Video: Dan Wolfe's Gravel Bike vs. MTB Challenge

Apr 3, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Some impressive speed on no suspension.

bigquotesI'm pretty new to the gravel scene but after riding mine a few times I had the urge to see how it would stack up against my trail bike. How do you think it will fair up against my mountain bike in a timed run?

This video was so fun to make. Big shout out and a special thank you to David Quinlan for capturing all the riding shots.
Dan Wolfe


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 Thanks so much for watching. Im new to the Youtube game but I am really enjoying it so far. I'll be bringing out a minimum of 1 new video every week going forward so feel free to subscribe. They will range from vlog style edits to personal challenges and maybe some "how to" videos if people want that. Once again I really appreciate all the positive comments. Cheers
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 Nice one Dan.
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 Having just started gravel riding with 30+ years of mountain biking, I love this and look forward to more. I concur that filming the timed runs by a chaser gives a better view of your line choices. Thanks for the content and inspiration.
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 Damn Daniel
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 I enjoyed this one. Even if it does stick in my craw that he’s faster and far more stylish with drop bars than I’ll ever be on trails I ride regularly.

If you haven’t looked at DW’s YouTube channel yet,
it’s worth a look - I suppose it helps that he’s Irish but I find that he’s got one of the better personalities and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Plus he’s not doing shit like trying to jump over houses or barrel around kids skateparks. Normal guy on normal rides.

All this said, I think I’d rather eat a gravel bike than ride one.
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 Open & honest with no attitude plus great riding. Awesome challenge Dan, let’s see more.
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 Crazy how that gravel bike would just drop away during the chase footage anywhere the trail was smooth and burmy...

Would have been good to have the same guy do the chase mt bike to mt bike to see how that faued...

Dude us fast no matter which bike! Smile
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 I get over taken on the way up by ebikes and now I'm going to get overtaken on the way down by gravel bikes.
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 Haha! Too true. Surely all the gravel riders that pass me are mtn cyclists, they rip!
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 Every time I consider that 'needed' upgrade to the MTB I should watch this video.... If ever needed an example of it not being about the bike, this is it. Some very impressive riding.
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 Good example of why it doesn't pay to be over biked. If your trails are flat-ish flow trails, look for a hard tail with fast rolling tires. You definitely don't need to spend 10k on a 170mm travel carbon enduro rig to have a good time.
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 Impressive run on that gravel bike!
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 my wrists hurt after watching this vid. great footage though. and VERY nice MTB frame
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 Talking about wrists... gravel biking is kind of fun but my experience shows that this is a very limited sort of bike... if you like to push the rides beyond gravelous trails or to ride gnarlier. My wrists hurt each time I come back from a ride, and I'd say that it's kind of dangerous on a long run, even with the 650B wheels and the bigger tyres I have on mine.
Nothing's better and more versatile than a good (steel) hardtail or a full rigid mtb with good specs.
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 @danstonQ: watch out for your levers and handlebar position. Angles are crucial on a drop bar.
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 @danstonQ: Vibrocore?
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 @konamat: defo did that, the first time i rode my actual gravel. slightly modified the angle of the handlebar to get a slightly more upright position and unload the wrists a bit. made a huge difference but i still have to remember sometimes to keep a light touch on the horns, not to talk about choosing my line properly and have a slightly less cavalier approach to the trail Big Grin
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 Oohhhhh fond memories of my Irish times! Had that trail 20 min pedalling distance from home, although I seriously doubt that I ever went that fast ahahahahah
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 The important thing is with what bike you have the most fun. While watching the flick it looks like the mtb run makes lots mor fun.
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 Impressive skills on the gravel bike, well done! Much faster than me on my enduro... It would be interesting to do a challenge gravel vs XC bike, it's typically the sort of terrain both bikes are familiar with.
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 Looks like a modern hardtail paradise!
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 Not even remotely what gravel bikes are best at, but great video.
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 He should seriously consider a front fender... will cut down on his laundry bills not to mention the dirt hints in his latte
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 Don’t see what is impressive or the point in riding a gravel bike with the saddle down. May as well get an XC bike at that point.
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 Is this the gravel bike with full suspension?
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 Why not?
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 Nice work Dan!
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 Fun Vid!
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