Video: Danny Hart & Thibaut Daprela's Course Previews from the Les 2 Alpes French Cup

Aug 14, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Les Deux Alpes' French Cup will be the race to follow this weekend with Madison Saracen, Atherton Racing and the Syndicate all joining a host of fast Frenchies at their second national round of the year. Here are Danny Hart and Thibaut Daprela's previews of the course to come that looks to be a great mix of grassy turns, bike park trails and steep tech in bone-dry, dusty conditions.

The full entry list can be found, here.

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Les 2 Alpes Bike Park


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 He had brake failure for like the whole descent.
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flag budjoni (Aug 14, 2020 at 7:58) (Below Threshold)
 He had brakeless ride????
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 It was a joke.
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 That was downright impressive. I am always in awe of how efficient pro dh riders ride a course. And that blind corner jump onto to low level wall ride was sick. Thanks for sharing this awesome content Pinkbike.
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 Right?? Heavy landing on wooden wall, so scary.

Incredible pro line creativity blows me away. Berms? We don't need no stinking berms. Straight-line mothereffers!!

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 Yeah that wall landing business was a bit nuts to watch. These pros are on another level for sure.
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 @gravity354: Where's the French line police that were being so hard on Jesse Melamed for taking an unflagged French line?
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 Wouldn't it be cool if the UCI had almost all new rounds each year and included these smaller venues like this that we almost never get to see? Clearly they are willing to host big time races here, but probably not willing to pay the outrageous demands of the UCI to host a world cup. It'd be awesome if they had all new rounds other than maybe one or 2 each year and just rotate a huge number of venues on a 2-3 year schedule almost like enduro. Nothing against fort bill or mont st anne or leogang but when you are 10+ years on the generally same course...gets a little stale. Could use with a couple year hiatus to get excited about them again.
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 Mont Saint Anne never gets stale
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 We rode in Les Deux Alpes a couple of years ago. They billed out as an outdoor festival and only had half of the lifts open with massive queues - we haven’t been back!
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 Wait, wait, wait, wait... At about 2:33 does he jump halfway into the wooden left hand turn/berm? For the love of all things great and small- that is a thing of beauty.
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 @thorne310 Totally bonkers what he did there.
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 How do you say 'Fast' in French?
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  • 8 0
 Bruni, also the synonym Amaury works as well.
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 @smartfartbart: Could've sworn is was Pierron!
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 That is a fast track! Sweaty hands only watching it,my fingers were looking for the brakes the hole time...
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 Great to see some more racing, but France just added to list for quarantine, so all UK riders will have to go into 2 week quarantine when going home after this race?
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 They can drive to Switzerland and fly home from there Or Maybe they’ll just stay there for a while :-) as the next wc races are in Europe , hopefully we get to see some more local dh races with elite fields now
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 Woah. Now we just need a live broadcast. Is freecaster still a thing?
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 I would like to congratulate Danny Hart on winning timed training before it occurs.
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 Where is Cathro to talk line choice?
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 They both ran ~3:10 on the track, however I though Danny looked faster everywhere, goes to show what the right camera settings can do.
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 So all the british riders now have to bee in quarantine when they return after the weekend or will they just skip the race?
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 So many french lines!! Wink
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 it is a mix of know track with turn very dusty and slipery
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 WHere are the rocks?
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 I'm prepared to get be downvoted to F, but was that a DH track or enduro?
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 Was that on a motorbike?
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 French freeway

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