Video: Danny Hart's Race Run POV from the 2018 Losinj World Cup

Apr 5, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesHere we have my final race run from the first world cup of the 2018 season in Losinj, also my first world cup for the Madison Saracen Factory Team! What a course for my first race with this fantastic team.

Me and my mechanic had been here for 2-3 days riding a few weeks before the world cup, for obvious reasons, to get the season started well, because it was a track we had not been to before, and because the track was very unique.

This race was also unique in the way that me and my now wife did not stay in our camper, just because it would have been a mammoth task to get there, for one race.

With this race being quite a while ago now I can not remember in as much detail what happened over the weekend, but I have looked at the timing sheets and I have taken a few things away from it.

In timed training at Losinj, I finished 5th place, 4.1 seconds behind Brook Macdonald, which on a course that was only around the 2.20 mark was quite a lot of time, at this stage of the weekend we did not know that Brook was going to be so fast on this track, taking the win in every timed session apart from the finals, where he unfortunately took a tumble, broke his collar bone and got back on the bike to finish the race!

We then move onto qualifying where I knew I had to turn up the pace a lot! However I did fail to do that, bringing my Saracen Myst into 14th place!!! Where do I go from here? I try to take the positives out of it, although they was not many of those, I did have a good first sector, 3rd... It seemed I was loosing all my time in section 2, then maintaining that to the finish, at least that was the case in qualifying, so I went up and walked the track to try and figure out what I needed to do in finals.

Finals day and I was ready... Top section was good, I was 4th in sector one, which yes was only 20 seconds long, but it was a sprint into the meat of the track, so I was happy that I had a good sprint. Second sector, I did this sector 1.3 seconds fast than in qualifying, so yes I went quicker, but still lost time in this section, dropping to 8th. Sector 3, I must have rode really well because I brought it back to 4th again, going 2.4 seconds quicker than qualifying, so this was my strongest sector! Sector 5 is where it all went pear shaped, sector 5 was the down town street section, and I never thought I would have lost a podium in this section, how wrong I was! I dropped from running in 4th, to finishing 10th!

So leading into Losij, this year I was quite looking forward to it, first thing is that it is a beautiful part of the world! Second thing, I had much more time with my bike and team, and third thing is I had things to work with from already being here in 2018, unfortunately tune to this horrible world we are living in right now, we are not going back there this year!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight to World Cup R1 2018, Losinj, look back here shortly for another Rerun of a world cup soon!
Danny Hart


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 Thank you for sharing! Hope everybody is staying safe in the tough time we are living in.
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 In case you missed Danny's little whisper to himself before the start, he says, "Let's f*cking attack this sh*t."

I love the insight that gives into the mindset of a World Cup racer.
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 The video really does show how difficult the light is on these tracks and how committed these guys are. Incredible.
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 That's why I love to ride windrock in the winter. Usually overcast and all the light is pretty consistent at that time so there are no confusing shadows and bright spots to obscure trail features
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 Great video, amazing riding and incredible view from the top
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 That track was absolutely bonkers. I think the urban section was a bit silly, but the rhythm section with the triple huck was really cool. The times really showed who had that section down and who didn't. Scary track to race though... one wrong move and you're in a pile of pointy rocks.
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 that street sprint at the end of the course is silly
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 Listen to the first words at the very beginning: " Let's f*cking attack this shit!!!"
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 It is terrifying to have the point of view of Danny's front wheel.
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 What a mad track. Was really looking forward to watching this again this season.
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 I could use a lozenge after watching that!
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 I was trying to figure out why it looks weird. the gopro is mounted to the bike not the rider...
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 Big jaggy stanes! Fearless amazing riding as always Danny.
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 Why would people choose to spectate at the finish line at this race ???
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 beer supply.
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 So fast, terrifying is right!
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 That suspension got WORKED
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 this guys are insane
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 Oh. My. God.

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