Video: Course Check iXS European Downhill Cup, Schladming

Jun 21, 2014
by Racement  
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Check out if you can hold on with Brendan Fairclough (GBR - Gstaad-Scott) pinning his Scott Gambler down the fantastic track in Schladming for the second round of the iXS European Downhill Cup. Thanks to

iXs Maribor

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 Had big shoes to fill... and he nailed it!
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 Claudio Is a legend, but brendog was absolutely killing it!!
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 He actually had adopted his accent as well?!
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 Song name at the end?
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 Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau - Changes
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 LIKE A BAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would have loved to have seen that from cameras side of track.
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 Please iXS take over UCI world series and make absolutely epic series with more races and tracks. Thank you
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 because THAT ladies and gentlemen is a true proper DH course. Such a sick run by Brendan, totally slayed every section of that track. Well done fine sir!
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 "tampons falling out left, right and centre" hhahahaha
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flag russthedog (Jun 21, 2014 at 11:28) (Below Threshold)
 I'm sorry but what a dumb arse misogynistic comment. So stupid it pisses me off
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 Somebody needs an anatomy lesson. Tampons only go in the center one.
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 someones got a tampon in right now ^^ Big Grin (not thrasher2)
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flag cosby (Jun 22, 2014 at 5:46) (Below Threshold)
 I am with you russthedog-I am sort of surprised sponsors/IXS let Fairclough's commentary through.Is not funny and demeaning to women especially to those smashing it on the DH circuit. While no one expects DH riders to be Einsteins it isn't rocket surgery to figure out these comments (not once but a few times too) suck. It is a shame because Fairclough from what I have seen seems a good bloke and a rider who has unbelievable skills and bravery. Maybe needs to brush up on diplomacy. Otherwise love the track and the footage.....
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 I'd willing to bet the vast majority of "women smashing it on the DH circuit" would take the joke for what it is. Meh...
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 can some people seriously not see a JOKE, you know, not aken serioulsy, for FUN
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 Seriously. The tampon joke I'm pretty sure was pointed towards the guys, calling guys girls. How would it be demeaning to girls?
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 Yeah, I wonder how calling a guy a girl like they're inferior and not as good as men is demeaning...
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 It's a joke, not a dick....don't take it so hard
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 misogyny and homophobia, wow
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 I guess it is all in the context......same as the "joke" about tampons and a little later on "not even the girls would fall off here"-hilarious. There is a subtext behind it all which suggests Fairclough doesn't have much respect for women's abilities. Of course as suggested later on riding a course at that rate of knots and talking is pretty tiring so maybe all of Fairclough's mental faculties weren't engaged in terms of what is appropriate.
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 Are racist jokes funny?
holocaust jokes?
ginger jokes?
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 i give up with arguing about simple things on pinkbike
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 Some people don't find his "joke" appropriate, there's nothing to argue about
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 its just saying its bumpy, who knows Rachel atherton could have been sending some whoops and her tampon could have fallen out, it coud be an inside joke. but since half the world has worn a tampon i dont get what all of you think is so bad about this one joke
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 In response to russthedog, yes they are absolutely funny. In my opinion unless something is being directed specifically at someone with intent to cause emotional damage, and has some sort of clever exaggeration/observation, it can be considered funny. Maybe jokes like that get your panties in a knot, but I think if you can laugh at one joke you should laugh at them all.

So I will leave you with one of the most painful/hilarious jokes I know (from a great comedian by the name of Jimmy Carr).

"People say there is safety in numbers. Tell that to 6 million Jews."
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 @fractalman, that is a good one hahaha
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 Brendog is the master of multitasking. Talking and commentating while scrubbing, whipping, manualing and just shredding down a super gnarly dh course. Steeziest dh run anyone has ever done while taking about tampons.
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 Brendogggggggggg! The ultimate freeracer!
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 how did he do at 27.5trix last weekend? Wink
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 Not top 10 Frown
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 Loose as a goose.
  • 19 1
 "annnnnnd see ya!"
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 "The new Scott bike, SOOOOO stoked with it, huh MANUAL" hahahhaha when he said manual i was cracking up!
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 I hope UCI will bring back this awesome track! Seems like IXS has a better lineup.
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 Yeah, Schladming track is way better than Leogang. I wish iXS took over DH and made the series at least 16 races a year (AMA SX is 17 per year, AMA MX is 12, FIA Formula 1 is 19, UCI DH 6 are you kidding???)
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 AMA SX and MX is held with continental North America. If all World Cups were held here, you would see more races.
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 There's a lot more money in F1 and SX remember, and racing all over the globe ain't cheap.
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 But if all the races were held in America then it couldn't be a World cup.
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 lots of logistic problems
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 Is this event streamed on the net?
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 nah man the uci probably hacked it and blocked it so we can't see it
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 Sick looking track and Brendan threw in some fun style for kicks, I would love for him and Claudio to do a collaborative test-ride sometime; have them both go down at the same time, setup so they can hear and communicate with each other while previewing the track.
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 Any chance of a one off Gambler tandem Scott?
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 I thought Claudio's course previews were sick to the point nothing could ever get close. Then I saw this. Jaw dropped seeing those manuals going down at such pace while talking.... Long live Brendog, king of freeracers and one of the best characters in the game.
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 I'm pretty young so i never watch a course on schladming,but damn!It's one of the better DH track i ever saw!Surely hardcore but look awesome to ride!
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 Good indeed,...but no Claudio!!!
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 i was like who the f*ck is this guy? he is going fast!! than... huh brandog... that explains alot lol
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 I wonder if every one in the scott/gstaad team does such quality previews
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 Actually yes. Emilie Siegenthaler and Floriane Pugin have already done a couple of these and it was pretty good.
They weren't saying "tampons falling out" and it wasn't Claudio-worthy, but it was better than most IXS course checks
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 I hate when my tampon falls out
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 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraa...... Look at the bumps ahahahaha the freeracer kills it
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 so sick! i liked the low gopro angle on the manual to whip on the rollers - would love to see that pov for most of the course because it seems like his bike spends more time vertical and sideways than forwards haha
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 You know its Brendog when it breathes like a dog
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 Thanks Brendan. Good preview.
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 Brendog did a awesome job! Props to him....mab we can see more from him.???????? WTF....this track is sick...not on the W.C! Please put this track in next seasons line up for W.C ! O an Anndorra!
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 he sounds like Bear Grills on a bike!
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 aaand, see ya Big Grin Brendan you are a star, so loose on the bike
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 Exactly was goes through my head when riding
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 WoW! I was the 5,555 view. Awesome track.
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 Bear Grylls can shred bikes?
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 That's style!
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 any chance of seeing this event somewhere live ?
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 yeah, in Schladming.
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 Awesome whips! So that's how it look like from POV.
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 "Free racer" ..Nope, just friggin awesome!
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 Anyone know where I can get some of those silver crowns?
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 Offset, customed by Scott?
(I think) was in Brendogs bike check
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 yea, I believe its fox's answer to the additional offset 650b requires, rockshox built it into their lowers, fox is building it into the crowns instead
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 Now I see why everyone loves that course. Damn.....
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 Why do people have to REPEAT what he SAID..??? I know what he said i JUST WATCH THE VIDEO..
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 "Manual into the LIP... Huuuge WHIP" My new favorite quote
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 Can see where eddy masters has been taking enduro lines
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 mont st anne is more difficult than this track
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 Not as good as Claudio, and Bren dog needs to cut it back to 2 packs of cigs a day ( did I say that? ).
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flag M9er (Jun 21, 2014 at 7:36) (Below Threshold)
 I hate talking shit about one of the sickest pros, but out of breath 10 seconds in to the run... I bet gee could hold his breath down the whole course. But it takes all types, and we love our Brendog!
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flag conv3rt (Jun 21, 2014 at 7:38) (Below Threshold)
 breathe man, breeeathe!
  • 4 2
 Not likely guys. Nice try though
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 Kinda hard to ignore his breathing, but think about it, Brendan is ripping much harder than Claudio and talking about the same amount. That much intensity surely creates a massive need for oxygen.
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