Video: Danny Hart Gets Loose on Steep Schladming Trails

Sep 12, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesOut here in Schladming for the lead up to Leogang worlds in a few weeks, and me and Scott rode the Rookie Downhill into Pro DH, from the top of the gondola all the way to the village!

Mint combination of trails! Pretty much don't have to put one pedal stroke the whole way down!
Danny Hart


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 So sick. Shout out to the dude that can stay on Danny's wheel and capture the action. Schladming is on the bucket-list for me for sure.
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 That's Scott Mears, he used to be on the WC circuit as a privateer until he concentrated on running his bike shop. Life long friend of Danny's and now I believe he is his mechanic! What a friend to have! Smile
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 A master class in downhill, fair play on follow cam for maintaining that gap. Awesome!!
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 The Camera Man is the star of that video.
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 pretty impressive how they rail those loose turns, im scared af of those
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 Impressive follow
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 This. Is that his mechanic following? If so, that dude can freakin ride.
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 @jackalope: yeah scotty mears, fastest mechy on the WC circuit
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 Danny, we all know you are an animal.
Scott, what the hell man? We had no idea you were such an animal!
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 insane- and to think Danny doesn't win every WC with speed like that. I was having trouble keeping up just watching.
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 If that's the real speed....
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 This looked like one of those wingsuit videos where they're flying down a mountain, but with wheels occasionally skipping across the ground.
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 it almost looks as if the video is sped up a bit. could that be? look at the speed the gondolas are moving.
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 The speed is real. Danny and the gondolas are this fast. And you could hear it on the sound if they had speed the video up.
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 @ 0:33 it sure looks like it
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 @IntoTheEverflow: yeh for sure but who wants to watch 30 seconds of fire road. The rest is real speed. I think Scott his mechanic should race riding like that!
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 @danielstutt: he's raced in world cups a few years ago
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 @johnnyboy11000: ok cool to know!
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 This what dreams are made of.
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 This is truly godly.
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 Actually looks like he’s scrubbing damn near every gap to prevent overshooting. He’s too fast for that course!
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 Making it look so smooth and easy!
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 you have to be realy fast to get Danny hart on the footage......
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 Great video! Always humbling to see Danny ride
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 First time I thought of something on a downhill bike as BEAUTIFUL!
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 what a video¡¡, that corners at full speed omg
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 Unreal !! Excellent cam footage.
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 Skywalker and Solo
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 sick man!!
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 Danny fck*ng insane Hart
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 F@cking Rad!!

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