Video: Danny MacAskill & Kriss Kyle's 'This & That' Crash Reel

May 4, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

The blood, sweat and bails from behind the scenes of This and That.

Watch the full edit, here.

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 Recently at the top of a climb, a branch flipped up into my spokes and I went over the bars, injuring my ribs. Didn’t ride for six weeks. I repeat, I went OTB on a climb and didn’t ride for six weeks.

This does not compute.
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 last video "I wish I could ride like that"

this video "I wish I could crash like that"
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 I like to see Macaskill's fails not because they make him seem mortal, but because they show that mortals really can do all those things when they work hard at it.
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 WAIT!!!,Am I hearing Claude Debussy in an MTB video??!! WOW unexpected and so cool.
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 I wish they did more videos like this and made a Friday fails with just videos of the pros.
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 The accidental back wheel tap into the overhand at 0:18 looks like it could be the beginning of a new trick the way it sent Danny upright again
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 I would cry like a baby; u try all day, put everything in it and the chain just breaks because is old...
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 @BartDM:'s like they say, "the chain is only as strong as its weakest link".
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 Blood, sweat and massive kahunas!
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 Needs title correction " Slams And Blunders". There was only one crash by Danny into the bushes. The rest were slams and blunders landing on feet mostly.
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 Next time I plough my face into the dirt I'll be sure to remember the distinction.
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 @Linkpin: Quit doing that it's bad for your health / complexion! Seriously though the distinction is important to the mind and needs not be untrained to distinguish this.
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 I just wanted to see how long it took to pull Danny out of that brush
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 leaves no steeze for mere mortals.
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 Oh man, that chain break was so harsh.
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 The all new Tuesday Fails!!
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