Video: Course Preview with Laurie Greenland - European DH Cup Round 4 Pila

Jul 27, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Laurie Greenland and Francesco Colombo take you down the dusty and blown out track in Pila.

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 great style from Francesco!!!
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 Yes, but why is Laurie wearing his little sister's jersey? Razz
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 Did a day trip to Pila while in Morzine last week, best day of the trip, after this track you can drop into Aosta through the woods, something like 11k of singletrack.

If you ride this track into the Aosta track you drop 5,800 feet in one run and have everything you could ever want to ride in that one run

There’s another track off the top that lets you start even higher but the lift is only open in August

No lift queues, (almost) no braking bumps

Pizza is good too
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 What's the drive like? I'm off to morzine at the end of season, like the sound of an 11km trail. Gondola back up?
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 There’s companies like Roost DH that’ll run you there for the day and back .
Saves paying a lot for the Mont Blanc tunnel.@fielonator:
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 Pila is great. I did over 5000m descending in afternoon but just doing top to bottom laps. It was really dusty but the trails are great and I much prefer it to Les Gets, Morzine or Les Arcs.
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 Yeah I totally agree, Pila is awesome. Aosta is a cool town too and there is a nice campsite with a pool that's a few km from town centre, Can drive to La Thuille too for a day of Gnarr flat turns and rocks n roots. But the Pila to Aosta freeride is pretty epic. I'm just at bike park Dolimitti Paganella, some great riding here too. There is so much more than Morzine. I feel sorry for people who have only been to there and Les Gets, Italy rocks
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 @fielonator: Seems like there is a gondola from the bottom (Aosta) all the way to Pila:
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 @flyingfox49: you can drive over petit Saint Bernard pass instead of tunnel..take in La Thuile too then!
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 @fielonator: It's a 2hr drive if you go through the Mt Blanc tunnel, but that is 56 euro return. You can go over mountain passes but that doubles the time.
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 @notphaedrus: Depends on what you are looking for . For jumps , and general park riding (except for Livigno, San Martino and few places) Italy sucks ,
for enduro riding , full-on dh tracks ,old school downhill, roots ,
rocks , landscape, food, Italy have the best places .
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 Pila is great yeah! But damn I rode there just 2 days ago and the braking bumps were pretty horrendous. Luckily they cut out the worst sections by jumping out onto that ski run towards the bottom.
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 @rudymedea can you point out which trail combo you mean? Trailforks says Rientro Pila is 5,8km long
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 @rudymedea it's the pila aosta freeride or Rientro. Rode it quite bit a few weeks ago -

Done Pila twice now, love the place
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 @dirtybiker96: if you think Pila braking bumps are horrendous you need to go to Morzine & Les Gets! Admittedly there are some on the little track to the lift but the actual trails are prime

RE the drive, it’s a very easy 2hrs and yeah return on the tunnel is 50 quid but as long as there’s at least two of you it works out ok. Lift pass is cheap anyway, and beer & pizza is about a tenth of Morzine prices

Yxbx: I said something like 11k because depending on where you read about it it can be 7, 11 or 17k long. I don’t think that Trailforks thingy is the whole job. But if you do the WC track straight into Rientro non stop like I did you won’t be left wanting more trail, my hands still hurt thinking about the 24mins of constant pummelling!
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 @rudymedea: ok, thanks for the tip. I figured You meant that combo, and it is probably not 11 and nowhere near 17, but still must be awesome. We are doing Livigno and Davos area this summer, and for next year the choice battle is between Pila-Aosta and PDS
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 I feel like Francesco's name should be in the title too! With style like that he deseves a mention at least!
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 reassuring to hear one of the best in the world breathing out of his arse
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 Bit sick of yeah boy now.
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 Yeaaaaah boy
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 @stuiewarrior: Yess boi!
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 Think you’ll find it’s yeeeeaa boi!
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 I'll admit it, I like choosing the most obscure selection in the PB Pole......
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 I remember the name Francesco Colombo since I saw pov of him riding the dh men trail at finale ligure on his small youtube channel.. badass.
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 Pila is absolutely amazing. No lift lines, no line ups and that trail down to aosta is soooooooo good. Proper DJ with so many little booters.
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 Great video
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 Well they weren’t hanging about
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 I just love this track so much. Haven´t been/raced there for a couple of years. Serious case of FOMO watching this.
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 Literally can’t get enough of Pila but hardly ever ride the park, this looks pretty cool I gotta say!
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 Ho Lee Fuk We Tu Lo Bang Ding Ow
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 Wow i'm blown away, unbelievable riding!
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 Any USA national champs course previews?
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 Wrong thread buddy
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 Jeh Boi
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 Yeah boi!
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 Come back Claudio!!! per favore
  • 3 0 keep him

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