Video: Crankworx Innsbruck Downhill Course Preview with Joe Breeden & Mick Hannah

Oct 3, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesJoe Breeden follows Mick Hannah down the Crankworx Innsbruck Downhill track for a preview of what is awaiting all the riders on Sunday. UR Team


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 Internet Trolls. Rooty greasy with big gap jumps. Looks like a fun course. You could ride it on an Enduro bike just so much slower and get beaten up after one run.
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 Rode it once on an Enduro in the wet this year, it's not difficult to get down but as always difficult to go fast on. Still went over the bars at the step down (0:23) because I was told everything is rollable and I was stupid and just cruised everything without looking.
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 Damn Mick! That one highside gap up top was, uh, large.
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 Be like "Mick, can u f#*!ing slow down a bit, I'm tryin to film a course preview...........Mick............MIIIIICCCCKKKK"
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 For those who haven't ridden a newschool DH bike, you don,t know what your missing. I agree the tracks are getting more buff & flowy, but if you do have extra-chunky gnar trails near you try out a new shredsled. I'm still picking up the pieces of my blown mind from the first ride on a Gambler 29
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 I rode a 2020 Commencal for the day. First run back on my older V10 I went 3 seconds faster, and it was on a dh track. But the V10.5 is an incredibly fast bike.
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 Stop complaining about the track kudos to the organisers for making this happen its not better or worse than the same tracks every year on the wc circuit just be grateful theres a race in these crazy times
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 I am so surprised at the negativity around this track... I hate wood features with a passion, but the rest of this track looks unreal!
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 Wood features are back in I see. No chicken wire either.
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 I live tracks like this to ride, very difficult to carry speed, 1 mistake and it can take a while to get back on line. The right line will change as the roots get polished over the weekend by tyres. Flat turns over roots are where skill matters. Maybe it's because I'm not a great jumper but all these big jumps don't show how fast a rider is, just that all the pros can clear jumps I would be very scared of.
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 The track isn't the gnarliest as everyone can see. But it is a race there and we should be happy about every race this year!
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 Needs more boardwalk.
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 Dude is a living legend
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 Looks fun!
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 Did you record the voice over after? Sounds echo-y
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 is there a live coverage?
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 wtf is up with all the board walk???
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