Video: Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw Cruising in Wales and Scotland

Oct 12, 2021
by rasoulution  

Back in the summer of 2021, with news of their first Drop and Roll shows in two years on the horizon, Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw decided to dust off the tour bus, load up the trials bikes and head out for a couple of days. The two friends explored what riding the Welsh coast had to offer, before then travelling north to more familiar sights on the shores of Scotland.

Shot 100% on GoPro "Cruising Vol 1" takes you along for the ride as Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw visit the shores of North Wales and places like Abergele and Llandudno in the search for some new spots to explore on their trials bikes. Moving north, the crew swapped the Welsh coast for the northeast coast of Scotland in Morayshire starting with an abandoned sea swimming pool in Tarlair before riding Macduff Harbour, Cullen Harbour and then riding the well-known Cullen viaduct.

bigquotesThe last year has been a weird one for sure and we have definitely missed being out on the road and in front of the crowds. Luckily, we have had lots of trails to ride and plenty of trials riding in the garden to keep us busy and keep up the skills. Sometimes it is hard to get going when riding by yourself, big crowds cheering you on totally helps to get you going! We actually filmed a lot of content when we were on tour over the past 4 weeks across Germany, France, Austria and finally Scotland so expect a video of that to drop in a few weeks.Duncan Shaw

Picture credit: Drop and Roll/ Rory Semple.


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 Ok . So I just got vertigo watching that viaduct ride through my phone. Holy shit
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 I can't fathom how anyone has the mental fortitude to do that. We could all ride between two lines that wide apart on the pavement, but it's a different ball game when one side of the line is guaranteed death.
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 Yep. The only part of that film that gave me anxiety. Also probably the easiest thing they do in terms of skill required.
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 @TheR: and the he did a manual on it..did you see that?
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 The old Tarlair lido is such a cool place to visit. Luckily its only an hour from home.
When we were there a couple of weeks back (paddle boarding, swimming in the sea with the wet suits on and jumping off the stacks into the sea, they must be 50ft+ high), I thought it would be great for a Danny Mac video and here it is. Stoked.
Tarlair has just been taken over and is due for renovation with works due for completion in 2023.
The local old boys with their radio controlled boats keep the water clean, cut the grass etc and go there Sundays.

The riding ridge along the road on the top of Bow Fiddles rock would make for some epic shots.
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 came to the comments to ask what this place was, glad to see a scot answered for me. looking at old pictures of this place now, cheers!
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 That last one made my legs feel like linguine. Guess an office job isn't so bad after all...
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 Every Danny video immediately makes me want to watch it. They're so cool. And the soundtrack for it is incredibly under appreciated. As a non-native speaker, I have a hard time understanding Danny speaking. That older guy in the video though... I didn't catch a single thing.
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 As a native speaker, I couldn’t understand it either, so don’t feel bad.

Also, I agree. Danny’s videos have the best soundtracks.
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 @TheR: I think the old boy is speaking Gaelic.
Lived here all my life (born in Inverness and lived along the road for nearly 47 years) and its only on the road signs you see Gaelic, pretty much nobody actually speaks it.
Danny though, he speaks pretty just like a local, if you need any translations, just ask away. Smile
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Fellow American here. Danny has an accent, but I find him totally understandable.

But yeah, that older gentileman. I even went back and rewatched that short clip a few times, and I couldn't make any sense of it either.

So either his english accent is much thicker, or yeah, maybe its Gaelic like @betsie is saying.
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 @ocnlogan: dunnae be tellin the old Scottish boy he has an English accent. He would be jumping in his fishing boat and hunting you down. Lol

Some of the local dialect.
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 I've driven under that viaduct Smile
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 I used to live near Llandudno and Abergele when I was a kid and always thought some of the spots around there would make for a decent trials edit in the right hands. Glad to see they made it there finally! Also from Glasgow originally so had the pleasure of seeing these lads tearing around Kelvingrove Park and the city centre quite a few times.
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 Your first focus of course is on the amazing skills, but what continues to blow me away is how much power these guys can generate on those hops. From the giant gaps without any momentum, to landing the 8'+ drops, to bunnyhopping an entire picnic table, the explosive power in these guys legs and shoulder/back is incredible.
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 The viaduct thing... I'm scared of heights, holy crap that's a lot of pucker. For these guys, that level of 'skinny' is a cakewalk; it's the just the cast iron stones to do it 90ft up in the wind. They're not going to screw up, but IF they did...
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 Danny MacAskill is the wholesomeness this world needs.
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 Puttin' the pink bike in Pinkbike
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 YES! I was wondering where you had been and where you were going when I passed your D&R van on the newtown bypass over the summer! would have given you a honk but didn't have the time!
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 Insane riding . Some of those impossible hop ups looked effortless
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 one scud is all it would take, and north wales would be better for it
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 What is the name for the little trick they do when they quickly nose the front wheel onto a feature before immediately transitioning to the back? So subtle, but so slick!
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 Either a wheel swap or an up to front + wheel swap if you’re hopping up to a feature
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 @toli-ibz: Awesome, thanks
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 Must be a conspiracy theory, that comments disappear?
Cant wait for alien uprising to scare the shit out of all the sheeple!
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 Riding across that simple yet so terrifying. Fair play boys
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 My favourite part was probably the ACAB graffiti
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