Quick Clip: Damien Oton - EWS Save of the Year

Aug 10, 2014
by Pinkbike Originals  
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Video: Jasper Wesselman

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 If you look very carefully, you can see him change his handlebars and pump up his shock to 30% sag before jumping back on the bike, so enduro!
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flag cole243 (Aug 11, 2014 at 19:59) (Below Threshold)
 realistically, that was barely even sketchy
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 Just watched the VOD, one of many videos from this event... It showed more of this "save"' which really isn't a save where I'm from... He crashes, picks up his bike, and stumbles down a technical section... Glad he's not hurt, but no save here, especially after getting dusty.
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 This should be a new mini series, sketchy saturdays
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 Almost fucked fridays
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 Miracle Mondays
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 terror tuesdays
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 Wild Wednesday's
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 Pizza pthursdays
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flag Lilshredman (Aug 11, 2014 at 8:30) (Below Threshold)
 Lucky Lunes
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flag hobbnobs (Aug 11, 2014 at 8:34) (Below Threshold)
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 Soclose sundays
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 Fastest line through that section! Smile
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 When cyclocross meets enduro....
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 Cyclocross is the Enduro of road biking.
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 Let's see real time!
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 The new devinci is so fast you don't even have to ride it!
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 /hops back on nonchalantly...

"Yer, I meant to do that"
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flag trevor-attridge (Aug 11, 2014 at 0:41) (Below Threshold)
 I dont see why he wouldnt ditch his bike there
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flag zulki-fly (Aug 11, 2014 at 1:27) (Below Threshold)
 Because it's carbon and plus its an early version i guessed.
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 So he could hop on at the end and ride out like he did?
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 Half ninja half cat.
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 Ha. Did you watch till the end? Youll find the answer if u do
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Wouldn't that be a 'Ninja Cougar'?
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 All I know he's mixed. #TeamSwirl
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 and i make one tiny cock up at a skate park and my ankle is out of commision for 3/4 of a year
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 did mine on the way to whistler last year. foot went around the bottom of my leg.. ruptured syndesmosis. 6 weeks in cast. 22 weeks total before I could wear 2 shoes.. You'll get back at it! It sucks for a while, but you'll be back.. I'm headed to whistler next week. This time, I'm not stopping to ride unfamiliar trails on the way!! Good luck buddy!
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 Why is everything in this sport slowed down? The whole drama and excitement of mountain biking is the speed! That clip would have been way more dramatic at real speed , maybe a slo mo after . So annoying!
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 And it would have lasted about a second.....
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 if it was real speed, you wouldn't even notice what had happened. people use slow mo for mtb because it all happens so fast. this was you can appreciate his ninja skills
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 With advancements in technology, some day we will be able to have both real speed AND slow motion video in the same clip. One can only wonder what that day will be like.
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 dont wanna drop that carbon. . . nice save doe
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 I'm at Crankworxs right now. The mechanics only see the riders on the transfer stage up to #5, that's the only place out of the whole race, which the GT tent said was unusual. There were a lot of riders taking advantage of this and changing parts. Graves put a 38 up front before he went up.
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 So what are you trying to say, these guys are cheating? A ring change is fair game at the transfer before the final stage is it not. Hell Oton changed his handlebar!
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 As long as they didn't change the wheels (beside tires and broken spoke), frame, and suspension i believe its ok..
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 what??? changing parts should be completly banned, it it´s part of the game to know how to set up your bike... that´s the whole point of enduro, one bike for uphill, and downhill
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 Changing parts should be absolutely off limits! Unless you start the race caring them with you. Imagine some dude starting the race with a handlebar strapped to the backpack, and an extra chainring hanging from his back pocket! lol
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 I would have walked that section too! although my speed would be a lot slower; )
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 Full speed video version?
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 I think i would have sprained my anus if that was me. Nice save.
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 A real rider never lets go of the bars
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 Kyle Strait does...
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 Cyclocross specific in whistler
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 Why was he walking :-S
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 Coming into that section is a real techy rooty section that took out loads coming into it. If you check out the pinkbike video posted today they have the full clip of this. Lots of riders getting knocked off coming into this section then running down it. Damien came off the bike and looks as though he went to run down it but there was nothing under his feet so que that slide down the rock :-)
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 Ahhh - I thought he was just being a sissy ^_^
So not the kinda section you can just launch over.
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 Check it out from about 1:36 in, first another rider running down it, then Damien on it (you can see him pulling bike out of trees just before the section) and then another rider coming into that section and you can see how gnarly it is

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 Did something like that a couple of times and always ended up with at least a sprained ankle or my ass sliding down the dirt and the bike crashing on the trees...
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 the force is strong in this one!
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 The Pile worked beautifully.
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 Fox Launch knee pads took on that tree with his left knee and stayed put… no worries. Back to business!!!
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 This was more of a recovery than a save, Damien went down hard right before this clip. You can see the moment he went over here instagram.com/p/rh_-AMQaRc
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 Sweet Jesus!
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 I bet he changed his pants afterwards
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 Nobody to say "This is SPARTA ?"
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 He should of done a little bunny hop as he rode off would of capped it off nicely!!
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 James Brown can ride bikes? I thought he was dead!!!
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 That is what Devinci gets you as a part of a package when buying a bike from them... Lifetime warranty and ninja skills.
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 It wasn't a save. In his mind, "Damn too Gnarly, I'll hike this one....... Ok Gnarly stuff over, let me get back on the bike."
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 Enduro Level: Jedi
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 That was very biker-crossish.
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 So smooth almost looked planned lol
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 His ankles look like jelly during the slow mo....
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 And the pucker of the day award goes to... Nice save!
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 Look at that rear wheel flex,and there wasn't even any weight on it
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 Unless he came in sketchy, why is he walking? The clip starts with him already walking...
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 That's what i call "Survival Instinct"
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 that don't count
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 wow slomo=)
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 3 seconds?
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 He need to be strong on single setup. not switching parts here and there.
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 Ghost ride tha whip!
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 that was good buddy.
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 its not the first time oton has done this
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 French accent: "oooh that was ah clossn'
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 But French people can't say the letter H... My one French pal calls me "Slot" Smile
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 Look at that flexy wheel, 50" legs
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 such a nice spartan
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 I am Sparta!
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 How can "save of the year" be someone walking their bike?
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 Sketchy Saturdays
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 So enduro
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 I was expecting a bit more from the description.
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 so was i, he wasnt even riding before the save?
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 It was a good save but really? Save othe year?
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 I thought that was a let down , some one slipping down a bank they were not willing to ride down ? big news..

He slipped a bit , slipped a bit more and rode off , did I miss some thing ?
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 The reason he was off the bike was because he took a spill right before steep.
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