Video: Danny Hart Hits the Gym for a Mid Season Workout

Jul 21, 2021
by Jonny Thompson  

Danny Hart just got back from racing in Europe and dropped in for a quick top up training session in the gym to maintain some strength through the season between races. With more races coming up very soon we work on some simple but effective movements to keep him sharp but not cause too much fatigue!

We look at some lightweight movements focusing on the upper body with some pushing and pulling using simple equipment to make the most of his short stop with us on the way for some on bike testing.

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 Always have to remind myself that just because I watched somebody give their workout tips or routine in a video doesn't mean I actually worked out.
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 Your eyes worked out, it counts
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 There does however seem to be a correlation between the followingé

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 Kind of curious what the purpose of going body-weight is. My assumption is a competing professional dh biker already has highly developed stabilizing musculature. Lifting actual weights offers a different type of stimulation that bw exercise doesn't.

*Not a criticism cause everyone is different and has their own priorities and strategies in some things.
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 Body weight exercises are amazing for riding.
Muscle memory, endurance and performance under duress (As they are to failure or high reps and not short rep numbers).

Try 20 pressups into 20 burpees into 20 situps, to 20 tricep dips....5 sets... as fast as you can.

My bet is that you will be burst pretty quickly and struggle to get to the end of the set.
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 @betsie: yeah, I've done my share of those types of circuits. And while I agree with what you've written, I'm wondering how much those exercises will benefit someone who is already world class in handling and balance, etc.

That said, there often needs to be a combination of exercises, to keep the body stimulated.
Thanks for your insight.
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 @sonuvagun: I agree that a combination is key.
The video appears to be a small part of Dannys training.

I do wonder for a rider like Danny, what is the benefit over just riding Mx that he seemed to do before.
Maybe he feels better in himself and the mirror looks better which is never a bad thing.
Will see where he ends up this year compared to previous.

I do mostly body weight and a single superset when not training for racing. My times on track even at my slow level do show the lack of training and bike time just now. I cant I be bothered training though for those extra seconds on a race run at the moment, its so much hard work! but when I race I wish I had trained and was up to speed in as many ways as possible!!! I guess that Danny is trying to be confident that he is race fit and can smash out laps and still go flat out in finals without being fatigued.
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 @betsie: big reason for gym work is injury prevention..
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 @CantClimb: Injury prevention and recovery for sure.

I broke my scapula into 3 last year along with 4 ribs (including 1st rib), the gym has helped massively with recovery. Basic Qi Gong modified to aid mobility was probably the biggest help.

Not much gym work helps for when you have a big one though and break a bone, the forces involved are so high.
Interesting read.

Even when not training for racing, I still do holding training (Monday to Friday mornings generally) to aid with old injury recovery, posture correction from sitting at a desk all day, base fitness etc.
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 I would think that mid season, managing fatigue and recovery is key. Heavy lifting does have a greater cns load than bodyweight exercises, so this is probably just a way of managing mid season fitness without adding to the fatigue one would feel. I think most training plans would have you cutting volume and super heavy lifts as you taper towards the season or at least your A and B priority events. So this is in line with that logic as well.
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 @sonuvagun: maybe his type of training is partly why he is world class.
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 Did you watch the video? Johnny explains exactly what your question is, so there needs to be no assumption. Approximately 1:10 into the video.
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 @mattdavis458: If that's directed to me, my answer is yes.
I explained exactly why I am curious.
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 body weight exercises are better than weight lifting if you want to improve strength without adding mass.
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 @radrider: Kind of, but it depends on a lot of things.
Here's one that's true for most people (one of those things it depends on is who we're dealing with at the outset): If someone switches their shoulder presses to handstand press ups, they're going to put on mass (provided the balancing aspect isn't a major roadblock).

Adding strengths means increasing muscle fibers, and I think that adds mass...but maybe I've misunderstood what you mean.

Another example: If we look at powerlifting's lighter weight categories, we see men and women increasing their performance without adding a lot of body mass (admittedly that's power and not strength).
What % of their regiment is likely to focus on body weight exercises? I'm not saying it's none, but it can't be that high.
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Well, you could be right, but we'd at least have to know how long he's been doing that specific kind of training.

I look at a coach and ask these questions: Who has he brought up? Whose careers has he turned around? Whose performances clearly improved as a result of this coach's tutelage/coaching?
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 Also a correlation (thank u spelcheck). no, well Ok whatever

If you were planning to kidnap 10,000 people off the street to measure fitness levels and such my calculations predict that either 1 or 2 things should also be considered ,I think it would be fairly accurate to say that, ,not only do you risk the possibility of being incarcerated for a very long time. Jail but you also need ,

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 I really think it makes a huge difference when you do volume cardio and strength training and more the calisthenics side of strength training and adding kettlebell. Less injuries and fatigue, especially as you get older.
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 Mtb has to be the sport where you’re least likely to guess that the top athletes are athletes by their physical appearance.
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 Dart players would like to challenge this theory
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 I do a lot of ring and band work. I love the bands because they're so inexpensive and versatile. Just working one arm at a time builds huge core strength.
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 Didn't he say "no fatigue... not sore..."? Would need a wheel chair for two weeks after such workout.
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 It's true. You don't need to be sore or workout to exhaustion to get stronger if you're an experienced lifter.
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 What happened to good ole analogue ⏱️?
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 if you're here to watch dudes working out....umm...good luck with that.
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 I like how gym is in all caps so we know he's making GAINS #Beefcake
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