Video: Damien Oton & the Orbea Fox Enduro Team Take On eMTB Racing in the Gruelling 2020 Epic Enduro

Nov 3, 2020
by Orbea  

The Epic Enduro is more than just a race.

It’s an experience where adrenaline and passion go hand in hand. It’s an adventure that starts in the dark and ends in daylight. And sometimes even turns to night again.

Damien Oton and Gabriel Torralba know the intensity first hand. Our Orbea FOX Enduro Team riders took on one of the toughest Enduro events in the world. Finding pleasure and suffering on the same trail, enjoying what is truly an Epic Enduro.

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 Cool video!
I think eMTB racing is still finding it's place. I imagine a sort of moto-enduro style would be cool, but in places that perhaps wouldn't be able to support motos. Super long stages, with ridiculous climbs and some tech downhill. You would have to be strategic on how you used your battery power. Kind of like managing your fuel/tires in auto racing.

I think it could work, just not sure if there is any market/money in it.
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 Because this is the language that most people in the world understand. This Italian rider speaks Italian to the camera and most people who watch this video don’t know what he was talking about. It’s stupid and even a bit primitive IMO
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 For anyone who’s curious, the comment above was as a reply to another 2 comments which were removed, apparently. The first comment was saying that it’s 2020 and still some professional athletes can’t speak English.
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 @Edendino: it’s 2020 and easy to generate a transcript in English for subtitles....
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 I'll pretty sure that he's speaking Spanish, but you're correct. The hard of listening can always turn on captioning in YouTube like I did, my Spanish is probably far worse than his English.
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 Hey, where are the women? Watching Pinkbike Academy?
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 charging batteries is the real game in between
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 The quality of Orbea's videos are in another level.
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 Nicee I imagine just one guy did all this amazing job... into the other hand redbull can´t put a drone onto their DHWC...
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 whats in the box
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 Poor batteries, motors and chargers had it really hard. Semiconductor lives matter!
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 is there any info on this race? Location? Website? Next year's dates?
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It takes place in the "Montagnes du Caroux", around Olargues, France. The French round of EWS was supposed to run the next day in the same area.

Yet no information about next year's race...
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 According to my sources it's not happening in 2021. It's usually in mid May, so that doesn't really leave them enough time to organise it for next year after delaying this year's edition.
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 dazzling and then not so dazzling.
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 eMTB. Gruelling, epic, toughest, suffering?
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 The other dude was not on an eBike. Most of the racers are not. in fact. But with such a distance, it may be even exausting on a eBike. Maybe not for Oton though.
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 If you race at 100% on an emtb it’s as gruelling as any bike , you go faster ! Have you tried one and rode flat out for an hour ?
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 @Matt115lamb: it's exhausting but not as exhausting as on a acoustic bike. The motor always assists you only if you would go plus 25km/h on flat ground it will be more exhausting.
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 @Matt115lamb: Haha! If you're at 100% heart rate on a moto, it's as grueling as at bike! I'm not slagging ebikes, but just pointing out there is a reason many ebikers ride their pedal bikes once a week to stay fit (most that I know do this).
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 Yeah, yeah right..
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