Video: Creative Lines & Stylish Riding in 50to01's Latest Film 'Little Olde England'

Apr 30, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAs the seasons change the fun we have on our bikes remains the same. With travelling being off the cards, I wanted to make a film showing how we're getting on in Little Olde England. Thanks for the support. Get outside, enjoy the ride. Big love 50to01


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 3 mins in I’m thinking this ones best saved for the telly after some erbal remedies later tonight. Intro was brilliance
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 That first shot of Sam Dale hauling ass through a grassy field with a massive grin on his face was perfection.
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 Craig Evans is the best mountain biker on the planet. Change my mind
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 Awesome film love the soundtrack it's mint
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 Fred Dibnah and The Housemartins! Brilliant!

I feel like the last tune could have been changed for some modern British punk - Riskee and the Ridicule (listen to them, you’ll thank me later).

But a banger as usual!
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 T......C.....R Turbo Control Raciiiiing!
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 I had a TCR set, that's how old I am...
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 @mammal: same
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 What bike is Bryceland on in the section at 25.30? Doesn’t look like the usual Cannondale Habit they’re all riding.
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 looks like the new jekyll frame with high idler pulley thats coming out later that year....seen pictures of it in a dealer book
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 @funkzander: don’t suppose you know what wheel size it is?
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 I bloody LOVE Fred Dibnah, thanks for this boys
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 Craig Evans & Loose Dog have THE two sickest styles, always gets me so hyped!
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 nice, music, vide, riding - super positive ! TCR - gorgeous soundtrack
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 Magnificent work gents
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 Great film and music mix. Just wish they had used Otis's Dock of the Bay though!
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 Top tunes
Dibnah up a ladder
Loosedog gets a hint of the sun breaking through the clouds: taps aff
Best 50-01 yet IMO
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 Do you like that? - Fred Dibnah
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 TCR and a bit of Fred Dibnah. Not bad.
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 Just watch this and loved it. Felt like Dirt for a new generation.
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 Thats real MTB... having a good time being out in the woods with your friends!
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 TCR That is so tcr
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 This is great! Sleaford Mods in a MTB video!
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 Fuck Yeah !

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