will support the cause.
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 Cory is an absolute world class beast on a bike. The massive single day rides he's capable of is truly amazing. This time at over 5,000 m. World class. Donate to this cause.
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 Yeah Cory!!! Jasper's finest, good luck were rooting for you!
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 Been following him on Strava, guys a machine, cool he's from Alberta as well
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 You get a lot for $3000 in Nepal Smile way to go Cory!
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 Cory Wallace is an absolute beast. I have ridden from him a few times, impressive stuff.
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 Good way to enjoy the view!
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 Isn't it two to three weeks to complete it walking, rather than riding?
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 Yea, I did it last year with"Ace the Himalayas" at the same time the Yak Attack race was happening. It took 8 days of actual riding time on a 13 day tour. Great experience. Watched Cory and a couple of the Nepalese riders climb a hill that most other riders walked cause of the elevation. Impressive athletes!!!
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 Go Corey! It's so amazing to see all that you accomplish! You're doing incredible feats for an incredible cause.
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 This guy is a mad man
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 One of the best guys I know. Cory is such a decent man with a big heart!
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 Keep up the great work Cory!

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