Video: Danny Hart Rides the Vink Link at Châtel Bikepark

Jul 16, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesMe and my mechanic head over to Chatel to ride the Vink Line, and Bike Patrol!

Great mix of trails, big jumps, to steep tech!
Danny Hart


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 Damn that’s a fast mechanic :tup;
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 Isn't Scotty Mears his mechanic? Former world cup racer....
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 Ewe called him a sheep , don’t ewe mean tup
I’ll be out there with the herd in few wks and can’t wait !
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 No shit! I was watching the video and was thinking “that mechanic is awesome!”
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 Coworkers lookin at me like "why is he rocking his head back and forth".
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 My missus always knows when I'm watching a bike video cause I tip my head into berms hahaha
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 Same here. Smile
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 anyone else FEEL that little slip at 1:16?
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 That second trail "Bike Patrol" looks absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, I don't think it would look quite so amazing were I the one riding it.
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 Been there, last year, on my Bronson. Sick trail, no time to think about it, you just had to ride it. Standing still was no option, the steepness is not to be seen in such a POV. Chanada and the likes, truly addictive but kinda scary on that trail bike.
Hope to go back soon with my V10, should be a lot easier. The black trails are not so crowded as the Vink line by the way.

Oh yeah, last year I saw the worst crash ever on the Vink line, from the lift. At 1:02 Danny clears a "roadgap", the guy I saw misjudged the landing, went straight into the berm next corner, and went straight up, sky high. About 4 or 5 meters up, landed feet down. I have not heard from him what the injuries were, but damn... The poor guy was like a rag doll.
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 We all need an on-screen three-axis accelerometer showing how many Gs they are pulling.
I bet: a shitload.
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 That's one helluva gimbal, almost too smooth. Like, close to drone flight smooth. Anyway, awesome speed on display, wowsers.
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 Damn. He's so composed it looks like he isn't even moving. To hit those features I'm on the ragged edge...
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 Looks like a cartoon at first because of the contrast. Very good video. Well done to whoever was filming the run!
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 Agree - what kind of camera is that? At first i thought it almost looks like CGI? Most gopro stuff seems to flatten everything but the camera work actually gives you a sense of elevation here.
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 @gtill9000: I'm assuming a 360 degree camera, due to how well it follows Danny.
Could also be a gimbal, but if I were to bet, my money would be on a 360 camera.
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 I wonder how much being able to keep up with Danny and see him ride helps Scotty set his bike up for world cups... just a thought!
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 Is it just me or did Danny look a little stiff? Prob holding back a bit for the follow cam (and props for even hitting that stuff with a massive gimbal). I feel if he were by himself, he'd be blasting through a lot more of those gaps and chunk. You can definitely see him loosen up a bit in the tighter parts of the second trail.
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 What camera was used?
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 I hope that Vink Link is a new type of suspension that makes me ride the same as Danny but it was only the video that reminds me how slow i was on the same line))
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 Rad trails rad riding and rad filming. Bike patrol looks pretty gnarly. We need a world cup mechanic's race.
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 That trail makes Trestle look terrible, Rainmaker is so blownout right now.
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 Danny Hart has the best good to watch him flow through those trails
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 Wow! What a beautiful trail. Massive berms surrounded by beautiful scenery.
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 What a track! Great vid Danny
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 very well maintained trails, just like here in whistler :S
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 I have done that line - (but not like that - i'm crap!). In a normal year the berms are shite and there are breaking bumps everywhere after a few weeks of use. Too many people and not enough maintenance. Great line though -wish I could do it like Danny (and the cameraman). Whistler does raise the bar!
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 That Vink Line looks amazing.....berms so huge they're wall rides!
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 such a fun place. I want to go back. FKU Corona
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 bloody jealous
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 fuck ya danny !
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 great riding, less than great Kit colorway...
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