Video: Course Preview & First Hits - Freeride Fiesta 2021

Feb 3, 2021
by Freeride Fiesta  

Johny Salido sure knows his way around the line.

Freeride Fiesta kicked off on Saturday January 30th, with Freeriders from around the world flight to Guadalajara, Mexico to ride a brand new jump line.

Photos by: Bike Check / Vee Tire


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 Can we all take a moment to realize Chelsea is out there abosutley crushing it! Pushing the sport at the highest level!!
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 Who is Chelsea?!
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 @enduroNZ: one who sends it
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 @enduroNZ: her Instagram is @chelseasendsit her and her boyfriend Ryan are some of the nicest down to earth people ever! They both absolutely shred!
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 @enduroNZ: mindblowing female rider. she makes anything looks easy!
Give her a follow amigo
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 With tequila as main sponsor.... sounds really like a lot of fun in these crazy times!
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 Fortaleza is good stuff. Right up there with Herradura, Casamigos, Patron and Don Julio on my shopping list. Getting hard to find in Oregon.
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 @tbmaddux: never heard of Fortaleza tbh but Herradura and Don Julio are top notch tequilas.. patron is straight dog shit it just has a lot of advertising.
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 Damnnn those look fun! Not quite shit your pants on sight like the Fest series but big enough to still be intimidating and probably throw some savage tricks on
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 I have a weak bladder then
  • 9 0 got it, it’s just trail follow me in.
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 @barbarm: if you’re shitting from your bladder, you have more to worry about than it just being weak...
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 @TombPhoto: Freeride Fistula?
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 Nothing will be as savage as FEST but these jumps are pretty damned big. This is awesome.
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 Am I weird for saying I kinda want to hit these jumps
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 Nope! Unless I'm weird too haha. Wish there were public spots like this in the US! Sure health and safety, but.... SENNNDDD ITTTTT
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 I feel your a tad wrong not every fest is loose fest or dark fest. These jumps are def as big if not bigger than black sage fest for sure!
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There is in Bellingham, WA
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 I thought narration was a voice over at first, he's talking so casually mid ludicrous gap.
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 "First little step down" ...bigger than any jump I've ever hit in my life.
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 Followed shortly after by "Nice little road gap"
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 Wtf are people doing Internationally traveling to Mexico?! There’s a pandemic... selfish AF
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 Always a PC baby in the mix! I'm sure everyone got tested before leaving their perspective country's, and I'm sure they all quarantined and got tested again when they arrived! There is ways to still safely have fun we all dont have to just sit at home and feel depressed.
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 Don't cry because you didn't get invited!
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Wouldn’t have come anyways. I think what you’re doing is super rad but it’s crazy people are traveling to you haha.
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 So sick! Can't wait to see everyone throw down.
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 the impact on that drop
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 Stevefuckingschneider ftw
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 Course Preview with 360 ok "Johny Salido sure knows his way around the line"
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 Hell yeah, send it!
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 "just cruise down"
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 And here I was thinking I know how to ride a bike.. Pffffff
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 Nice video cutting skills breh!
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 So freeride is just big jumps now? I thought that was slopestyle?
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 But with big bikes Big Grin , i dont know how many people would jump those with DJ bikes.
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 so stevie is riding giant now?
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 Very, very pumped about this one!
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 Wheres the updated rider list??
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 Fiesta like there’s no mañana!!
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