Video: Creating Remy Metailler's Latest Edit with a Racing Drone

Sep 30, 2021
by Rémy Métailler  

The drone videos always show such a unique view of Mountain Biking.

Most people though have never seen a race drone and don't really know how the shots were filmed. While we captured all the footage during the three days I had my GoPro on my helmet and I recorded some of the best moments.

If you have not seen yet the edit, check it out here:

Find the map of the Sun Peaks Bike Park:

Photo by @the_frenchliner
Video by @flowmotionaerials


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 Incredible skills from both rider and pilot.
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 My question about drones.

Do you eventually get use to the noise, or do they always have that nails on a chalkboard quality to them?

They do make for some great shots though.
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 It's pretty much always annoying. Maybe with enough exposure one becomes immune. Worked with my spouse.
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 The noise is pretty much always annoying haha, but its a lot louder if you have bent or chipped props
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 No more annoying than a Harley Davidson.
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 @captyvatemedia: At least with a Harley, you can just start saying, "Potato, potato, potato" to the rhythm of the idle and that is pretty funny.
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 The video footage you're seeing is from the GoPro and NOT the flight camera that is fed to the pilot's FPV goggles. Generally the sound is not transmitted to the goggle as it's not needed so the pilot doesn't have that annoying sound in his ear the whole time. That said, it's still annoying but over time it does give you a sense of what the quad is doing. Kind of like an i9 hydra gives you an audible and annoying sense of wheel-to-crank speed.
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 @slovenian6474: I'm not worried about the pilot hearing the noise, thinking about every poor soul that is near the actual drone as it makes those noises.
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 Stunning Presentation ! Stunning riding ! Stunning flying ! Stunning collaboration ! I could not look away.
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 Sometimes i can't tell if i'm hearing the drone or a wicked loud freehub
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 This edit is so sick though

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