Video: Course Previews from Luca Shaw, Brendan Fairclough & Ben Cathro - Fort William World Cup 2018

Jun 1, 2018
by Sarah Moore  

Luca Shaw takes you on a lap during his timed run in today's practice session at Round 2 of the 2018 World Cup in Fort William, Scotland!

Drop in with Brendan Fairclough and take a top to bottom run of the 2018 Fort William World Cup track.

Ben Cathro takes a look at a few key changes to the famous World Cup track at Fort Bill.

A minute of RAW World Cup practice footage from TLD.

A graphic representation of the track from Red Bull.

MENTIONS: @SCOTT-Velosolutions @redbullbike

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 Pinkbike sign up Cathro before Redbull does!
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 How about a half hour World Cup news show for each race, Wyn Masters with the interviews, Ben Cathro with the track and line choice break-down, Peaty as the anchorman with different ex-racer guest each episode and Tippie doing the weather.
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 @dingus: ok, sounds good to me
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 Punisher track,, props to the winner. Do they really think it's going to be dry Sunday.
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 @dingus: Would be nice to see a female in there somewhere.
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 @dingus: That would be absolute gold
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 @dingus: I can even imagine Anchor man Steve saying “it’s time for the Tip at the top for the weather report, how’s it looking up there Brett?” :-)
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 @mikeep: all they would do is comment about how attractive minnaar is
  • 3 0
 @poah: lol are you projecting?
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 @alexhyland: he is hot, those eyes mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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 @poah: lol that salon fresh hair coming straight off a race run
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 Cathro for king
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 Give Cathro a job. So much insight compared to red bull previews.
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 Ja but zee Germans have taken over and are making zee Redbull preview more efficient.
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 Sucks that Red Bull gave him some limitations to do a full track/line analysis. I miss watching those 20+ minutes of line analysis from Cathro.
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 @riffscreamer: Every other sport spends hours talking about analysis. We finally have a true analyst that has never been seen before in DH or any other MTB discipline and RB wants to cut him out. I never knew that last corner was the most important corner in the whole track before today, even though I remember Gwin having a problem on that corner a few years ago and lost the race. Cathro dropping track science like Galileo dropped an orange. SOMEONE (RB,PB) HIRE THIS MAN!!!
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 It's all about the Cathro insight!
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 Well done getting behind cathro
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 great course preview, but we need Claudio
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 So much speed those guys carry. I raced DH expert and a tad bit of semi-pro back in the 90's-2000 or so. I feel I am decently fast for a 44-year old fart. But damn those guys are at warp speed everywhere
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 It’d be interesting to get these guys on some older bikes and see what they can do
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 Im with ya man !!!!!! ( coming from a 50 yr. old fart who raced a LOT back in those days also !!! )
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 Fairclough looks a bit faster in the fast bits but Shaw seems to be doing a better job of carrying speed through the slow corners. That outside line through the first wood section absolutely killed Fairclough's exit speed. Hopefully he sees this and changes it up the the line Shaw is taking through there. So cool to be able to watch them back to back!
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 Fairclough deff had a few oh shit moments.
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 I love claudio and his spaghetti-ness.....but god damn, Luca Shaw knows how to fly down a track smoothly.
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 Saturday just isn't the same without Claudio and the whole preview show. The new voice describing the track is brutal. Guy sounds dead or is some kind of voice-bot. Just terrible. Nothing but 'bit and bobs' for the rest.
I sure liked Ben Cartho's track review (plus his other preview vids on YouTube), and Red Bullsht (sorry) should leave him alone, although THAT will never happen. Red Bull and UCI have taken a step backwards as far as presenting World Cup MTB DH. SO MUCH room for improvement.
See what happens tomorrow.
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 bring back Claudio! waiting for the world cup without a Claudio course preview just does´t feels the same....
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 Awesome! Cloughie loose as f*ck, Shaw more precise....latter with better time. More of this eh fellas?
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 That was so fast and probably not race speed
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 Fort bill, only smoother and with less of the interesting bits. Never thought I'd say this but definitely there are better tracks out there with more line choice and less meter wide paved trail centre vibe.
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 Glencoe for example
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 As much a legendary best the bill is surely on a hill that big a new line could be drafted up ism sure these riders are getting bored after so many years still one of the best but time for a change there.
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 Dude how's Claudio feeling? Still tumbled after his crash last wc race?
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 Hi Crisskan. I saw Claudio interviewed by someone at "SingleTrack" today via GooTube (YT). Claudio mentioned the crash was worse than thought and he had alot of blood in the cranium, so he was back on the operating table recently getting his head drained. He did say he was going to do the race w/ Rob and see how it goes.
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 I think Minnaar should give his old nickname "Big Air" to Brendog! It will suit him better Wink
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 Something's missing here...
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 Fast AF.... “Down with the kids”tup
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 That track is all time high speed gnar. Those dudes are unbelievable!
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