Video: Course Preview with Gee Atherton and Charlie Hatton - Hardline 2019

Sep 14, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe Atherton Bikes crew, Charlie Hatton & Gee Atherton, take us down the 2019 Red Bull Hardline course. For the select few riders who attempt this race, we salute you.

Red Bull Hardline isn’t an event for the fainthearted. Hailed as one of the toughest downhill mountain bike races in the world, the event returns to the hills of Dyfi Valley in the north of Wales for its sixth edition.

The 2018 edition saw home favourite Gee Atherton taking home the trophy for the first time after a nail-biting final in front 3,000 spectators. Bernard Kerr came in second with Charlie Hatton in third.

Red Bull Hardline 2019 is bigger than ever before. With the worlds best DH riders coming from all corners of the world, expect to see some wild riding in the valleys of Dyfi this weekend.
Red Bull


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 Gee stepping up his game for Rampage! How can he talk in such a composed manner going down this track???
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 Watching that, trying to work out what I could deal with and it’s literally the flat field at the end.
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 Don't think I've ever seen Gee throw a backflip before. Is that new?
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flag b4uwereborn (Sep 14, 2019 at 8:23) (Below Threshold)
 Think that was Charlie...
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 @b4uwereborn: Thought charlie was in the green kit to start, backflip was done in a red kit.
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 @schlockinz: Probably, my mistake,old age setting in lol;
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Gee is wearing the Red Bull lid and was in front so definitely him. Don't think I've ever seen him throw a backflip before though!
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 @sam264: Yeah I just got a bit mixed up with the camera swapping lol;
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Some flips from Gee at 8:00 followed by some footage of what Hard line has come from over the years. A good watch on several of Dan's creations.
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 Gee was back flipping off a large step down in an MBUK photoshoot in 2008 ish IIRC
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 "We survived!" he exclaimed....with Charlie nowhere in sight. Haha
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 palms are sweaty. What a track!
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 knees weak, arms are heavy
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 @ictus: something about ya mums spaghetti?
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 @tobiusmaximum: He's nervous, but on the outside he looks calm and ready.
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 @gnarnaimo: but on the surface...
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 I assume Charlie stalled sometime around 2:46.

No sign of his footage, shadow, or indeed him from then on. I think even Gee was surprised not to be able to see him down at the finish line.
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 Good job, I`ve puked my breakfast.
Am I wrong but last year there wasn`t that wooden landing platform after that big rocky drop?... Seen at 0:51
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 Correct, it was huck to flat in previous years , I think it may have trashed a few chainstays
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 0:40 even downhilling robots sent back from the future get scared sometimes
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 I've ridden in Dyfi and it was sweet, but this takes it to another level, all the guys have some massive kahunas. They make the big gap jumps and hips look so easy. Check out the first practice at
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 Rad course! My opinion but would this course be better to select riders for Rampage? It seems incredibly tough with it's massive jumps and tech section... Good luck to all the riders!
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 I've seen Gee pull backflips years ago, good to see he's still got them in the bag, a very underated rider ( by some)
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 *Gee goes light speed down something that I'd wet my pants at*

"Pretty chill section here!"
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 Is back flipping the new normal, I can barely clear a drop to flat at best?
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 Were to many of the riders complaining that it was too hard so they shortened the start???? Should call it the Medium-Hard Line. Dont get your balls up your ass now, I'm NOT saying it is ANY EASRIER for those guys. What I am saying is if their going to call it HARD LINE leave it the was it was or make it HARDER not easier. Add another gnarly rock section up along the ridge they used to start from. All of these guys have huge balls to ride this track, no disrespect to them at all. Ride the track they way Dan designed it, its more fun to watch the old way thats all Im saying.
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 Hardline is the highest level athletic performance so far attained by man kind.
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flag jamesbrant (Sep 14, 2019 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 might be a bit of a stretch. ever seen a pro hockey game in the flesh? mind bending.
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 0.40 “That camber, probably the scariest part of the track for me”. Really? Looks like one of the only bits I would dare to ride, quite a bit slower though! Amazing course, fantastic preview.
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 Wow, that's a scary place.
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 Insane track, much more technical than the world cups. Props to the builders for the creative improvements.
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 I wonder who ll be first to back flip the road gap.
A few years back you’d never thought anyone would backflip the first kicker.
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 Perfect setup on the camera, really great. What a track!
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 A little off camber part was the scariest section for Gee. Wow! Awesome preview.
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 Pretty chill section, ah right........ I'll be right there..... Ace work from Gee the beast.
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 My riding prowess feels so insignificant when viewing the boys shred this line!
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 Think I held my breath the whole time, bloody scary stuff!!
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 Man those gaps and rocks are monsterous.!!!!
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